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 Silence Is Golden, Speaking Is Priceless ♥
Avalaya's P.O.V

"Lets go for a ride on the horses," Carson said to me. I had got out of the hospital a month ago. We were now at his

parents house. 
Alright.” I got on Lacy and Carson got onto Ashes. We are dating now, Marco and I still spoke. I even met the guy he was with. We ended up going into the forest, the place we went when we first kissed on the cliff. I smiled, he had a blanket on the floor, candles and a basket. “Awh, Carson! This is so sweet!”
Do you remember our first kiss?” he asked.
Of course.”
Was it something like this?” he leaned forward and gently put his lips on mine. Our kiss lasted about ten seconds.
Yep, except this time I'm still here.”
And hopefully you're not going anywhere.”
I'm not,” I grinned.
Now come on, let's eat.” We ate talking and smiling.
Did you think we'd end up together?” I questioned.
Yes,” Carson answered automatically.
You did? Even when I was with Marco?”
Yes, I still thought we'd be together when you were with Condom brand.”
Why do you call him that? I thought you two were friends.”
We are but I realised his name sounds like something a Condom would be named.” I rolled my eyes.
Whatever, the name Marco does not sound like something a condom would be named.”
Sure, princess, whatever you think.” We fell into comfortable silence. Out of nowhere Carson asked me, “Do you love me?”
Yes, I do.”
Good,” Carson smiled. “Because if you didn't then I wouldn't be doing this.” He got down on one knee, holding a beautiful ring in his right hand. “Princess, I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He paused.
So will you, Avalaya Keepers, marry me? 

Comment for a reemmmiinnnddeeerrr for my next story c;
Teaser for my next story: The sign said, 'Do Not Enter,' in big bold writing. It's not like I ever listened to it anyway because lets face it, bad girls do it best.
{A/N: Hi! I wasn't going to upload this today but because I love you, I was like what the heck! So, this link is the link to a picture of Avalayas ring: http://weheartit.com/entry/18548941  I am going to miss writing about Carson and Ava but there isn't anything else to write about (: Thank you so much for all of you who have supported me, it means a lot and I hope you stick around for my next story, Bad Girls Do It Best. I'll upload the prologue when I can but for now, you can go to my website (the link is on my profile) and see the characters and blurb and what not. } 
*Sequel to I'll mouth, "I love you."*
© sugarfreak
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♥ Silence Is Golden, Speaking Is Priceless ♥ Avalaya's

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Buki · 1 decade ago
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The_Bass_and_Drums_xx · 1 decade ago
Love the story :D
Reminder please :)
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AlwaysAwesomeNinjaUnicornz · 1 decade ago
reminder plz.....
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so sweet <3 :)
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lololauren20 · 1 decade ago
AHHH!!! It's all over :C! But, I loved it! Reminder Plzz!
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omgitsmaria · 1 decade ago
reminderrr pweaseee c;
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Iceskater101 · 1 decade ago
Ahhh i read the irst one and this one too!!! They were amazing i have to admit i liked carson sinse the very begining!(: reminder please!
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silentlyseen* · 1 decade ago
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lillys236 · 1 decade ago
awuh notify please(: cant believe its over :/
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iloveyouux16 · 1 decade ago
reminder please!
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★♡flying high♥☆* · 1 decade ago
Notify pleasssee
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AlexandriteAngel265 · 1 decade ago
reminder pleasseeeeee ;)
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gymnast123500 · 1 decade ago
notify for newwwwwww
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imjustsomegirl · 1 decade ago
that was the best story ive ever read
asdfghjkl; reminder for the prolouge of bad girls do it best!!
will it have anything to do with this story or is it just over?
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OzzyPavy · 1 decade ago
Awhh this was an amazing story!
Reminder for the next one please :D
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flossydossy · 1 decade ago
That was a great story! Is that the end of the Carson and avalaya?
And notify me 4 the next story please!
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soccergrl3 · 1 decade ago
reminde rplease :)

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JLewis022500 · 1 decade ago
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xbrianna97x · 1 decade ago
omg, #teamcarson WOOHOO<3 absolutely in love with this story.. reminder please!!!! <3 <3
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frozenrose17 · 1 decade ago
Awh luv the ending it brought a tear to my eye :') reminder plllzzzz
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erica3698 · 1 decade ago
loved that story<3 asdusaydgas
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