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Radioactive · 6 years ago

SmileyFacesAreAmazing · 8 years ago
i miss you, i'm sorry for taking so long to reply.

Christa133 · 8 years ago
hey omg omg i just got back on this website, i remember you from a few years ago and you helped me through such a tough time. still love you, missed you sm

ocean pixie* · 8 years ago
My kik is sydneyandthediamonds
I'm great, how are you?

Infinity on high* · 8 years ago
OMGGGGG HEY. Of course I do. I'm so confused, did you leave witty or have we just not spoken in 107247986 years??

gab* · 8 years ago
aw that sucks!
and yeah i've been reaaally busy but i'll have it done as soon as possible :)

nicole🌹* · 8 years ago
Oh, awesome! I look forward to your message on there. :)
I have things to update you on.

spence* · 9 years ago
I guess some things change~

* Sabaism * · 9 years ago
Omfl. I honestly don't know what to say about that. Thank you so much. I'm much more lucky to have you in my life.
Like you may not know what I'm going through but you help in a lot of ways
I'm really lazy so I'm only gonna list 10 but there's like 2623451235235 billion.
1. You don't press for details. When people do I always feel like if I don't tell them I'm a disappointment and a terrible friend and tbh it makes me feel worse
2. You talk to me. It helps more than you know
3. You don't ask me how I'm doing every 5 minutes. It kinda sets me in a trap when people do. If I say I'm fine it's a lie but if I tell them the truth they worry
4. You treat me more like a friend, not a therapist
5. You're always there for me
6. You don't take it all personal if I don't tell you what's wrong
7. You trust me
8. You actually make a point to talk with me daily
9. You always brighten my day. Even if you're just babbling about some douche, I just love hearing about what's going on in your life and stuff
10. You understand I'm not some miracle worker who can solve every problem in the world.
All in all, thank you for everything you do, even if you're not aware of it
I guess all I can say is thank you for being you

lost* · 1 decade ago
Happy Birthday Spence!!!!
You're older now which means you're old. Jk you're not old. You're not like 808738642 so you're not old. haha. Anyways Spence, I hope you and Austin get married and have children and have the middle name as kim i have high expectations haha. Anyways spence, you're litterally the cutest person on earth ok. That selfie (partial selfie haha) was adorable. If someone tells you you're not pretty or anything I'm shipping myself over there to slap them then come back. Since I can't get you cake.. or any presents here you goo.
btw subtract the person's name: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSK46cXV8Y4

E* · 1 decade ago
that was perfect except the end bit, lets make a little twist

you and austin be like:

then all of us on a double date:

me and jaden:

you and austin:

* Sabaism * · 1 decade ago
Of course you know my name,
I love talking to you, but you know that. Lately I've loved it even more, you have become the second highlight of my day.
Okay, you're beautiful. Like both inside and out. It's cray. I am so jealous, actually.
You're music taste is as brilliant as you are, but I've told you thank various times.
When I'm sad and/or alone I'll just go through your quotes and oddly enough they always make me smile and/or laugh. You are absolutly the funniest person alive, I swear.
I am so glad I've gotten to know you better, it'd been a complete honor. You are perfection at it's finest.
Could you do me a huge favour? Could you thank your parents for me? They deff knew what they were doing when they made you and I am eternally grateful for them having such a perfect child.
You are like one of the best people I know. Hell, you might be the best person I know. You are just so perfect and caring and everyone loves you, I swear.
If you ever want to talk about something, even if it's as silly as an ant crawled on you, I'm here to listen to you, okay?
I love you, okay? Like a best friend love. Not like that 'Umf. I wanna bang ya' love. But I guess there isn't that much of a difference.
Stay perfect, okay?
Love you♥

happiest* · 1 decade ago
"Spencer!" You heard Austin shout from across the flat you guys shared together. "Yes?!" You asked as you got up and started to walk in the direction of Austin’s voice. "Close your eyes!" Austin as soon as you got to the door of the kitchen. "Ok,Ok, Gosh." You said with a littl giggle. You could feel Austin’s hands go around your waist and his nose touch your ear. "You ready?" He whispered in your ear. You nodded your head. "Okay, Open your eyes" He said. You opened your eyes to see the most beautiful dinner set up with a candle in the middle. You turned around to face Austin. "Austin, It’s beautiful, you didn’t have to." You said putting your hand on his cheek. Austin put this bg smile on his face and wrapped his arms around your waist. "It’s not don yet babe" He said staring into your eyes with that big beautiful smile of his that loved so very much. "Austin, Really you dont have to do this" You said. "Spencer, I want to do this for you. You deasve this" He said. "Fine, what’s the next surprise?" You asked. "You’ll have to wait until we’re done eating." He said with a little wink. He let go of you and led you to the table and pulled out your chair. You walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek and sat down. "I don’t know what your up to Mahone, but the food looks great." You said. Austin let out a small giggle and sat down. "Thanks babe" He said laughing. After you guys ate Austin led you to the backyard where you saw a blanket set out on the grass and more candles going. Austin told you to go sit down and that he would be back in a second. You did as he said and sat down. You were just staring at the stars and thinking about how muc Austin was a good and caring he is. Oh not to mention how romactic he is. You were interputed by the sound of Austin’s singing voice. You turned your head to see him playing his gurtiar and singing Little Things by One Direction. "You’ll never love yourself as half much as i love you, You’ll never treat yourself right daring but i want you to, if i let you know i’m here for you, maybe you’ll love yourself like i love you oh" He sung. you were whipping some tears that were felling away. He contuinted singing. "And all your little things." He finished and was standing infront of you and bented down and whipped the rest of your tears away. You smiled at the ground and when you looked up to look at Austin, he was on one knee and had a little golden box in his hands. You let out a gasp. "Spencer, We have been together for 3 years now. Though those 3 years i knew you were the one for me and i can’t lose you. You evrything i want in a girl. Your beautiful, funny, caring, loveable, fun to be around, full of energy and much more i could list off but short story short. Spencer i want to be with you forever. Will You Marry Me?." He asked opening the box to a beautiful sliver two carrot ring. "Ye-YES! I will marry you" You said with tears of happiness. Austin put the ring on your finger and hugged you tight." I promise you i won’t let anyone hurt you and that i won’t leave you." He said pulling away and staring into your eyes. "I promise you tha i wouldnt leave or let anyone hurt you either." You said smiling. Austin smiled and leaned into you and kissed your lips sweet and gently. You kissed back. "I love you so so so much Spencer, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you." Austin said into your lips. "I love you so so so much too Austin and i can’t wait to become Mrs. Mahone and spend the rest of my life with you too." You said back. A year later you and Austin were still together and happily married and you guys were expecting a baby boy and you guys named it after Alex.

happiest* · 1 decade ago
Oh my Godness i screamed and laughed so hard
Oh my God that story is perfect Oh my God you're
awsome, amazing,cute, Oh my You're perfect Spence
I'm crying this is too much for me i love you so much
Spencer oh my God you're...i have no words to describe you...

You searched around, trying to find the boy you haven’t seen in 6 months. You were so eager to finally see him after all this time. Sure, you talked every night about stuff, and skyped every week, but it wasn’t the same as being next to him and feeling the same happiness you did when you knew he was right there beside you.

You checked your phone, seeing the time being 8:15 am. ‘He should be here by now’ you thought in your head, as you continued to search for him, seeing couples and family’s reunite around you. But you were focused on finding Austin.

A certain brunette caught your eye, and a smile rose on your face, as you freaked out. You ran up to him, Austin holding you tightly. You smiled, tears escaping your eyes. “I love you so much,” he whispered in your hair. You kissed him, the kiss long and passionate as if everything you wanted to say was written in the kiss.

You pulled away, his arms still draped on your waist. “I love you too. I’m so happy you’re back.” You lay your head on the crook of his neck, happy to finally have the boy you loved back in your arms. You finally understood how everyone else around you really felt. Like you were finally happy again. Not the happiness you get from getting home from a long day, but like none of your worries mattered but what was happening in that moment. You pulled away, and he grabbed your hand. A smile lingering on both your faces, finally completely happy again.


elephants_are_cool* · 1 decade ago
yeah, i know.
okay - I'm going to write an acrostic poem on why you are awesome, and whenever you're down, just read it and I hope it makes you laugh a little.
(please excuse my cheesiness and writing skills, they are the worst)
S- spencer is better than unicorns
P- people should know how great she is
E- even elephants know
N- no one can deny that she is awesome
E-even when people bring you down, you are still perfect <3
R-really, there's a lot more I could say, but there aren't enough letters in your name ^-^

bye* · 1 decade ago
if austin saw you;

*you're walking in the mall with some friends*
him: hey there gorgeous
spencer: are you talking to me?
austin: of course. you're the only girl i'll ever think is beautiful. ♥
spencer: awh thats so sweet
austin: ive never believed in love at first sight, but you're the exception, baby.
spencer: omg
austin: i love you so much
spencer: i love you too austin
austin: what's your name, love?
spencer: my name is spencer (:
austin: that's a stunning name, just like you.
spencer: thanks you're so kind
austin: one day your name will be Mrs. Mahone.
spencer: but we just met
austin: i know, but we were destined to be together. I don't know you, but I want to get to know you. I want to wake up with you in my arms every morning. I want to start a life with you. I want to grow old with you. Please be my girlfriend, and one day wife? ♥
Spencer: of course I will!
*then you makeout into the sunset*

happiest* · 1 decade ago
After about 15 minutes of ignoring Austin, he suddenly couldn’t take the silence. “TALLLLLKKKK TO MEEEEE,” Austin began to whine, and you tried not to laugh and ruin it. He suddenly began to poke you to annoy you and get you to talk. “Please talk to me!” He sighed dramatically, and put his head on your lap. You looked down at him, and shook your head.
You continued to watch the TV, when Austin got up and went to the kitchen. He came back with your favorite snack food. He sat next to you, and began eating them. “Mmm, these are so good! Y/N, do you want some?” You quickly nodded, starring at the y/f/s/f. He waved it in front of your face. “These? Well first you need to talk to me and then you’ll get them,” he said smiling. You shook your head, not giving up just yet. “Y/N TALK TO ME WHAT DOES IT TAKE?!?!” You shrugged, a smile lingering your lips.
Austin suddenly smiled at you. ‘Oh Lord help me.’ You thought, knowing he had a plan and it wasn’t a good one in your case. He began tickling you, and you squirmed, laughing. “AUSTIN PLEASE I CAN’T BREATHE!” you said in between laughs, and he leaned in to kiss you. “There’s that beautiful voice I love,” he said smiling. “Those 20 minutes were the worst, please never do that again.”
"I won’t," you said laughing at how sad and frustrated he was in those 20 minutes.
"Promise?" he asked, with a small smile.
"Promise," you replied, leaning in and kissing him gently.

happiest* · 1 decade ago
If someone called you a potato i would slap them to death ok?
And Ladies and Gentleman here's the story of Spencer and Austin
The end



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