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Status: Loving him was red<3

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Hello! :) you should follow me :) I love ya<3 
  1. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2015 9:51pm UTC
    We keep this love in a photograph... We make these memories for ourselves.

  2. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    November 24, 2012 11:54pm UTC
    So here's how it works:
    1. open your library (itunes, winamp, mediaplayer, ipod, etc.)
    2. put it on shuffle
    3. press play
    4. for every question, type the song that is playing
    5. when you get to a new question, press the next button
    6. dont lie and try to pretend you're cool
    Opening credits: Drops of Jupiter - cover by Taylor swift
    Waking up: State of grace-Taylor swift
    1st day of school: Mixed up - Miley cyrus (makes sense)
    Fight song: stay stay stay -Taylor swift
    Falling in love: Give me love - Ed sheeran:)
    Breaking Up: someone like you -Austin mahone cover:) (wow makes sense)
    Studying/working: up -JUSTIN bieber
    Life: She don't like the lights -JUSTIN bieber
    Mental breakdown: ill stand by you -Carrie underwood cover
    Sunny Day: Stero hearts- gym class heroes
    Rainy day: pardon me - he is we
    Party/dance music: Maybe - secondhand serenade
    Driving: fly over states - Jason Andean
    Sleeping/ dreaming: Superstar - Taylor swift
    Nightmares: my immortal- evanescence
    Flashback: Knockin- Freddie stroma
    Wedding: Had me at hello - Olivia holt
    Birth of a child: Up all night - one direction !
    Final Battle: girl at home - Taylor swift
    Death Scene: Na Na Na - one direction:)
    Funeral Song: never let you go - JUSTIN bieber
    end credits: I look to you - glee cast cover

  3. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    November 20, 2012 7:25pm UTC
    me and Mary's disease:

  4. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    November 20, 2012 7:21pm UTC
    Me: ANILLO ANILLO!! (ring ring in Spanish)
    Mary: who is it?
    Me: YOUR LIFE!!
    Mary: OMG!!
    Mary: YAYYYY:)
    Mary: SQUEEZE THEM IN EMILY'S EYES!!! (I'm Emily)
    From our wonderful minds:)

  5. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    November 8, 2012 9:32pm UTC
    [a]vailable: just me and my cat
    [b]irthday: December
    [c]rush: YUPPERS:)
    [d]rink you last had: sweet tea
    [e]asiest person to talk to: Cathy or Joey or Mary
    [f]avorite genre of music: Pop or country
    [g]ummy bears or gummy worms: Gummy bears their so cute:)
    [h]ad your first kiss: nope
    [i]nstrument: iPhone
    [j]uice: Apple !!:)
    [k]illed someone: ummmmmmm noooo;) lol
    [l]ongest trip: Arizona :)
    [m]ilkshake flavor: COCO!!
    [n]umber of siblings: 7 (some step )
    [o]ne wish: To find love:)
    [p]erson who holds the best memories with you: Cathy or my sister or Mary
    [q]uiet or loud: Can be both
    [r]easons to smile: my crush:)
    [s]ong: little things or any Taylor swift song from her new album:)
    [t]ime you woke up: around 6:30
    [u]mbrella: HELLO KITTY:)
    [v]egetable: cucumber :)
    [w]arm at the moment: thanks to my 1d hoodie:)
    [x]-rays you've had: ankle foot wrist
    [y]our favorite animal: UNICORN!!
    [z]odiac sign: I have no clue ! Lol

  6. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    November 1, 2012 4:11pm UTC

  7. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    October 27, 2012 9:39pm UTC
    Is it over yet?
    Can I open my eyes?
    Is this as hard as it gets?
    Is this what it feels like to really CRY!?

  8. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    October 25, 2012 8:47pm UTC

  9. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    October 23, 2012 3:38pm UTC
    our school is the only
    one where 7th or 8th
    get yelled at ........ FOR NOT FLUSHING TOLIETS!!!
    but I still love them !:)<3

  10. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    September 13, 2012 5:28pm UTC
    meboron6 and my convo about a spider in her bed...........
    her- i was laying in bed and a spider just crawled on me and i screamed and jumped and turned into a ninja!
    me- lol im always a ninja!:p
    her- IT WAS HUGEEEE!!!!!!
    me- uh
    her - i think sean(kid that she used talk to) put it there
    me- yea he snuck into your house without anyone knowing and put a spider in your bed.......... that sounds ligit!
    her- he did!!!!!
    ^lol and this is why shes my bestfrend:))

  11. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    September 13, 2012 5:20pm UTC
    plot twist- swag means secretly we AREN'T gay.

  12. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    July 24, 2012 3:59pm UTC
    Some are SMALL
    Some are BIG
    Some are FAKE
    And only a few are real!:))

  13. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    July 10, 2012 12:46am UTC
    Ashlyn's Fan Fiction! :)
    One day Ashlyn saw a huge tour bus while she was walking to school. It was parked right in the middle of the street. As Ashlyn kept walking she saw that One Direction was printed very big on the bus and there were picture of the boys all over it.The only thing Ashlyn could do was keep walking or she would be late for school. She took a picture of the bus. Right when she look away she notice these shockingly beautiful blue eyes in the window but when she looked away they were gone. The next thing Ashlyn knew Niall was opening the door to the tour bus.
    "Screw school! Im hanging with Niall!" Ashlyn said.
    "What did you say?" Niall asked.
    "Nevermind!" Ashlyn said.
    "Ohhh.... Okay?" Niall said.
    "Sorry.... This is kinda weird to say but why arw you here?" Ashlyn said.
    "I came to see you. We just finished our tour and I remeber you from one of my consert. The first time I saw you I couldnt keep my eyes off of you and now seeing you again I know why." Ashlyn said.
    "Niall I love you." Ashlyan said.
    "I llove you too." Niall said.Niall said.
    Three years later Ashlyan and Niall Horan got married in Nialls backyard.
    Nialls wrote his own vows saying, "Love is like wind, you can't see it, but you can feel it."

  14. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    July 9, 2012 11:52pm UTC
    Mareyna's Fan Fiction! :)
    Mareyna was at Nando's. She was there with her best friend, Caroline. They we're there in hopes of seeing Niall. They knew he would probably not arrive but they still hoped. Caroline got out her iphone and was reading her tweets. She went to Nialls profile and he had just tweeted 2 minutes ago, "Heading to Nando's with my bff Harry! #hungry"
    "Ahhhhhhhhh!" Caroline screamed out loud.
    "What?!?!" Mareyna asked.
    Caroline handed me her phone.
    "H-h-h-e-e-e-s-s-s COMINGGGGG!!!" Caroline finally spit out.
    "Oh my goshhhhh!!!" Mareyna said.
    The next thing we knew Harry and Niall come walking in the door. I could not believe my eyes. I got out of my seat and ran up to them but in the mean time she tripped and fell. Niall and Harry ran up to her.
    "Are you okay, beautiful?" Niall asked.
    "Now I am!" Mareyna said.
    Harry and Niall laughed and helped her up. Mareyna got her picture with them, there autograph, and a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Niall and Harry gave both her and her friend and there numbers. But the only thing Mareyna could think about was that one moment when she was in both Harry Edward Styles and Niall James Horan's arms!
    The End! :)

  15. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    July 9, 2012 11:31pm UTC
    Kristina's Fan Fiction! :)
    Kristina was lying on her bed flipping through the latest addition of pop magazine. It was all about One Direction. There was a little contest and the winner would win a date with your favorite boy from 1D. Kristina thought it was a spam but thought what the heck? Why not?? She wrote a letter to Pop magazine saying she wanted a date with Niall and why she should be picked.. She knew she wouldnt get picked but a week later she got a letter in the mail.
    "Dear Kristina,
    Congratulations, you have been selected to be Niall James Horan's date. You will go to Nando's on August 2nd. Please arrive at 6 o'clock to meet your date. Make sure you dress pretty. This is not a spam.
    Niall Horan and the Cheif editor of Pop Magazine"
    Kristina could not wait! She day dreamed about the day until it finally came. August 2nd aka the best day of Kristina's life!
    The End! :)

  16. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    July 9, 2012 11:03pm UTC
    Lilly's Fan Fiction
    Lilly was lying on her bed. She was relaxing and listening to music. She was flipping through her favorite addition of Popstar magazine. She had just recieved it in the mail. She was texting her best friend Carly. Her phone started viibrating and Lilly thought it was a text she picked up her phone and saw that is was a call from a number she didnt have in her contacts. She answered the phone and said hello.
    "Hey Paul!" The person on the other line said.
    "Umm may I ask who this is?" Lilly ssaid.
    "Its Niall. Paul come and get us we're done with the consert. Their are tons of screaming girlss and we need another security guard!" Niall said.
    "NIALL HORAN?!?!" Lilly said.
    "Paul come and get us!!" Niall said.
    "Niall you have the wrong number. But I am a big fan!! And I love you soo much!" Lilly said.
    "Oh thank you! I love you too!" Niall said.
    They talked for about 20 minutes and than Niall had to go. Lilly then had his number and texted him all the time. Next then you know Niall was changing his status on facebook to In a Relationship with Lilly.Lilly could not stop thinking about her one true love..... Niall James Horan! :)
    End! :)

  17. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    July 9, 2012 10:03pm UTC
    taylars fan fiction
    Taylar claimed she was one of the biggest ones direction fan. but so did every other gir;l in her school. for a raffle for fundraiser they were raffeling off one direction vip passes to their tour and taylar was determined to get the tickets. at the day of the raflle they accedently gave two girls the winning numbers so to decided have the band come and decide who could go by asking questions. so taylar knew she would win cause she knew everything about one direction but when they asked the question she froze because seeing niall overwhelmed her after looseing niall saw she was upset and after everyone left he gave her a hug anfd asked her to come to the concert and stay backstage wirth him. she couldnt believe it and she still has his number and her and niall are bestest fiends to this day:)

  18. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    July 9, 2012 9:44pm UTC
    Stephanie's Fan Fiction!! :)
    Stephanie was a huge One Direction fan. She bought tickets to a consert and was super excited to go. One Direction had just made up a little thing like Justin Bieber. They would all pick one audience member and bring her up on stage. The day of the concert Stephanie was so excited to go! She was dressed up so beautifully and couldnt wait. Her mom drove her and her best friend to the consert. They were right in the middle of the auditorium. Stephanie was so excited to see Liam. Then in the middle of the consert all the boys went off stage to pick there girl. Liam went right to the middle. He had already been eyeing his girl. Stephanie realized he was coming toward her.
    "Hi, Im Liam as you probably know and I was wondering if you wanted to come on stage with me." Liam said.
    "Yeah! My name is Stephanie. And you are my favorite member of the band!" Stephanie said.
    "Thats very sweet of you to say!" Liam said.
    All Stephanie could do was smile. Liam took her on stage and looked her right in the eyes and sang to her. This was the best day of Stephanie's life. She still day dreams about it today! :)
    The End!

  19. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    July 9, 2012 9:32pm UTC
    Annette's Fan Fiction! :)
    Annette was sitting at her favortie diner in Miami, Flordia. She was listening to music and had her nose in a book. (Whatelse is new) She was too destracted to see that someone had sat across from her in the booth. She just assumed that it was Joe, the creepy guy from schooll who always seemed to "run into her" where ever she went.
    "Joe, leave me alone!" Annette said.
    "Im sorry to bother you but I was just wondering where the nearest hotel was. My band and I's tour bus broke down." Niall said.
    "NIALL HORANNNN?!?!?!?" Annette said to her favorite member of the band.
    "Yeah. Are you from around her?" Niall asked.
    "Yeah!" Annette said.
    "Well then do you know where I can find a hotel around here? Could it possibly have good food?" Niall ask.
    "Yeah. There is one a couple blocks away." Annette told Niall.
    "Well I dont know my way around here so could you take me there?" Niall asked.
    "Of course. In the same car as Niall Horan. Of course!" Annette said.
    Annette showed Niall the hotel and Niall rewarded her with 3 concert tickets with of course backstage pass's. Annette sat around everyday until the consert day dreaming about meeting Niall and the rest of the band again.

  20. emm98rose emm98rose
    posted a quote
    July 9, 2012 9:06pm UTC
    Tess's Fan Fiction! :)
    Tess went to see One Direction in concert. She got them for her birthday. Now these tickets were very far away from the stage. She was still excited but wished she had a ticket closer to the stage. While she was in McDonalds with her mom. She notice someone with the same hair as Harry Styles and walking to the bathroom to see his face. When she walked by she nearly fainted.
    "HARRYYYYY STYLESSS???" Tess said.
    "Oh hi. Im guessing your a fan?" Harry said.
    "Just a little bit!!" Tess said.
    "Well Im having lunch alone. Do you want to join me?" Harry said.
    "Sureeee!!" Tess said with glee!
    Tess sat down and her and Harry talked. Tess told Harry everything about her. And Harry did the same. Tess told Harry about her super far away consert tickets.
    "Well if you come to the back of the building tomorrow for the concert I could give you front row tickets with V.I.P passes. I'll give you 3 so you can take your mother and a friend."
    "THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!" Tess said.
    "My pleasure!" Harry said.
    Tess gave Harry a big huge and got a picture with him and his autograph. She went home wondering and waiting for what could happen tomorrow!
    The end!


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