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h a s  a  b l i n d  d a d

who always comes to his games,
even though he can't see him play.
One day, the dad gets sick and dies
before the night of his son's big game.
The team is expecting him to slack off,
mourning the death of his father.
But he played the best game he EVER had,
making the winning touchdown
&+ many amazing plays.
The couch is amazed, so he asked,
"How did you play so well even after your father has passed?
The boy stares right at him, and says
"This is the first time he has ever seen me play."


Not mine. I just love it
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------------------------- The star of the football team h a s

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reasmile · 1 decade ago
omg . i dont know you but you made me cry !:)
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*FigureSkater* · 1 decade ago
im sure that couch was just blown away

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thestrangeryouknow · 1 decade ago
idk tears started welling in my eyes as I read the last line.. I guess other then being ridiculously beautiful, it was also very unexpected
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AlyssaMac6* · 1 decade ago
The couch is amazed...very amazed
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Laura :)* · 1 decade ago
got me emotional >.<
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EverAfterMaster3 · 1 decade ago
awww thats awsome and sad at thhe same time
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LifeStory · 1 decade ago
I love this quote all the time
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awesomeness...* · 1 decade ago
Press F10 5 times.Take a deep breath.
2. Think of someone you like.
3. Press F10 5 times.
4. Send this to 5 comments....
5. Look at your background
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*Yours Truly* · 1 decade ago
Thats sweet but that says couch o-o
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jstallons · 1 decade ago
I fall in love with this quote every time i read it <3
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lillan122 · 1 decade ago
so cute >3
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BrokenTwilight · 1 decade ago
I love talking couches :D
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lifewillbelife · 1 decade ago
Me too
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Katt_ · 1 decade ago
"The couch is amazed" HAHAHAHAHA IM CRYING because I wish my couch this talented
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lilmisslittle · 1 decade ago

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1DRPhenomeniall · 1 decade ago
thats sick. why would u comment that. what if people cant send it or something and to say that someones going to die is the worst feeling and theyll be scared to death. u cant just say if u dont send it youl die. its awful. sorry my opinion x
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animenicolette · 1 decade ago
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Don't mean to scare anyone
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SecretAccountOfAModernWittian · 1 decade ago
I saw something on sportscenter or espn about this.
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whales13 · 1 decade ago
I. Love. This.
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smileyface88 · 1 decade ago
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peopleyoumightlike · 1 decade ago
That is so inspirational. i cannot get that out of my head
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