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Why do I read so much?

That's an interesting question.
Maybe it's because reading about the sexual tension between Ron and Hermione distracts me from the whole issue of being in love with a girl who will never love me back.

Maybe it's because the courage of Tris and Tobias makes me belive that maybe, some day, I could be as good as they are.

Maybe it's because Grantaire makes me believe that even the most pessimistic, sullen people have hope somewhere inside them. And Enjolras reminds me that even the strongest people have some weakness.

Maybe it's because Augustus Waters reminds me to be brave and intelligent, no matter what odds are against you.

Or maybe it's just because the people in books are so much better than the people who actually exist.

So the next time you tell me to stop reading and make some friends, please just shut up and actually think of the reasons why I might be reading. And maybe try reading yourself and learn some lessons from the people in those books.
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Why do I read so much? That's an interesting question. Maybe

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