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Hey, im kailey but some call me dollface or greenbeand and on the holidays sugar cookie. yeah im called everything but my name. anyways this is my story account and right now im writing Second Chance. my other one account is WickedLittleLiar24. a big shout out to the only people who handle my weirdness 1D_fanfiction and 1hockey2lax3crazy(who did the formats for both of my profiles. anyways i like giltter and anything with sugar music and books and  tv. yeah well hope you have a fabulous day!  Oh, and if your not too busy, click that follow button, THANKS! 
Stories writen
California Love

P.S. Elise/AppleSauce(1hockey2lax3crazy) is the one who did my profile, and she's amazing and I love her with a passion<3<3<3<3<3<3
  1. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
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    February 14, 2013 6:18pm UTC
    hey guys i just wanted to let you know that im not gonna write anymore cause i feel like no ones reading it and its not good so im deleting my account. please follow me though on my WickedLittleLiar24 account! and if you wanted to know who the killer was for second chance it was andish.

  2. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
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    February 5, 2013 2:36pm UTC
    when he asks you why you didnt watch the superbowl
    me: oh you know, i got home so late and i would have been so far behind on all the plays that happend and stuff…

  3. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
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    January 29, 2013 7:22pm UTC
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  4. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
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    January 29, 2013 3:23pm UTC
    Second Chance
    Chapter 7
    I got home with a headache and I was feeling frustrated. "Araya!" I screamed. But it was no use. She could be anywhere right now and I don't think she had a cell phone so I couldn't text her. I decided to go on her face book and any other social media she had. After 15 minutes of looking at pictures I found one that caught my eye. It was the summer before 8th grade. Before she met nick and before we were good friends. Araya was at the beach with some of her cousins and there friends, who were way older than her. They were all laughing about something and next to her was a really hot guy. He had light blonde hair and an amazing body. I looked to see who were tagged in it and I recognized one of the names. The guy was Andish one of her cousins friends who moved from Sweden. When we became friends she told me all about how much fun she had and how they got along so well and that she had a massive crush on him. That all ended though when she met nick, or so I thought. I came across another picture from spring break when she was in 8th grade when she was dating nick and was my best friend. It was a picture of her and Andish walking on the board walk holding hands and having a wonderful time. The other pics from that album were just normal pictures that you would take on vacation nothing that would help me. I saw one of her cousin and his girlfriend. In the back was a couple kissing. I zoomed in and saw that it was Araya and Andish. I sat back in my chair completely shocked. Araya cheated on nick.
    Authors note: hey guys i might post another chapter tonight pleae ideas anythung would be nice. thanks

  5. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
    posted a quote
    January 28, 2013 7:03pm UTC
    second chance
    meganas P. O. V
    Chapter 6
    It was the end of the day when I walked into the science room. Since I sat next to jake I didn't think interrogating would be hard but when I took my seat I had no idea what to say to him. I had nothing on him or anything that I knew. I wonder why Araya would want me to interrogate him? "Okay class you have all period to work on your radish seed lab." Our teacher said. I went and grabbed our seeds when I came back I saw him sketching something in his note book. When I tried to look he closed it and put it in his bag. "What were you drawing ?" I asked. "Nothing." He grumbled. I sat down awkwardly. After a couple minutes of silence I finally said something. "So um what did you think of Araya?" I asked. He looked up in surprise. "I don't know." He mumbled. "Nick seemed to like her." "We'll I'm not nick." He said but he sounded upset. "I know but just what did you think of her?" "Why do you care?" He snapped. "I was just wondering no need to get all defensive." I said. He looked at me for a long time before saying. " yeah she was nice, funny, and her and nick were the happiest people ever, but I always thought she was hiding something. I wasn't the only one who thought that. His parents did too and they found something out and made nick break up with her. They were both miserable and then Araya found Devon and nick almost fell into a depression because of that." He sighed and went back to the lab. "Do you know what they found out?" I asked. "No." He said sharply and went back to work. The rest of the class was silent. My head was pounding with what jake just told me. What could have nicks parents found out about Araya? But more importantly why didn't she tell me?
    hey guys what do u think? ideas and comments are greatly needed. thanks!

  6. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
    posted a quote
    January 23, 2013 3:23pm UTC
    Second Chance
    Chapter 5
    Meganas P.O.V
    I entered the cafe and went over to my friends Emma, Anne, and Mandy. It felt lonely without Araya. She was always hyped up on coffee making eveyone laugh in her own weird way. I couldn't imagen why anyone would want to kill her. The first bell had rung and we were walking to math class. We walked past Devon and we held Emma back from attacking him. Even though he was rumored to be with Jennelle he looked miserable.
    "Um hey I'm gonna go to the bathroom." I said. When they walked away I walked over to Devon. You could see the red mark on his face from when Emma hit him.
    "Before you slap me to let me just explain myself." Devon sais when he saw me. I nodded for him to go on.
    "I never cheated on Araya. Jennelle just said that cause she's messed up. She still loves me, but I loved Araya.
    I wasn't sure whether I should believe him or not. "Well you sure got the whole school buzzing." I said then walked away.
    The second bell rang and most of the kids were in there classes. I opened my locker when someone taped me on the shoulder. I turned around to see Araya. "What are you doing here?" I whispered.
    "Just thought I'd stop by. Say hello to some teachers, go all ghost on people." She said.
    I gave her a serious look.
    "Okay fine I just stoped by to give you a list of people I want you to interrogate." Araya said handing me a list. I looked at it. It wasn't a long list becasue Araya wasn't friends with a lot of people and people she did know liked her. Two names stood out. Devon, and Nicks friend Jake. I gave her a weird look.
    "Why did you put Devon's name down?" I asked.
    "Cause maybe Jennelle had some part in this and Devon might knoew about it." Araya said.
    I sighed. "It's not Devon. I just talked to him. He loved you Araya. Jennelle was just crazy and made up those things." I said. "But it was suspicious how she moved in quickly after you died. Smart people would play the friendship card before moving in, but she seemed a bit anxios." I said.
    "Yeah I know, but good job Probie." Araya said then walked away.
    Authors note: Sorry I havnt writen hopfully another chapter will be posted tonight, or tomorrow, i dont know. anways i would really like to know what you guys think of it. and im opened to suggestions. thanks!

  7. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
    posted a quote
    January 7, 2013 2:55pm UTC
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  8. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
    posted a quote
    January 7, 2013 2:25pm UTC
    okay so like me and 1D_fanfiction had to write a story for english and we got our paperes back today and we got a C+. umm.....what? we wrote the most out of everyone and we put a crap load of efort into it and we get a C+? sorry it shouldn't work that way. apperntaly we didnt put in some dramatic quest and we didn't have out heros search for an object. whatever i think we should have gotton higher grades expeciall 1D_fanfiction. but yeah just had to vent about it.

  9. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
    posted a quote
    January 3, 2013 3:12pm UTC
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  10. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
    posted a quote
    January 2, 2013 3:07pm UTC
    Second Chance
    chapter 2
    It was about 2:20 in the afternoon when I arrived at Meganas house. Her dog Koda went nuts when I walked through the door. Litteraly. I went sright to her room . When I opened the door all I could see was One Direction everything. Posters pictures I couldn't believe it! I laughed at the sight of it. I laid on her bed till I heard the front door shut.
    "OW! NEVER THOUGHT IT HURT SO BAD GETTING OVER YOOOU." Megana sang as she walked up the stairs.
    I sat up thinking if being here was the right thing to do. I wasnt sure if I could go on with the plan, but I had to.
    "OW! YOUR GIVING ME A HEART ATTACK LOOKING LIKE YOU DOOO!!!!" she walked in the room singing. She picked up her hair brush and started dancing. I couldnt help but laugh. she loked in the mirror where she saw me sitting on her bed. She looked at me and screamed.
    "Hello Probie." I said.
    Her face got wicked pale. she turned around and faced me.
    "Your a-alive?" She stuttered.
    "Honey do I look alive? I'm paler than usual, and you saw me get hit by that car." I said.
    Megana laughed nervously. "So your a ghost?"
    "Yup and I need you not to tell anyone." I said.
    "Araya why are you here?" She asked.
    "Aperentaly I've been sent to purgatory to find my killer." I said.
    "Whoa wait, this wasnt an accident? You were nurdered?" she said in shock.
    "Yup and we need to find who ever did this before they strike again. The police didnt find any usful evidence." I said.
    "Wow." She said sitting in a chair hold a one direction pillow. i knew this was a lot for her.
    "do you remember anything?" I asked.
    " I told the police that all I saw was i think a big black truck. Devon said that the driver was wearing all black and the car didnt have a license plate." Megana said.
    "Great this is gonna be harder than I thought." I mummbled.
    "So what do we need to do first?" She asked.
    "Go back to the scene of the crime." i said.
    Authors note: hey guys hope you all had a wonderful vacation! I'll try to post the next chapter tomorrow!

  11. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
    posted a quote
    December 27, 2012 1:40pm UTC
    Second Chance
    chapter 1
    I looked in the mirror to see that my dirty blonde hair was all messed up from a couple days ago. I put it in a ballerina bun and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked paler then usual and my black field hockey sweatshirt and jeans were covered in dirt. I tried to brush most of it off but it didn't help much. I walked outside to see lots of people gathered around a hole, and going in the hole was a beautiful 14 year old girl. Would you believe she was me?
    It was a bit warm for the begining of November and the sky was a bright blue, no clouds, just sun and sky. Up front near that hole was my mom and dad, my brother, his wife, and there 7 month old boy James. In back them were aunts, uncles, cousins, great aunts, and my two grandmas. My grandma on my moms side kept asking who's funeral she was at and my uncle would reply, 'Your granddaughter , Araya.' Also my cousins friend Andish was there with his mom Nina. That was nice of them to show up concidering that fact that I didn't know them that well. I remember when I first met Andish. It was Halloween back when I was in elementary school. I've had a crush on him ever since. Megana, Roxanne, and Austin were here too. Well I hope they would be, they were the ones to see me get hit by a car. Off in the distance stepping out of a car was my boyfriend Devon adn his sister, who is one of my friends, Lexi. Kelly, another one of my firends got out of the car too. Another car pulled up and out steped my ex boyfriends max, cam, tom, and nick. They all walked over awkwardly to where everyone eles was. I was shocked yet happy to see that they still cared enough to come. "I can't believe she's dead." Cam said.
    "I know." max said.
    The ceremony started and a couple people started crying and so did I. I walked away not being able to take that I never be with them again.

  12. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
    posted a quote
    December 27, 2012 11:01am UTC
    Second Chance
    We were walking to the parking lot at 10pm after the football game party. Me my friends Megana, Roxanne, Roxannes's boyfriend Austin, and my boyfriend Devon.
    "I can't believe we won!" I said.
    "I know right! 38 to 40. " Devon said
    It was the championships for football and Merrimack was up against it's biggest rival Bishop gurtin, a private School.
    "We are the champions!!!" Megana sang.
    "So Araya, what now?" Devon said puttign his arm around me.
    "Tieing my shoe." I said benging down.
    "Araya get out of the parking lot and on to the side walk." Roxanne said. She was like a scond mom to me sometimes.
    "Who's gonna run me over? Devons car is the only one in the lot." I said still tieing my shoe.
    They were all near the car when I was done. I could hear something strange off in the distance, but i just ignored it.
    "See. i didn't get hit by a car." I said.
    "Whatever lets just go." Megana said impateintally.
    As I was walking Devon yelled,
    "Araya looke out!"
    hey guys story numer two! what do you guys think? hope you like it.

  13. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
    posted a quote
    December 18, 2012 2:50pm UTC
    hey guys so i just finished my story california love and im now gonna start a new one. but i dont know which one to do either second chance which is about a girl who gets hit by a car and comes back as a ghost to try and figure out who killed her, or wishing well which is based off of the horror movie the ring. so its like the ring 3. comment what you would rather have me write! thanks<333

  14. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
    posted a quote
    December 14, 2012 3:02pm UTC
    California Love
    Chapter 18
    I got home from a winning game. After I took a shower Jason and Chantelle said that they would take me out to dinner. "Make sure to air out your equiptment." Chantelle said.
    "Okay." I said.
    As I was taking off my cleats and shin guards I saw the bennie boy that was looking at my earlier get out of a taxi at Codys house. 'That's weird.' I thought to myself.
    The guy took off his hat revealing his curly blonde hair. It was Cody! I quickly ran across the street my bare feet hitting the warm pavement. I followed him to his back yard. He turned around. "Hi." I said.
    "Hey." He said with a big smile on his face. He looked happy to see me. I took a step closer to him.
    "I was wondering when you would come back." I said quietly.
    "Alli told me your game was today so I decied to come watch." He said. just hearing his Australian accent gave me chills. He took a step closer. His fingers ran threw my hair. "I'm sorry." He whispered looking down.
    "No," I said pushing his chin up. I looked into his blue green eyes. "I'm sorry. I should have never pretended to date Harry to get you jelous it was stupid of me. I thought it was going to turn into something real but it didn't."
    "That's California love." He said.
    "Will you please forgive me?" I asked putting my arms around his neck.
    "Of course." his said putting his hands around my waist.
    We hugged for a long time but then we looked at each other and I kissed him. As we kissed it begain to rain. I relized that I was living out every girls dream. to date someone famous. To live in a beautiful home to get everything you wanted, to have that perfect kiss in the rain, but I didn't realize that untill now. Being with Cody was the best thing ever. He was my California Love, and nothing would change that.
    Authors note: yaayy!!!!!! I'm done my story!!!!!!!! i dont know when I'll post the next one but its called second chance. i hope you liked this story even though it wasnt that good and it took me forever to post new chapters. But thanks to whoever read it! love you guys! Mwahh<333
    Authors Note-
    Format by 1D_Fanfiction

  15. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
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    December 14, 2012 2:42pm UTC
    California Love
    Chapter 17
    Finally the day I've been wating for. Championships! I was so excited. The game was at home so everyone was there. Mariah and Jennifer made a sign that said " kill them luce" but they had to take it down because it was to inappropriate. While the team and I were warming up one of my team mates Taylor said, "Hey Lu that guy keeps staring at you." I turned around to see a guy in long sleeves, jeans, and a bennie covering most of his hair. "He's cute." I said.
    The game begun and I sat out for most of it. I guess because I was a freshman on varsity I couldn't play in championship games cause I was 'new' but whatever. During the last quarter one of our best defenders fell and couldn't move her leg. "Moran your in." my coach barked.
    I nervously ran out to my position. When the reff blew the whistle the game began. I did mostly good but we ended up tying 13-13 with five minutes left. I blocked a ball that was coming and sent it to our best middy who sent it to our best forward who got the goal. The reff blew the whistle. "LU WE WON!" Taylor screamed. we all ran up and piled on to each other. I looked over to see the guy staring at me with a big smile. I knew that smile but I couldn't place my finger on it. "Smile everyone!" A reporter said. I turned around and smiled but when I turned back around the guy was gone. After the interviews and pictures everyone could finally go home.
    "Good job!" my sister in law Chantelle exclamed giving me a hug.
    "Mom and dad would be proud." My brother Jason said.
    "Thanks bud." I said giving him a hug.
    Authors note: almost done!!!!!!!!!! who do you think is in the bennie? maybe its harry? Anyways final chapter is coming up
    Authors Note-
    Format by 1D_Fanfiction

  16. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
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    December 10, 2012 7:04pm UTC
    California Love
    Chapter 16
    *A Couple Months Later*
    Dear Diary,
    It was late october when Jennifer and Mariah dropped me off at home from practice. Like me Jennifer had made the varsity team for soccer. The new school was alright. Most of the kids were snobby rich kids, others have famous parents, and then there were the wannabes. Me? I fit in the category of people who want to Live While They're Young, which just happens to be my favorite One Direction song. Speaking of them, after Harry and I "Broke Up" he seemed to hit it off with Ashley and now they were dating, sadly she had to leave for Manie and the boys went on a world tour, taking Arianna with them, which made me very lonely. I decided to see if I could talk to Cody but Alli said that he went back to Australia to visit some friends so in some way I was actually alone. Somedays I would hang out with Alli, others I would be with Jennifer or Mariah. Tomorrow is our championships and I can't wait!
    Yours, Luce
    Authors Note-
    Hey guys its 1d_fanfiction here! Kailey sent me this chapter to type for her so I did and I edited a few things so I hope you like it! Kailey is such a sweetheart and has a talent when it comes to writing so I hope you guys will please please please try reading her story (Which I kind've screwed up the format for when I gave it to her so theres a lot of blank space) and follow her, favorite things all that fun stuff. Please please do! I will be your best friend (:
    Format by 1D_Fanfiction

  17. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
    posted a quote
    December 6, 2012 3:12pm UTC
    California Love
    Chapter 15
    After what seemed like hours of try outs for field hockey it finally payed off. I made varsity! Apparentaly no freshman had made varsity in two years so this was a big deal for me. When I got home I went straight up the stairs to take a shower when I heard someone say, "Looks like your still doing field hockey huh?"
    I turned around. Sitting in a chair reading Seventeen Magazine was my best friend Ashley who I had to leave behind in Maine. "Oh my god what are you doing here?" I exclaimed running down the stair. I gave her a big sweaty hug.
    "A special cheeky boy brought me here." Ashley said.
    I blushed. "Oh Harry."
    "Yeah he said that you to are really good friends." She said.
    "Oh, yeah." I said, my heart sinking a bit.
    *Harrys P.O.V*
    I drove home from picking Ashley up at the airport. Luce seemed like she really missed her so I decided to bring her out to California before school started. I wish I didn't though. Ashley is beautiful. Not that Luce isn't but the ride home I found out that we have so much in common, and it made me relize that I know nothing about Luce. When Ashley asked if Luce and I were a thing I told her we wern't. It's not like I was lying cause we kinda wern't but I still felt bad. When I got home I called Luce to see if she and Ashley wanted to come over. Luce said yes and said that they would be over in 30mins.
    *Luces P.O.V*
    I quickly took a shower and threw on a t-shirt and shorts. Then Ashley and I walked over to Ariannas house cathching up on things. Even though I've been gone for only a couple of weeks a lot has happend back home. When we got there I could hear the boys yelling about something. We wern't even there for 5 mins and we were already in the pool laughing till we couldnt breath. I could see Harry was uneasy about something, so I swam over to him. "Hey are you alright?" I asked.
    "Can we talk inside?" He wisphered.
    We got out of the pool and went inside. Arianna came down stairs and I ran up to her and gave her a hug.
    "Ah Luce your all wet!" she yelled playfully hitting my shoulder.
    After she left we were alone. "
    Listen um....I don't.....Hows my plan working?" He asked awkwardly.
    "I don't know I havnt talked to Cody." I lied.
    "Oh well, do you mind if we end it? I really like you but I think it would be better if we were friends." He said.
    "You like Ashley don't you?" I asked. Harry was silent and his eyes met everything eles but mine. "That's fine I would rather be friends too." I said. We huged for a long time and then he gave me one last kiss.
    "Maybe later on there could be an us?" he smiled.
    And I smiled too.
    Authors note: hey so i have three more chapters then I'm done!!! woohoo!!!!!! i know this is taking me a long time to write but hopfuly the next one wont take as long.
    Authors Note-
    Format by 1D_Fanfiction

  18. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
    posted a quote
    November 13, 2012 3:26pm UTC
    California Love
    Chapter 15
    *Luces P.O.V*
    The next day Harry picked me up at around 12 in his Audi. When he saw saw me said I looked absolutly beautiful. I blushed and looked down at the white dress with pink designs on it and the dark pink belt that was around the waist. I got in and we drove off. "So where are we going?" I asked.
    "You'll see." Harry said giving me a mishcivious look.
    He drove up to the beach that had a board wallk on it with a bunch of little torists shops. It reminded me of back home in Maine where my friend Ashley and I would always make fun of the torists and saying that when we were 15 we would work in one of those shops, and have are breaks on the beach.
    "This is probably one of my favorite places." Harry said interupting me thoughts.
    "Me to. My friend and I would always come here back in Maine." I said.
    "You must miss her." He said putting the pickinic basket down on the little wooden table on the sand.
    "Yeah, but I like it here too. It's just like Maine but sunnier and warm all year round." I said sitting down.
    We had just finished lunch and begin with him made me relize that I was acually happy. After I just found out my parents died my old boyfriend tried cheering me up but it wouldn't work. He ended up breaking up with me when I was going through my "depression stage."
    We were about to leave, Cause Harry had to go to the studios, I saw a girl with long wavy dark brown hair and sunglasses holding hands with a guy who looked really familliar, and was also in sunglasses. It took me a while to figuer out who it was until I realized it was Liam! "Aw he's finally dating." I thought to myself. Last night Niall told me that Liam wasn't really ready to go back into dating after his break up with Danielle, but I guess he is.
    "Hey I'm gonna use the bathroom before we go." I said to Harry.
    "Okay I'll be right here." He said giving me a kiss.
    I walked to the restrooms when I saw Liam looking at me. I simled and waved, but he didn't looked to thrilled to see me. The girl he was with turned around and then I reconized her. It was Jennifer. I walked over to them.
    "Hey Luce." Jennifer said.
    "Hey guys." I said sweetly.
    "Oh Liam this is Luce. We met out the tryouts for all the fall sports." Jennifer said.
    "We've already met." Liam said.
    "Yeah he was at Ariannas house yesterday and that's how I met him." I said.
    "Oh." She said, and then she looked at Liam.
    "Listen, could you not tell anyone this?" Liam said. "Arianna and I kinda gave crap to Harry yesterday about dating someone younger than him. She doesnt really like it when guys do that."
    "Ohhh." I said. "Ohhh that's why she you you a weird look yesterday." I said to Jennifer.
    "Yeah. She almost caught us." Jennifer said. "Just promise you wont tell?"
    "I promise." I said. after that Harry and I drove off back to my house.
    Authors Note: sorry computer hasnt been working since that storm. I might be asking for someone to play the role of Ashley or I'll make her up. anyways if your interesting just leave a comment with your name and a discription about yourself! thanks!<333
    Authors Note-
    Format by 1D_Fanfiction

  19. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
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    October 24, 2012 3:16pm UTC
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  20. StoryTime_64 StoryTime_64
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    October 19, 2012 4:03pm UTC
    That akward moment
    When you try to explain your crush
    to your friend
    who happens to be his little sister


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