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messyblondehair · 1 decade ago
I'm crying now. Kay sometimes I just remember how he smells and thats just... so hard.

nating217 · 1 decade ago
story of my life...

laurenroxursockz · 1 decade ago
Im crying right now cuz i can relate to this quote right now 100% </////33

miki2010 · 1 decade ago
this sounds like my probmlem:(

FunZy0x4 · 1 decade ago
hah love this ;]

EmileeLaBreck · 1 decade ago
l just read this and bawled my eyes out. my boyfriend just broke up with me. and this is exactly how l feel right now.. :(

llllindsay · 1 decade ago
don't be afraid. it might be nerve wracking at first but once you get it out of your system you will feel a billion times better. and the other thing is you could not be pregnant too! take a test before you tell her, and do it as soon as possible :) always here xo

wapples · 1 decade ago
my friends dad is in Iraq, and she says it gets better. always here.

myrudeawakening · 1 decade ago
If y'all feel like this, stop on the net and tell people how you feel. Just like the quotemaker said. Who the cares? Seriously?

Breezyisalover · 1 decade ago
All of us are here for you ♥ Take a test and if it happens to come back positive.. Then go and ask if you can talk to your mom alone about something serious.. Shes your mother she'll love and support you no matter what. she might be upset with you but it'll be okay.. Im here if you ever need to talk(: ♥

Syddnasaur · 1 decade ago
You'll be okay. No matter what, you obviously have a ton of witty girls supporting you, even if some people don't. Hmu sometime if you needa talk. I know tons of friends that have had children in high school. You'll get through it:)

haleyxoxo96 · 1 decade ago
take a test. did you use protection? i know how scared you are right now, but i promise everything will be okay. you have every option open to you and it's completely your choice to make, no one else's. if you are, you should tell her. you should tell her the truth, too. if you feel comfortable doing so anyway. good luck! stay strong. let me know if you need someone not emotionally involved to help you out, i'm pretty good with emergencies.

aimee123 · 1 decade ago
honey i'm pregnant, ad honestly my momy was so supportave,
if you need o talk i'm allways here

mikaylah44 · 1 decade ago
tell your mom that there's a possibility and then she'll help you figure out if you really are or not

KenzieJ · 1 decade ago
Tell her, it'll be okay. If you're not ready for a baby, there's adoption. I also know people who had support from her family and is raising the baby and it has been the biggest blessing to everyone around her. Just trust that if it wasn't meant to happen, it wouldn't have happened.

kaylalynne62610 · 1 decade ago
I agree with this too, all my friends so oh my gosh your so skinny and im like yeah well i hate it. i see my hip bones stick out and my ribs and everything and i think its gross!

xxcorinne95xx · 1 decade ago
take a pregnancy test nd then tell her what u did

XSamiHammieX · 1 decade ago
Honestly, you have to tell her, if you're pregnant or not. You could go to CVS if you had someone else drive you, though. No matter how mad she gets, she'll never stop loving you, and I she'll probably be rational about it. Any mom would be upset, but keep in mind that telling her is for the best. Good luck boo.♥

rarelove · 1 decade ago
hey hun.. if i were you i would tell her.. it will make you feel so much better and you will feel so much better afterward.. if you ever need to talk i am here for you..

xCUTI3PI3 · 1 decade ago
I wanted to do it... and I will ask. Or I can just take the 30 minute walk up there.


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