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Today I was walking
& a little boy came up to me and said
" /////----> you're gorgeous , if I was a boy your age i'd date you. 
the way you smile is simply amazing , you have a smile that could light up this whole town ,
whenever you smile to my mommy you make her day, I never understood why ,
but today , I was watching you & I saw you smiled at my mom , And I realized ,
you have a smile of an angel !
Everything about you , you dont have one negative thing to say to anyone, you always have positive comments for anyone , you cant put anyone down .
and when I saw you help your mom today I notice you have the heart of an amazing person.
I love everything about you .
You're perfect.
& anyone would be lucky to date you , dont worry . that right boy is right in front of you , you just need to look a lil longer , you'll realize who i'm talking about one day.
goodbye gorgeous , have an amazing day , remember dont ever let anything get you down , you're amazing , your smile, laugh , personality , everything , If I knew you better i'd probably have more to say.
Never stop smiling beautiful .







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Today I was walking & a little boy came up to me and said

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