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c i y a*


Member Since: 11 May 2013 09:12am

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Birthday: July 27

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Hi I'm Ciya!
Eh,don't bother leaving a comment down there
I'm inactive due to nobody being on Witty anymore </3

Hope everyones doing well!

sugarlumped.tumblr.com (most active here)
cutiepieciya.deviantart.com (inactive here, use it to look at my ugly old art (i dont draw like that anymore, and i do traditional art ;u;))
Kik: MuffinEatsCake

Soppy paragraph (editied 2016 :D)
uhh I'm gonna pick out everyone one by one so everyones gets a soppy paragraph!

ayy I know were writing soppy paragraphs at the same time. I still keep in touch with you thank God because we have no many memories it'd be so saD if I didn't agh. We can be LMAO LOL RANDUMZ XD buddies together and defeat evil with Waffle and Pancake! Our code names shall be Cuddleslove and ginger hamster. Anywayy yeah o^o thank you so much for everything seriously I really love and you still remain as one of my favorite people!

OK FIRST OF ALL I AM SO SORRY ABOUT HOW I TREATED YOU. agh I was so mean to you Q~Q I do kinda keep in touch with you ! ^^ I kinda disliked you at first for some reason but later on we grew close :D You were like the mother of the group (esp on drama sundays) You were and still are a truly great rolemodel and I look up to you senpai ;u;

HONESTLY I TREATED YOU THE WORST. You're so nice I can't believe how jerky I was. I'm so sorry ;_; You're really polite and very pretty! (from how I remember you looked like owo) I can't remember how you used to draw but I think it was a very cute style!! ^^ Honestly you are adorakable and SO CARING. YOU WERE SO CARING. I'm really sorry for how I treated you! You are an awesome person altogether I wish I'd kept in touch with you Dx

oHMYGOD I LOVE YOU.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. You are honestly so funny and amaze, ohmymgod. Thank you for making that blog with xat ;u; oh man those were the best times. You are so funny, but back then I took everything you said seriously ugh sorry for my butthurtness. I wish I'd talked to you more gugughughgughughgughughguhug. You were an amazing drawer, though. I miss you ;_;

dnondsoosn you were so nice to me honestly. You were like a big older sister agggggggggggggggggh. YOU WERE SO CARING AND NICE TO ME I don't think I ever fought with you but that's a good thing! agh I try to talk to you on kik but rip you aren't on there. Please tell me where I can contact you pLS

I miss you ugh. You were so talented as well. Rest in piece. Agh I really really wished I wasn't so mean to you ;_; Man, thank you for being nice to me, I miss you sosososo much. You were so fun to roleplay with and you were so funny you were perfect basically.

Thank you everone for giving me the best memories yet the cringiest. Thank you al for putting up with my dumbass 8 year old self. I treasure you all, one day we should all come online at the same time, even though I'd doubt that would happen. Fingers crossed, though!

*googles tumblr anime girl bowing*

2021 UPDATE :
HAYYY I LOVE ALL OF U GUYS A LOT . I LEGIT UUSED THE INTERNET WAYYY TOO YOUNG . um U gguys mean the world to me im sorry for being cringe when i was 12 .. ty for being my first internet friends i hope all of u guys r doing good <3 im most active on IG and discord now (koya#3392) <3
  1. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    June 24, 2014 5:56pm UTC
    Chapter 6
    the story continues after 11 months
    ''WHAT THE HELL CAN YOU NOT TELL US'' Viola Screams until shes out of breath. ''OMFG I WILL GET MY CHAINSAW AND CUT YOU IN HALF OK''
    ''i seriously can't say.Its only because i dont know either'' Mummers Angels quitely
    ''Awkwarrddddd'' whispered Viola.
    ''Follow me.'' says Angela ''I have loads of food and water and I even have 6 beds!''
    ''um ok so whos The 6th bed for?'' Asks Olivia.
    ''That would be me'' Giggles a girl walking towards us
    ''OMG A MONSTER RUN.NOW.RUN.'' Screams Viola
    ''Im only charlotte ok geez'' Mutters charlotte.
    ''Heh'' I laugh ''Thats my sisters name,well I'm Elsie!''
    ''Elsie is my sisters name! Haha'' She giggles.Looking at me weridly
    ''No..it cant be'' she whispers
    ''WHAT?'' I ask,clueless
    ''Your my actual sister....'' mumers Charlotte
    ''No,I think your mistaken.My sister...She died in a car crash''
    There was a long silence....

  2. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    March 5, 2014 5:04pm UTC
    ♪You a hoeee♪
    ♪You a hoeee♪
    ♪Don't be messin' with my man anymooo♪
    -AliCatt 2014

  3. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    February 20, 2014 12:16pm UTC
    Me: *comes online*
    Friends: *all online*
    Me: Hi guys! c:
    Friends: *all offline*

  4. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    February 2, 2014 6:08pm UTC
    Me: *drops phone*
    Headphones: I got you bro dont worry

  5. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    November 3, 2013 6:08am UTC
    I love how you can't have a honest friend who says nice things about you and means it.

  6. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    October 27, 2013 4:41pm UTC
    I'm Sad
    When I'm

  7. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    October 22, 2013 3:44pm UTC
    Whenever I get a new addiction my profile is a fan page
    Format by Urbanlayoutsxoxo

  8. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    October 6, 2013 1:10pm UTC
    Little brother:If guns are illegal,where do bad people get them from?
    Me:Ebay or Amazon.

  9. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    September 23, 2013 2:20pm UTC
    When I looked at newest wittians I saw LOADS of people with these cat avatars o_o
    Is this like a new trend or something? xD

  10. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    August 29, 2013 6:26am UTC
    Without school
    Its really hard to know what day it is

  11. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    August 28, 2013 5:40pm UTC
    C-Come And Get It
    I- If I Die Young
    Y-Your Gonna Go Far,Kid
    A-Angel With A Shotgun
    Ever thrown up in public? Nope
    Passed out because of alcohol? WDF.
    What’s on your mind RIGHT NOW? My Favourite Anime
    What kind of home would you like? Mansion c:
    What do you want to be when you grow up? Author
    Where do you see yourself in 5 years? A Pretty Gir- THATS NEVER GONNA HAPPEN
    1.What do you do when you’re mad? Go Pinkie Diane Pie.
    2.What’s the worst thing you’ve done when you were mad? Throw A Book At Them
    3.Ever made anyone cry when you were mad? Yeah.It Was Cause I Had Alot Of Homework...
    1.When was the last time you actually cried? Idk
    2.Ever cried yourself to sleep? Yeaah
    3.Do certain songs make you cry? I Have Loooaads
    4.What usually makes you cry? Sad Times,LOLOLOL
    1.Are you usually a happy person? DUCK.IM BASICALLY PINKIE PIE ^O^
    2.What makes you the happiest? Internet Friends
    3.Do you believe in yourself? I Believe I Will Forever Be A Ugly Person,Inside AND Out

  12. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    August 22, 2013 3:00pm UTC
    People say your the Odd One Out.
    I Think your Unique

  13. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    August 21, 2013 5:48pm UTC
    About You
    Eye Color: Hazel <3
    Hair Color: Black
    Height: I Have No Idea
    Favorite Color: Orange
    Screen Name: ThatWasNotCool
    Favorite Band: Little Mix
    Favorite Movie: Alice In Wonderland
    Favorite Show: Spongebob Sqaurepants
    Your Car: Wait what
    Your Hometown: Idk
    Your Present Town: Idk
    Your Crushes First Name: (I Cannot Tell)
    Your Grade: Year Six (Aha Young)
    Your Style: Um.Happy,Bubbly And Yeah o.o
    Have You Ever
    Sat on your rooftop? I WISH
    Kissed someone in the rain? Please no ._.
    Danced in a public place? GAWD YESH
    Smiled for no reason? Yep
    Laughed so hard you cried? I Think so o.o
    Peed your pants after age 8? ...Maybe.
    Written a song? Yesh c:
    Sang to someone for no reason? Yep
    Performed on a stage? NO WAY
    Talked to someone you don't know? Yesh
    Gone out of your way to befriend someone? Huh?
    Made out in a theatre? No
    Gone roller skating since 8th grade? NOOO
    Been in love? No..
    Who was the last person to
    Say HI to you? Monica/ICouldntThinkOfAUsername
    Tell you, I love you? Nobody
    Kiss you? Nobody
    Hug you? Aaron (brother)
    Tell you BYE? I Forgot o.o
    Write you a note? OMG.THAT WAS LIKE A YEAR AGO.
    Take your photo? Mum ._.
    Call your cell phone? Um.
    Buy you something? Aaron o3o

  14. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    August 21, 2013 3:31pm UTC
    I love how when you delete an
    app on a Iphone,all the other
    apps get scared and start

  15. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    August 19, 2013 7:20am UTC
    You learn lessons from
    People who aren't

  16. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    August 15, 2013 7:03am UTC
    Isn't it funny,how red blue and white represent freedom.....Until they're flashing behind you

  17. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    August 15, 2013 6:58am UTC
    Telling the truth,then
    smiling for no reason,and
    they think you're lying.

  18. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    August 15, 2013 6:53am UTC
    That Awkward Moment When You
    Finish A TV Series And
    You Don't Know
    What To Do
    With Your

  19. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    August 15, 2013 6:49am UTC
    When I Lose A Game:
    Who cares? It's only a game.
    When I Win A Game:

  20. c i y a* c i y a*
    posted a quote
    August 15, 2013 6:38am UTC
    Admit it,you've tried to
    balance the light switch
    right in the middle at least
    once it your life.


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