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Imagine for lovebeinghyper:

Part 2

You walk backstage and see the boys. You're sad because they are already going to leave. Naty runs right up to them and starts calmy talking. It's takes you a little while to feel comfortable. You find yourself talking to Niall. You guys just sorta click! He gives you his number and you give him yours. Soon enough they have to leave. You're sad because you were having such a great time. Niall must have noticed your frown because he looks at you and gives you a smile. He then walks up to you and hugs you. It's a sweet, heartfelt gesture, that somehow sends a wave of butterflies straight to your stomach. "I hope to see you again." Niall whispers in your ear. With that, he leaves.
You wake up suddenly to a text from someone. You have a mini heart attack when you see that it's from Niall. It reads 'Morning beautiful xx :)' You instantly reply 'Good Morning to you, too, Leprechaun xx ^_^'. Niall then asks you out on a date. You agree and get ready. You hear a knock on the door, and go to answer it. It's Niall...but, how..? "Oh, sorry. Naty told me your address..." Niall says, shyly. "It's ok, wanna come in? I'm not finished getting ready." you tell him. He agrees and sits on the couch. You hand him the remote to the tv, and head upstairs to finish.
You're finally ready, and head downstairs to meet Niall. You reach the living room and see Niall watching tv, totally into what is playing. You sit next to him and see Finding Nemo is on. "Oh, sorry, I just love this movie." Niall says. "Oh, me too!" you reply. "Do you wanna go now, or finish the movie?" he asks. You tell him you want to watch the movie. He puts his arm around you and pulls you close. You snuggle into him and enjoy the movie.
You wake up and smell sonething burning. You rush to the kitchen, scared to find a fire. Instead, you find Niall standing there attempting to cook breakfast. "Hi Jen, mornin'!" Niall says cheerfully. "Uhh..Hey! Whay's...cooking...?" you ask, jokingly. "I thought it would be nice if I cooked you breakfast...yeah, I think your stove hates me." Niall jokes. "Aww, nothing can hate you Niall, you're just too, amazing. It's impossible to not love you! I mean I love you, Niall." you reply. 'Oh, no! Did I just tell Niall that I love him?' you think. Niall stops, turns off the stove and walks up to you. "Did you mean it when you said that you love me?" he asks. "Oh, about that....yes. Yes, I meant it." you reply. He grabs your waist and pulls you close, "I love you too, Jen." Niall tells you. He leans down and presses his lips on yours. You've never been happier.
~Two years later~
You and Niall are at home. Niall calls you downstairs to watch some movies. You and him cuddle up and begin watching the movie. It's Finding Nemo. 'Omg, This is the movie we watched on our first date!' you remember. You turn to tell Niall and notice a box in his hands. "Niall...what's that...?" you start, but get cut off when he starts talking. "Jen, you're the prettiest, smartest, sweetest girl that I've ever met. I knew we were meant to be, the first moment I laid my eyes on you. Will you marry me?" he asks, tearing slightly. "Yes, Niall! Yes!" you say, full of happiness. Niall leans in and kisses you. Soft and sweet, yet full of passion. Nothing could ruin this moment....

(well, except Naty, but I wont do that cuz, she's busy with Liam...^_^)

Sorry it took so long!
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Imagine for lovebeinghyper: Part 2 You walk backstage and see

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lovebeinghyper · 1 decade ago
awww, thank you soo much! it was sooo goood xxxx
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OneDirectiiion · 1 decade ago
o; could you make me one? My name is Ally and I want it with Louis if you feel like it? c: xx
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