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Status: Dont run from the past accept what happened

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I love music and dance. I'm a girl with a broken heart trying to fix it.. can you check out my other profiles 1. yourbeutiful__trustme (vent account)
2. livelaughandalwayslove (account of everything else)
and this one is for my stories. I want to be a potographer when I grow up soo if my stories aren't great I'm sorry. Well thats about it other than my names makenzie soooo
  1. my_life_is_my_music my_life_is_my_music
    posted a quote
    December 25, 2012 9:42pm UTC
    You post things about me. Do you think I wont see. Do you think I don't know it's about me. You know it hurts me too? Do you know seeing those things. It makes me feel worse then before. Did you think of how it would affect me? I thought maybe just maybe I thought you were there for me. I guess I was wrong and stupid.

  2. my_life_is_my_music my_life_is_my_music
    posted a quote
    December 19, 2012 10:27pm UTC
    chapter four
    Joes point of veiw
    I suddenly felt my hands being pushed away. She looked into my eyes and sighed. "I'm sorry" She muttered rolling over. I pulled her into my chest and sighed. "Don't be sorry." I said placing my chin on her shoulder. I pulled her closer to me. I knew this is where she will always belonged.
    Victorias point of veiw
    I waited for Joe to fall asleep before carefully pulling myself out of his arms. I walked downstairs to my bag and pulled out my headphones and phone. I looked at the clock before quickly pulling on my shoes and heading out the door. I put my headphones in and turned it to The Last Time by Taylor Swift. I looked down the street and started to run.
    By the time I got back it was 2:00 am and with any luck Joe would stil be asleep. I checked my ipod and checked the song. It was Heart Still Beating by The Dirt Radicals. I took a deep breath and walked up stairs. I grabbed one of Joes shirts and shorts and headed into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and blasted my music. I stepped in and sighed letting the hot water rush over me. I sat took his sisters shampoo and ran it though my hair.
    I crawled back into Joes bed and he pulled me into hos chest. "You were gone for two hours Tor." He muttered into my hair. "I was starting to get worried." Then his breathing got heavy and he fell asleep.
    Thanks comment for a reminder <3333

  3. my_life_is_my_music my_life_is_my_music
    posted a quote
    December 14, 2012 4:31pm UTC
    Twenty kids
    Six adults
    And the shooter
    All rest in a school
    Presents have been bought
    Ready for the tree
    Never to be open
    Forever they will be kids
    Innocent and sweet
    No worries
    No pain
    So many kids gone
    Never to live their full lives
    They were all to young
    Far to young
    To die
    So give your perants a hug
    Tell them you love them
    Dont let them go a day
    Right before you leave say goodbye
    Say how much you love them
    When Christmas comes round
    When I open my presants
    Those kids
    Those twenty kids
    Will be on my mind
    Twenty kids
    Six adults
    And a shooter
    All lay dead in a school

  4. my_life_is_my_music my_life_is_my_music
    posted a quote
    December 12, 2012 8:07pm UTC
    chapter four
    Lizzys point of veiw
    I turned around to see Joe kiss Victoria befor letting her go to her next class. I sighed as i turned around. You're safe for now. I tought to myself.
    Victorias point of view
    I was walking to lunch when Lizzy stoped me. "Lizzy I need to get to lunch." I said trying to walk past her. She laughed pushing me back. "Listen to me. Joe's mine. Not yours." I shudderd. Thinking back to when I walked into his room that day. Lizzy was on top of him when Joe turned and saw me. I shook the thought out of my head. "Lizzy let me go to lunch." She laughed. "No." I looked at her. "Elizabeth. Please." I begged. For a split second I saw her come through. I saw her trying to break though her hard shell. "Don't call me that." She said looking down. "Remember we used to be best friends? I miss those days." Her sholder moved slightly as I shoved past her.
    Joes point of veiw
    Victoria walked up to me and Scarlet sitting heavily. I put my arms on her waist as she sank into my chest. "Do you love me?" she suddenly asked. She went tense when i didnt answer. "Joe? Do you?" I put my chin on her shoulder. "Of course." I breathed into her ear.
    She walked out of the school alone and was taking her time then she looked up and saw me waiting. She ran to me and jumped into my open arms. "I've missed you." She muttered into my neck. I kissed the base of her neck up to her cheek bone. I pulled away and let her down. I opened the door for her and she climbed in. "So where are we going?" She asked looking at me with fear. Shivers went up and down my spine. "To my house." I answered shakily. She nodded.
    "What's the time." She asked yawning. "Almost midnight." I replied checking my phone. "I should get home." She said getting up. I shook my head and picked her up. "No just stay here tonight." She nodded and i carried her to my room. I felt her go tense in my arms. "Its okay Tor." I said trying to get her to losen up. She shook her head. I sighed. "It's not the same room." I answered. "Or bed." She nodded as i set her down. I threw her one of my shirts and shorts. "I'll be back." She said walking to the bathroom.
    "I'm not tired anymore." Victoria said rolling over to face me. I chuckled. "Same"
    Victorias point of veiw
    Joes hands ran up the back of my shirt as he kissed my down my neck. I tilted my head back holding back a moan as her kissed my jaw line. He slowly mad his way over to my lips. I pressed my lips against his and his hands found there way to my shorts. I put my hands on his ready to push them away, but did I really want to?
    So should she push him away?? I have two ways I can go so its up to you people
    Thanks comment for a reminder <3333

  5. my_life_is_my_music my_life_is_my_music
    posted a quote
    December 11, 2012 4:59pm UTC
    chapter three
    I put on a smile as my mom walked though the doorway. "Mommy." I said licking my lips. Her head snapped around. "You haven't called sense you were 4." She wisperd. "D-Dad he," I didnt want to cry to i took a deep breath."he died when the plane hit his." I looked at my mom. Her eyes glazed over and her keys and bag dropped on the floor. I dragged my hand over my eyes as my mom slowly walked forward grabbing the letter off the couch. She started to cry and walked up to her room.
    "Victoria!"I heard someone yell. I rolled over and groned. "Tor, please get up." My eyes snapped open. As I loked into the most beautiful eyes ever.
    Joe's point of veiw.
    Her eyes shot open and her bright blue eyes turned dull. They held so much pain. "Yes?" She asked trying her hardest not to cry. I just wanted to make sure you were okay." She closed her eyes locking me out. "I'm fine." she said rolling over onto her side. I ran my hand though my hair. "I know you're still there." she said. "Do i have to leave?" I asked sitting on the corner of her bed. She pulled back the covers letting me get in. I pulled her into my chest by her waist. She went atomaticaly tense. "Please lake me back, I'm nothing without you." She tried to shake lose of my arms. "Tor." I mummbled into her ear. "Please." She turned around and looked at me her eyes softening. I leaned into to kiss her. She closed her eyes and leaned back. All of a sudden I felt her hand on my lips. "I-I can't" she mmmbled pulling away. I looked at her and pressed my lips to hers. I thought she would push away. Instead she kissed back.
    Scarlets point of veiw
    I went over to Victoria's to see how she was doing. I carefully walked into her room opening the door i smiled. Joe had his arms around her waist and her back was pressed onto his stomach. I smiled and walked back down stairs making breakfest. Knowing her mom left and wasnt coming home for a while.
    I heard movement from her room as i set the plates on the table. "Come on guys foods ready!" I called up to them. I waited for them to get down the stairs before i pulled Tori aside.
    Im sooo sorry I havent posted just have slot going on.
    and ill post the next chapter.
    Thanks comment for a reminder <3333

  6. my_life_is_my_music my_life_is_my_music
    posted a quote
    December 11, 2012 4:20pm UTC
    I know the world wont end but because everyone says so im gonna tell my crush i think i might be falling for him. I wont see him untill after break but i dont care i think he should know

  7. my_life_is_my_music my_life_is_my_music
    posted a quote
    November 29, 2012 7:57pm UTC
    chapter two
    I was laying on my back staring at the clouds when Scarlet and Joe walked up. "Yes?" I asked not bothing to sit up. "Hey, Vitoria." "Scarlet." I slowly responded. "Hi Tori." Joe said quietly. "Victoria." I corrected. I stared into the sun until it burned my eyes. When I blinked my eyes were completely dry. I keep them closed and imagined them standing there. "I was wondering if we could start over." Scarlet said. "Scarlet, I cant do that to you. You'll be ruined." She shook her head. "I don't care I miss you."
    When I walked into school tomorrow everyone was crying. I looked around confused. I looked over at Scarlet who shrugged. Then Lizzy was infrount of me. Tears in her eyes. "Didn't you hear Scarlet the army plane my dad was on blew up yesterday." I stood there and started to cry. "Why are you crying you didn't lose anyone!" She snapped. "You didnt lose your own dad!" I to the bathroom and locked the door behind me. "Tor, let me in." Scarlet called. I slowly made my way to the door and unlocked it. Scarlet slowly walked in and closed the door behind her. She wrapped her arms around me. "Maybe he wasn't with Lizzy's dad." I offered. I shook my head. "I dont have a dad anymore." I choked out. She held me tighter as I cried into her shoulder. We stayed like for a few moments before she let go. "Let's go home. Kay?" I nodded and left the bathroom.
    "Ha. As if." She looked at me "He told me." she said completely serious. I turned my attention back to the t.v "Don't say that." As I said that someone knocked on the door. The sargent handed me a letter. "I'm sorry he didn't make it." I colapsed in tears right in frount of him.
    Hey so let me know what you think <3 if you like it tell me thanks 3 faves
    and ill post the next chapter.
    Thanks comment for a reminder <3333

  8. my_life_is_my_music my_life_is_my_music
    posted a quote
    November 29, 2012 7:17pm UTC
    chapter one
    I quickly walked down the hall trying not to get noticed. Then I quickly shoved into the lockers. I held my books to my chest. As everyone snicked behind me. I ran to the bathrooms. Pain slowly took over. I sat on the cold tiled floor and sobed. Then all the popular girls walked in. One of who used to be my bestfriend. She looked at me and frowned. "I'm sorry." She mouthed. I qickly grabbed my books and stood up. No one saw me, but Scarlet. Not yet at least. I took a step towards the door when they turned around. Lizzy smaked her lips. "Who do we have here?" she asked taking a step as her heels clicked against the floor. I looked at her feet and remand silent. She grabed my cheeks her long nails digging into my skin. "I asked you a question." she said with comand hinting in her voice. "Liz-" she snapped her head at Scarlet. "What?" She snapped dropping my cheeks. I looked at Scarlet and saw a look in her eyes I've seen many times. The look to run. I picked up my bag and ran out of the bathroom and to my locker.
    As I was walking out of my class I saw Lizzy stand on her toes and kissed Trent.I rolled mine and walked to my locker. I grabbed the books I needed and walked to the stairs. As I was heading down Lizzy pinned me to the wall. "Hands off my man. And never talk Scarlet into tricking me again." she wisperd devioulsly into my ear. She pushed me against the wall with more force and let. I looked down the stairs where Lizzy just walk down. I took a deep breath and slowly walked down the stairs.
    "Hey! Wait up." someone called behind me. I turned around and saw Joe running towards me. "What do you want?" I asked quickng my pace. "I just wanted to talk." he said matching mine. "Why? So you can make a bigger fool of me?" I snapped. "No. So I could talk to you." I stop walking and faced him. "Now why would I talk to someone who broke my heart hum?" I asked. Trying to mask the vulnerability in my voice. He brought his hand to my face. "I know I'm sorry." I blinked away my tears and laughed. "You never even loved me." I took his hand and threw it off my face. "You made a fool of me. Its not so easy to forgive and forget." I turned my back to him and left him standing there.
    Hey so let me know what you think <3 if you like it tell me thanks 1 fave
    (i know thats low but i dont have alot of hope)
    and ill post the next chapter.
    Thanks comment for a reminder <3333

  9. my_life_is_my_music my_life_is_my_music
    posted a quote
    September 9, 2012 3:44pm UTC
    I caught my dad smoking again... He quit years ago for me and my sister thanks for the update about how much we mean to you dad


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