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Kristoff: Hey guys!
Anna: They're... rocks.
Kristoff: *off in the distance* You are a sight for sore eyes.
Olaf: He's crazy!
Kristoff: *talking to the rocks* Hey, whoa, I don't even recognize you. You've lost so much weight! 
Olaf: *whispering to Anna* I'll distract them while you run. 
Olaf: Hi Sven's family! It's nice to meet you!
Olaf: *whispering to Anna* Because I love you Anna, I insist you run. 
Olaf: I understand you're love experts. Ooh! 
Olaf: *whispering to Anna* Why aren't you running?

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Frozen Kristoff: Hey guys! Anna: They're... rocks. Kristoff:

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