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Status: request please?

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~All you ever did was wreck me~

well it seems like no one cares enough to request anyone, so I will be leaving this account my quotes
will be soon deleted, and I hope everyone has a nice day bye.


  1. WreckingBall WreckingBall
    posted a quote
    September 18, 2013 10:23am UTC
    credit format: Ethanol

    This next request is for everyone on witty those who are famous and not
    let's just say we are all amazing ourselves, it doesn't matter how many faves
    you get, you're amazing everyone on witty is too! so don't think you're left out
    or your quotes aren't great your quotes are amazing remember that
    and a big hand to the owner of this website STEVE we don't know where
    we would be without you steve, thanks for everything.


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