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I'm in a relationship with the best Girlfriend ever.
  1. Tori_Restivo Tori_Restivo
    posted a quote
    July 20, 2012 11:51pm UTC
    Sure, we may all have love.. And we may not..But here is to all of the bullies that make fun of people who don't have love:: You know, one day they'll have love.. And maybe you won't. So be careful. You don't have to be a seflish person, just because the person you're bullying doesn't have love. They don't have love yet because they haven't found the right one. You have love because you FORCED it, probably. Some people like you don't have a life, so all you do is bully people. You need to quit. All of you people that bully do. Leave people alone and go get a real job. kbye. ._.


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