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I'm sick of this...
Isn't witty a place where you can have your own opinion and not be judged by others?Isn't witty a place where you can express yourself?Isn't witty a place where you can get through tought times?Yet you are all judging people and complaining when people express themselves.I don't make quotes here alot because I am scared of being judged.I don't comment on quotes in case I upset somebody and they come to my profile and bully me.I am tired of being afraid to express myself.Can we all stop bullying other members because they are younger, because they like One Direction, because they hate One Direction and if they don't agree with you.Everyone is entitled to there own opinion so stop judging people that are not afraid to express theirs.

Hate all you want your comment will just be deleted :)

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I'm sick of this...Isn't witty a place where you can have your

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Karin* · 1 decade ago
Yeah. This war is insane. I was on another quote about hating one direction, and people were going on and on about how non directioners fan girl bands so why can't they, and crud like that. But really, everyone just wants it there way
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