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Clove; Girl With  the Knives

Chapter 5
      “Clove..wh-what was that?” he stutters. I look down, and play with my hair. “I don’t know Cato. It just felt right..” I mutter. Cato reaches for my hans. He grabs it, and pulls me close. “Clove, I want you to win this. For me, for your family. Please Clove, you have to win this.” he says into my hair. “Cato, you’re at least two times my size, and have so much strength! I’m just a flimsy little girl.” I say, careful to not expose my knife throwing skills. Cato pushes me back and stared into my eyes. "Clove Rainwell. You’re tough, gorgeous and will surely have a lot of sponsors. But look at me. Huge and bland. Bet I won’t get any sponsors.” He says. “Cato, you will too!” I protest, but he ignores me. “C’mon Clove, let’s see if we can sneak a short nap in before we reach the Capitol.” He says, wrapping his large arms around my slight frame. We drift into seep, but I’m confronted by a nightmare.
“What are you gonna do now, 12? Wait, nothing! Because I’m going to kill you. How about a slow, and especially painful death? Let’s see, what can we do? Hmm...how about one limb at a time? That sounds..nice, doesn’t it Twelve?” I purr on, slowly taking the 12 girl apart, but all the happiness ends there. I'm ripped of 12 by a huge force. I look to see Cato grinning at me. “So Clove, you thought I’d let you kill this girl? Haha, and you thought I loved you too! How pathetic. Clove, Clove, Clove. When you gonna learn, sweetie? How ‘bout now?” He says, and slams me into the ground, breaking every bone in my body, and my cannon fires.
“NOOO!” I awake screaming. Cato wakes up next to me. “Clove whats wrong?” he asks. “Traitor..” I stammer, then Sihbon opens the door with a shriek.. 

~hey guys. you like it?is it too short?Sorry I haven't posted in so long, I'm busy with The Witty Hunger Games!:)Disclaimer: I do not own The Hunger Games, but I will be using quotes from it :)! There will be swearing. Comment for notifiation XoXo~Maddy
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Clove; Girl With the Knives Chapter 5 “Clove..wh-what was

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