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Well, Cole's gone. But he's happier. He's with his mother and his two sisters now. He's with his family. That's all he really wanted. To be with them. But he told me about how amazing this website is. How it helped him through so much. Even though he didn't get a chance to talk to all of you, he loves you regardless. He made us laugh, cry, think, and more. But don't forget him, okay? Don't forget his quotes that made you giggle, or his goofy personality. Because that's what made him who he is. That and you. All of you.
We love you, Cole.
Rest In Paradise.

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Well, Cole's gone. But he's happier. He's with his

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ICONiac · 1 decade ago
I'm sorry :( But he's happier now. He's home now. Rest In Peace
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mexismoo · 1 decade ago
sorry, but he will be in a better place now :) x
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wittylife · 1 decade ago
I am so sorry. He is happy now. Like you said,with his family...
Are you Ariana,who posted the last quote. Bless you :) I know this isn't the best thing to ask (and I sound SO rude and horrible),but what happened. I won't make you to tell me,it's okay..
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