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Gossip Girl here,

I've seen more witty un-famous people on top quotes today than I have in the past week. Are the Queen Bs starting to slip? Well maybe this is the beginning of a new era. You know what they say...out with the old in with the new. And this is for our current A-listers...if you want to keep what you have, well, you might have to play dirty.
You know you love me,
xoxo Gossip Girl

If anyone has any gossip comment on my profile. I'll be sure to delete them after I get them.
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Gossip Girl here, I've seen more witty un-famous people on

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Breeze · 1 decade ago
I think you're making this more dramatic than it is. The reason for this "new era" isn't because the top wipers are losing popularity, it's because they didn't post that day. Don't post quotes? Can't get top quotes.
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Breeze · 1 decade ago
*quoters. Not wipers.
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xxGossipGirlxx · 1 decade ago
The whole point is to be dramatic. xoxo Gossip Girl
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