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thisnightissparkling · 1 decade ago
i read this and i want to help but im not that great at giving advice but here it goes the best thing you can do is just keep telling her and wait because if she was a true freind then she would not take crap from your other "freind" she will soon realize that the other girl is a liar and she misses you....its all about trust and there will be better times than these. trust me.:)

TaylorLillian98 · 1 decade ago
Call Her and leave her a message telling her how much she means to you. Also say you didnt do that and you would not have anything bad to say anyway....And dont freak you will get back together.I promise.


catalinarose · 1 decade ago
Just take it easy and breath. Don't freak out, it will make the situation worse. Try contacting the girl and telling her you never said one thing about her. If this doesn't work let her cool off, and let her be the one to talk to you. You just smile and keep your head up until then.

SandraaMeow · 1 decade ago
if she won't talk to you and it's already been 3 days, you could just let life take its toll, or call her parents.

alliecat · 1 decade ago
nuh uh


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