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Well A few days ago I went to the hospital to see Mr.Pete. Yes he has cancer and they done everything they could for him. They toled us the rest of the treatment would not help. Hes been going through Radiation treatment,but that just made him very week. So after he was in the hospital the next day he was in a place where older people go. i just cant rember the name of it. Soon after that on 4/11/13 Mr.Pete Died.. I was in shock but i didn't cry... so on 4/13/12 I went to the funeral home and stayed a couple hours..still no tears could form.. then finally today 4/14/13 was his Funeral.. Me and my Mom went up their at 11 and the funeral started at 2. So when the funeral servic started. Brother John my preature was doing that little speach. and he was talking about memeries then finally he mentioned how Mr.Pete was a bus driver and how he loved all his kids that rode that bus.. And I was one of them.. and i just Broke down crying.. you know to me I looked up to him. hes was probably one of the greatest people you would have ever met. He was 81 years old some of you may think man he lived a long life. well to me it was to short.. R.I.P Mr.Pete I Will Always Love you and I will miss you every day of my life! I hope to see you again one day in Heaven. But as of now I needa work my way up to that. </3
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Well A few days ago I went to the hospital to see Mr.Pete. Yes

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