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What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!!!

Hey there! I'm Natalie. I'm 14 years old, gonna be 15 soon, and live in the United States. I am currently preparing for the zombie apocalypse...What?!? It's bound to happen sometime! I gotta be prepared! Yeah..well as you can see, I'm kind of a geek, but thats okay! We can be geeks together! I am obsessed with One Direction..They are my life! My favorite is Liam Payne! My favorite song from them is "Stole my heart". But I like other bands too! Like Maroon 5 & Green Day! Okay...so...uhh...Well I LOVE Josh Hutcherson and Taylor Lautner! I guess you could say that I'm awesome...IF you wanna...xD. If you ever need a laugh, well I'm your girl!!! I might not seem like the type, but I love video games...my favorite game is Gears of War. (Yeah, I cried when Dom died) I also love Left 4 Dead and Halo....I've tried playing Dead Space,but to be honest...it kinda creeps me out. Lately I've been watching anime, and I gotta say...I'M LOVING IT!!! BLACK BUTLER ROCKS!!! I love Pokemon. SQUIRTLE!!! If you want to add me on Facebook, comment on my profile and I will send you my url... Follow me on twittah? @NataliePayne1D Well that's it for now! Bye bye! =D x

  1. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    December 23, 2012 8:07pm UTC
    You know, I've tried
    I've tried real hard
    But I just can't anymore
    I'm done...

  2. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    December 23, 2012 7:25pm UTC
    I love you Boobear! ^-^

  3. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    December 21, 2012 5:38pm UTC
    Thank you for everything…
    But honest to god,
    Please. just. give. up. on. me.

  4. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    December 20, 2012 4:08pm UTC
    Hey Witty, I'm back! I'm sorry that I left you guys so suddenly.
    I needed time to get my head together and I thought being alone would be best. But I realized that what I really need is you guys. You guys give me strength. I would've killed myself a LONG time ago if not for my Witty friends. I want to thank everyone for your kind words and inspiration. I'll try being on as much as I can.
    Thank you! Xx c:

  5. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    September 26, 2012 9:45am UTC
    Hey witty!
    So I know a lot of you have been wondering if I am still writing my fanfic. Yes I am. I've just been busy and have had a sudden and unexpected death in my family. I'm so sorry to keep you guys waiting, just bear with me please? I will upload the story ASAP.
    Thank you, bye! c:

  6. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    September 20, 2012 3:41pm UTC
    I've been Up All Night,
    Now Take Me Home...
    So proud of my boys. ^-^

  7. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    September 20, 2012 3:38pm UTC
    Omg! Totally fangirling right now! I seen the LWWY video! Ahhh it's just so Flippin Amazayn!! ^_^
    *le dies* ^-^

  8. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    September 9, 2012 1:52am UTC
    ~1D Fanfic Parts~
    ***Sorry if you didn't get the part you wanted...I just got so many comments, and only so many parts :c BUT! I will be writing more fanfics in the future, so don't lose hope!***
    Harry's crush/love: Beth~ likeyerh
    Niall's gf: Duranka~ LambExohiko
    Niall's ex gf: Kari~ JustAn0therGirl
    Zayn's gf: Julietta~ ThisRandomGirl
    Zayn's ex gf: Ellie~ RainbowDinosuarPoop
    Liam's ex gf: Sophie~ BrainySmurf123
    Louis' gf: Kate~ 1DPrincess143
    Louis' ex gf: Justine~ VioletSunshine
    ***If parts are taken and you still want to be in the story, just comment who you want to be with, and I'll try to fit you in as a best friend of something. I'll TRY.***

  9. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    September 6, 2012 7:29pm UTC
    Okay so I've finally decided to start my 1D fanfic...
    I'm still doing imagines, I'll just do them inbetween chapters.
    I am casting parts!
    Harry's gf:
    Niall's gf:
    Niall's ex gf:
    Zayn's gf:
    Zayn's ex gf:
    Liam's ex gf:
    Louis' gf:
    Louis' ex gf:
    ° short description
    ° Hobbies
    ° Anything else you want! ^_^
    ***If parts are taken and you still want to be in the story, just comment who you want to be with, and I'll try to fit you in as a best friend of something. I'll TRY.***
    Good luck, and
    May the Odds be Ever in your Favor...

  10. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    August 31, 2012 7:10pm UTC
    Every time she laughs she hopes he's watching, hoping that he will fall for her smile just as hard as she fell for his.

  11. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    August 29, 2012 9:14am UTC
    Happy Birthday Liam James Payne!
    He seriously is an amazing person. I respect him so much!
    I love him so much ^_^
    P.s. Wish luck to the kids I go to school with....Because today, I will go insane. I mean my husband is turning nineteen!!!! ;D

  12. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    August 26, 2012 6:47pm UTC
    I'm starting scool tomorrow...-_-
    So, I'll try posting as many imagines as I can, because when school starts, I won't be on as much. :(
    I love all the people who have waited patiently for your imagines. I'm so sorry that you'll have to wait a bit longer, but don't loose faith in me. I made you guys a promise to do the imagines, And I will! ^_^
    *** Also, for the people who have asked me if I'll start a fanfic- the answer is 'YESSS!!!' I'm planning on starting a 1D fanfic when I've finished all the imagines.
    Will I be casting parts? Yes.
    Will this fanfic be awesome and full of drama? YES! (^_^)
    Will you guys read it? I hope so. *wink wink* *nudge nudge* *cough cough* ;D
    Ok, so....see ya later! ;)
    Wish me luck...I'm starting high school...D:

  13. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    August 23, 2012 12:12am UTC
    Imagine for JenHeartsYuu:
    Part 2
    Louis pulls away. "Woah, that was...amazing!" he tells you, blushing. You blush as well. "I, uhh...I'm sorry. I honestly don't know why I did that...I mean I know why I did it....But, maybe you...uhh.." you begin, rambling on. Louis stops you with another kiss, this one shorter than before. "It's okay, love. Better than okay, actually." he says. "Do you think we could do this again sometime? Not the kissing, the hanging out? Although I wouldn't mind more of the kissing." Lou asks with a wink. "I'd love to." you reply.
    ~Five years later~
    "Jennnnnaaaa!!!" you hear your husband scream. "Coming Louis!" you scream back. Today is your anniversary, you've been together five years. Louis just makes you so happy. You didn't hesitate at all when he proposed. How could you say no? You remember him dropping on one knee, in front of all the boys, and asking for your hand. You immediately screamed 'Yes' and began your life with Lou by your side. You wouldn't have it any other way. You wouldn't change a thing. Now, five years later, you still get chills when he says your name. You walk into the room and see Lou sitting there, waiting for you. He pulls out a little box, your present. "Oh, one second." you say, sprinting upstairs and fetching the gift you got him. He gives you your gift and you open it, finding the most gorgeous necklace ever. You feel a bit foolish about giving him the present you got him, after recieving yours. You hand him a rather large box and he opens it quickly. His eyes light up as soon as he sees it. He takes the gift in his hand. "Kevin? Baby, you got me THE Kevin? As in the one we had when we met?" Lou questions. "Yupp. Do you like it?" you ask. "Jenna I love it. I love you, but I can't accept it. I mean, I let you have it when you agreed to date me. I can't take it back." he says. "But I want you to have it" you reply. You both begin bickering over who gets to keep Kevin. "Fine! I'll keep it." Lou says, "If you promise to love me, and let me love you, forever..." he finishes. "Easily. No question about it." you reply. He kisses you. "Forever and ever and ever..." he says against your lips.
    ~Author's Note~
    Ok, The End! Hope you liked it! ^_^
    *Sorry it took so long :)

  14. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    August 21, 2012 5:53pm UTC
    Imagine for JenHeartsYuu:
    Part 1
    You're at the mall with your friend, Naty. (Yupp, that's right ^_^) You go into a weird looking store that sells random things. You start looking through the shelves and start fangirling when you see a realistic looking pigeon. "Look Naty, it's Kevin!!!" you scream. "Noo way!" she screams back. "Omg, I HAVE to buy this!" you tell her. "Obviously! It's only the greatest thing in the world!" Naty jokes. You're about to pay for it when someone taps your shoulder. You turn and see a certain guy standing there. This certain guy just so happens to look a lot like Louis, from 1D. But, no, it can't can't be...Can it?
    "Uhhh, excuse me. But I seen that first. I was just about to buy it. May you please hand it to me, so I can buy it?" he says. "Uhh, no sorry, but I have it in my hands. It's mine, well about to be mine anyways." you reply sweetly, but getting your point across. "Listen, I seen it first. It's mine." he tells you, trying to take kevin away from you. 'Oh my! It IS Louis. Only he would be this sassy.' you think. "No!" you say, holding it out of his reach. You two begin fighting over it. After about five minutes, Lou gives up, saying "Fine, you can have it...If you let me take you on a date." "Yeah, I'd love to!" you respond quickly.
    Louis picks you up and takes you to the movies. He buys tickets to a scary movie. You get scared easily....'this is not going to end well' you think. The movie starts and you hide your face in your hands, but take a peek when you hear a slight pause. You immediately regret your decision when a creepy face pops up. You jump up in terror. Louis notices your reaction and puts an arm around you. You hide your face in his side, hugging him slightly.
    After the movie Louis starts drving you home. Traffic slows you down. "I'm sorry, for tonight. You must think I'm a scaredy cat." you say. "Nope" Louis says, "It really was a horribly scary film." he finishes. "But thanks for comforting me. I would have freaked out, if you weren't there." you tell him. "No, thank you Jenna, for letting me take you out tonight. I had an amazing time." Lou says. "But...you're so amazing..and..famous, Why'd you want me?" you ask. He pulls into your driveway and gets out to open your door. "I might be in a band. But you are the most beautiful, sweet, kind, caring girl I've ever met. I'm lucky you even spent one night with me." he says, while helping you out. He takes your hand and kisses it, but you can't help yourself...you grab him and pull him to your lips and share a kiss.
    Author's note
    Hey girl! So this is part 1. Part 2 will be up soon.
    Hope you like it so far! ^_^

  15. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    August 21, 2012 1:11am UTC
    Imagine for VioletSunshine:
    Part 2
    Louis ends up taking you to a park. By now it's about eleven o'clock at night. But for some reason you feel so....'what's the word?' you wonder. As if he is reading your mind Louis says "Peaceful, right? I come here a lot, to clear my mind, get away...from everything."
    "It's nice..." you tell him. You both sit on the swings and get to know each other better. You learn everything-that you didn't already know- about him. You tell him everything about yourself too. Turns out you both are a lot alike...it's almost as if you were made for each other....
    ~One year later~
    "Booooobeeaaarrr!!!!!" you call out, wondering where Louis could be. You find post-its all around the house, that you now share with him. Each note has an arrow leading to the next one. You follow the notes and end up in the backyard. You see Lou standing there, flowers surrounding him and twinkling lights on the trees behind him. You walk up to him, clueless of what is going on. "Lou lou, what's all this?" you ask. "This, my sweet Justine, is what I've always wanted to do...ask the girl of my dreams to marry me." Louis says, while getting on one knee. He continues with, "You make me smile, just by looking at me. I get butterflies whenever you kiss me. I love you with all my heart, Will you marry me?"
    "YESS!!!" you scream, jumping in his arms. He kisses you and yoy feel like flying. You wish this moment could last forever, but you know that now that you have Louis, there will be many more to come...
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Author's Note~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The end! Hope you liked it!!!!
    Again...sorry for the wait...^_^

  16. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    August 21, 2012 12:43am UTC
    Imagine for VioletSunshine:
    Part 1
    You're at the mall with your friends. You don't want anything in particular, you are just shopping around. You wander into a random store and hear a group of people laughing. A voice sticks out from all the others. Half of your mind tells you that you should walk away- it's none of your business. Then there's the other half, the side that says 'I gotta know what's going on!' You contemplate wheather or not you should check it out. Your curiousity gets the better of you, and you find yourself walking towards the noise. You find a group of five guys. One of them has a pair of bunny ears on. You laugh, silently to yourself, it seems as if he is the one making the others laugh. He is talking in a funny voice...you find yourself staring at him. He is really cute! "Why don't you take a picture, love? It'll last longer." He says. "Oh!" he catches you off gaurd. You quickly reply with "Ok, yeah sure! You are so right!" You take out your phone and take a couple pictures of him. All the while, he stands there, shocked, he wasn't expecting your answer. You finish taking the pictures and start walking away. "Thanks, bye now!" you say before walking out.
    "Omg! How did you not notice before?" your friend asks you. "Uhhh...I honestly don't know..." you reply, at a loss for words. You showed your friends the pictures you took of the funny guy in the store, and the immadiately reconized him. He is Louis William Tomlinson. Yupp! From One Direction. And you only just realized this...maybe your friends are right...maybe you are crazy sometimes. "Ahh! And I made of fool of myself in front of him!" yoy remember. "He was joking around and I took it literally. He probably thinks I'm such a weirdo.." you tell your friends, but you stop because they have stopped talking. You are about to ask what's wrong when you hear, "I thought it was quite cute, actually." You turn and see Louis standing there, talking to you, still with the bunny ears on. "I...uhhh..." you say, feeling embaressed and shy at the same time. "What you did back there, it really caught my eye. You were just being yourself. I like it. Do you think that you would like to go out sometime?" Louis asks. "Yes. Yes I'd love to!" you reply, feeling oh so happy.
    You get home and rush to get ready. Louis had texted you saying he was going to pick you up at eight p.m. It was seven thirty! You need to get ready fast!
    Louis arrives and you both leave. He ends up taking you to a nice resturant, and complements you on how beautiful you look. You blush everytime. After dinner, you expect to go home. Louis had other plans. He drove you to a...park...?
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Author's Note~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Ok so, this is part 1. Part 2 will be up soon. Hope you're liking it so far! Sorry it took so long...^_^

  17. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    August 16, 2012 9:44pm UTC
    Imagine for lovebeinghyper:
    Part 2
    You walk backstage and see the boys. You're sad because they are already going to leave. Naty runs right up to them and starts calmy talking. It's takes you a little while to feel comfortable. You find yourself talking to Niall. You guys just sorta click! He gives you his number and you give him yours. Soon enough they have to leave. You're sad because you were having such a great time. Niall must have noticed your frown because he looks at you and gives you a smile. He then walks up to you and hugs you. It's a sweet, heartfelt gesture, that somehow sends a wave of butterflies straight to your stomach. "I hope to see you again." Niall whispers in your ear. With that, he leaves.
    You wake up suddenly to a text from someone. You have a mini heart attack when you see that it's from Niall. It reads 'Morning beautiful xx :)' You instantly reply 'Good Morning to you, too, Leprechaun xx ^_^'. Niall then asks you out on a date. You agree and get ready. You hear a knock on the door, and go to answer it. It's Niall...but, how..? "Oh, sorry. Naty told me your address..." Niall says, shyly. "It's ok, wanna come in? I'm not finished getting ready." you tell him. He agrees and sits on the couch. You hand him the remote to the tv, and head upstairs to finish.
    You're finally ready, and head downstairs to meet Niall. You reach the living room and see Niall watching tv, totally into what is playing. You sit next to him and see Finding Nemo is on. "Oh, sorry, I just love this movie." Niall says. "Oh, me too!" you reply. "Do you wanna go now, or finish the movie?" he asks. You tell him you want to watch the movie. He puts his arm around you and pulls you close. You snuggle into him and enjoy the movie.
    You wake up and smell sonething burning. You rush to the kitchen, scared to find a fire. Instead, you find Niall standing there attempting to cook breakfast. "Hi Jen, mornin'!" Niall says cheerfully. "Uhh..Hey! Whay's...cooking...?" you ask, jokingly. "I thought it would be nice if I cooked you breakfast...yeah, I think your stove hates me." Niall jokes. "Aww, nothing can hate you Niall, you're just too, amazing. It's impossible to not love you! I mean I love you, Niall." you reply. 'Oh, no! Did I just tell Niall that I love him?' you think. Niall stops, turns off the stove and walks up to you. "Did you mean it when you said that you love me?" he asks. "Oh, about that....yes. Yes, I meant it." you reply. He grabs your waist and pulls you close, "I love you too, Jen." Niall tells you. He leans down and presses his lips on yours. You've never been happier.
    ~Two years later~
    You and Niall are at home. Niall calls you downstairs to watch some movies. You and him cuddle up and begin watching the movie. It's Finding Nemo. 'Omg, This is the movie we watched on our first date!' you remember. You turn to tell Niall and notice a box in his hands. "Niall...what's that...?" you start, but get cut off when he starts talking. "Jen, you're the prettiest, smartest, sweetest girl that I've ever met. I knew we were meant to be, the first moment I laid my eyes on you. Will you marry me?" he asks, tearing slightly. "Yes, Niall! Yes!" you say, full of happiness. Niall leans in and kisses you. Soft and sweet, yet full of passion. Nothing could ruin this moment....
    (well, except Naty, but I wont do that cuz, she's busy with Liam...^_^)
    Sorry it took so long!

  18. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    August 16, 2012 5:58pm UTC
    Imagine for lovebeinghyper:
    Part 1
    You're so bored, nothing ever happens here. You are currently attending a school for the arts. You hope to be a successful singer/dancer someday. It's just another ordinary day. People at this school usually keep to themselves and stay in their dorms. You've attended this school for about two years. The first couple of months were absolutely brutal. That is until you met Natalie, or Naty as you called her. (That's me! ^_^) She wasn't like everybody else. She was, well insane. Completely random and out of her mind. At the exact moment that you thought that, Naty ran inside the room, and plopped on the bed. "Ooohhhhh! Mygawwd!" she said. "What?" you asked her. "Ok soiwasdownstairsandmindingmyownbusinesswhenallthesuddenioverheardthesepeopletalking-" Naty began, talking way too fast. "Woah, woah Slow down girl!" you told her. Naty took a deep breath and started again. "Ok, so I was down stairs and I overheard these people talking. Yes, I was sorta creeping- and they were saying that we are going to have guest speakers come to the school!!!" she said, overexcited. "Aaannnd??" you asked. "Oh yeah! And they said that the guest speakers might be One Direction.." she mumbled. You don't move. You can't. There is a chance of you seeing One Direction!
    You wake up early and get ready, bouncing excitedly through your room. You find a nice outfit and decide to wake Naty. "Wake up!" you say while nudging her slightly. She refuses to get up. "Ok, fine...I guess i'll have to go see One Direction all by myself..." you tease. Naty jumps out of bed, and hurries to get ready, mumbling something about kidnapping 1D...
    You walk downstairs to the school's auditorium and find a front seat. There are only like five other people there, but they're just goofing around. Maybe it's because you are two hours early...What?! You were really excited to see 1D. Since you have time to kill, you decide to play angry birds on your phone- but quickly put it away because the game angers you. Naty comes running in, as always, and jumps into the seat next to you. You notice that she is soaked. "Where have you been? And why are you so wet?" you ask her. "Oh, this, it's nothing. I just set off the sprinklers..." she says, as if nothings wrong. 'Strange girl..' you think to yourself. It's been an hour and a half, and still only about twenty people are here. You'd think that there would be more girls here to see One Direction. 'Omg, what if their not coming?' you think...The moment you think that, the lights dim and curtains rise. From the back of the stage, come the 5 sexiest guys in the universe. That's right! It's One Direction!!!
    The boys start talking about how all your dreams can come true if you never give up hope. But you aren't paying attention, you are instead staring into Niall Horan's beautiful eyes. As the boys finish their speech, you turn to see Naty running towards the backstage. She calls you over and tells you she wants to meet the boys. You agree and follow her.
    The end!...lol jk!
    This is only part 1, part 2 will be up shortly!
    Hope you like it so far!
    P.s. I am Naty in the story ^-^

  19. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    August 14, 2012 11:36pm UTC
    So, I probably won't be on very much for the next few days because I'm visiting Florida. And you know what that means...DISNEY WORLD!!!! ^_^
    And...guess what? I'm also going to Universal Studios, where they have.....HOGWARTS!!!
    Oh, sorry..had a bit of a geeky moment...*_*
    But I will try to upload as much as I can, I promise!
    Bye now ^-^

  20. teamjacob131 teamjacob131
    posted a quote
    August 13, 2012 4:11pm UTC
    Imagine for Likethatsme4sure:
    Part 2!!
    You don't know where you're going, but you need to find Zayn. You begin walking the streets, searching for him. It was around eight p.m. when it started raining. You decided you wouldn't let a little rain stop you. You turned a corner and seen him. Zayn. He was just standing there on the bridge, in the rain. It was as if the rain didn't bother him. You approached him and started talking, not giving him time to retaliate. "What's your problem? Do you just hate me? What did I even ever do to you? What caused you to hate me and avoid me? I just don't....understand." you trailed off. He remained silent. "You know what? Just forget I said anything." you say, walking away. Zayn grabs your hand "I don't hate you, Lezly." Zayn starts. "It's just that...I...I, I don't know..." he finishes. "It's fine, whatever." you say, turning again. Zayn spins you towards him and gently places his lips on yours. It's the best kiss you've ever had. Soft, but heartfelt. His lips moved perfectly against yours. You've finally got what you've always wanted, true love...And a kiss in the rain!
    ~Two years later~
    "Zayn! It hurts!" you scream. You're nine months pregnant and are getting labor pains. Zayn is super excited, it's a boy. Zayn said he didn't care on the gender of the baby, but you know that he was secretly hoping for a boy! "It's okay, babe. Do you think you want to go to the hospital?" Zayn asks. You say no, because you've had worse pains. You realize that you've spoke too soon when your water breaks. Zayn rushes you to the hospital, where you give birth. You see your son for the first time and are filled with joy. He is absolutely precious! He looks just like Zayn. It's like everything else is irrelevent. All that matters is you, Zayn and your new son. You haven't decided on a name yet, but the perfect name will come to you. Zayn kisses your cheek, "I love you Lezly" he says. "I love you too, Zayn" you reply. "Thank you, for never giving up on me, even when I tried avoiding you. I'm so happy you confronted me. Thank you for making me the happiest person alive. I'm honored to call you my wife!" Zayn tells you. You reply with, "And thank you Zayn, for showing me your true feelings and for making me the happiest wife alive. But most importantly, thank you Zayn, for giving me my happily ever after."
    *I know I was supposed to post this last night but I fell asleep, sorry! ^_^
    And, if you are wondering...Me and Liam got married too, and had a zillion babies...lol jk!


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