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I loved my life before I turned five. It was perfect. I lived with just my mom in a small apartment. I visited my dad every once in a while. I was just starting school while my mom was in college. But after I turned five, my mom met my stepdad. Ugh.

They fell in love, and when I was seven, they married each other. In December, just before my eighth birthday, my mom told me that I was going to be a big sister. Sure, at the time, I was really excited and stuff. I was totally fine with my new sibling. I was sort of okay with my stepdad. But, eventually, everything went downhill.

When I was twelve, I started dating a really awesome guy named Shane. Sure, he was a year ahead of me in school, but we still stayed together.

On my thirteenth birthday, I had expected my father to call me, but he never did. After that, I pretty much started to hate him. I despised him. He never realized just how much I hated him. He was too stupid to pick up on it. For the rest of that year, and most of the next, I planned on removing him from my life so that he couldn’t hurt me again.

Eventually, I got fed up with taking care of my little sister and fighting with my stepdad. I laid awake one night and finally decided what I was going to do.

I was going to run away.



Author's Note:

Wah! First part of my first ever story up here on Witty. Feedback would be amazing!!

Yes, this chapter is short. The next few may be short, as well. Once the story starts to pick up, the chapters will get longer. Don't you worry your pretty little heads.

Yeah, I notify, but I will only notify twenty people, so be fast, and let me know before all the spots are taken. Thanks Lovelies!

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Runaway ~*~Prologue~*~ I loved my life before I turned five.

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maddie_styles · 1 decade ago
notify me

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maddie_styles · 1 decade ago
sooo good!!! i would love to read more

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xochaarlotteexoo_stories · 1 decade ago
Loving it so far! Notify me? (: xx
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iluhyoux · 1 decade ago
Notify me <3. I like how this isn't a gushy story. I'd love to read it (: It sounds interesting, actually. Is this a true story? It kind of seemed like it could have been:b
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samjam · 1 decade ago
Notify pleasee
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iluhyoux · 1 decade ago
Story for story? You read mine I'll read yours. There's a introduction and 20 chapters. My readers love it but I want more xx thanks comment on my profile if so.
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