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Status: Chapter2 coming soon :-)

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Sorcha Tomlinson & Ariana Payne
Hi! We're two girls called Sorcha and Ariana! We are planning to write our One Direction
fanfictions in this account! If you are interested in reading our fanfic then please do tell us,
we sure will notify you! Thank you for reading! We follow back ~ Our main accounts are
- Ethanol [Ariana] & - Sorchasweetheart [Sorcha]. Thanks for coming by

  1. Sariana Sariana
    posted a quote
    December 26, 2012 9:18am UTC
    Everything Has Changed
    A One Direction Fanfiction♥
    x- CHAPTER TWO-x
    Ariana’s P.O.V of the Party:
    I said “what?!” and stared at him thoroughly waiting for him to say something because this is important. “Nothing” he says giving his famous puppy face. Niamh winks at me and leaves us alone. I don’t know why she winked at me. Ok then. I ask Liam if he wants to go and eat like the rest, and he says yes. So we eat some cake and doughnuts which were fantastically put on the table. “Wanna be good friends?” Liam asks me. I say, “Sure why not.” “Anyone will want to be your good friend you motherf/cker r u cray.” I thought. I take one of the drinks from the table and sit on one of the couch. All Liam does is stare at me and nothing else. I don’t like people, who keep staring at me, I think and take a gulp of my drink. “Wanna play 20 questions?” Liam asks me. Ok this time I’m impressed I love question and answer games ok so I say yes. “You first” I tell him. He asks me what my favorite color is. I reply with Red and Purple. “my turn! Which song describes exactly what you think about me?” I ask him. He thinks for a long time like 4 minutes or so, and finally answers with “Finally found you- Enrique Iglesias!” “what what what what what?” suddenly Harry screams from behind. “oooh sorry to break into but I needed to know why did Liam find you?" he winks at me. "I don't know" I reply. I glance at Liam who was blushing. "Go away Hazza" he says to Harry. Harry smirks and goes away. "Should we continue the game or shall I ask you why you picked that song?" I wink at Liam, pointing out that I am interested in him. "Continue with the game." He grins at him. But exactly at that time Niall was calling out people to dance. "Wanna dance?" I ask him. "Sure". he replies with a big smile. They play Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls and me and Liam passionately dance. I feel so good. This what I ever wanted. I also catch a glimpse of Sorcha and Louis dancing. Both of our dreams came true tonight. "By the way, sorry for staring at you quite a lot of time because you're looking so damn pretty I couldn't move my eyes off you." He whispers to me. I blush and continue dancing. "Wanna hang out someday?" Liam asks me. Sure why not, I reply. "ummmm... Saturday 7PM?" he asks. "Yeah I'm free on Saturdays so yes." I reply. "Whats your number?", he asks me. I give him my number as he saves it on his phone. "Great, I'll text you my address ok?" I tell him. "Okay, beautiful." he replies.
    Sorcha's POV of the Party
    Ok so me and Louis finished eating and now they're telling us to dance. "Hey Sorcha!! WANNA DANCE, BABE?" I hear Louis asking me. "SURE" I reply. And go off to dancing with him. "Hey before dancing I wanna ask you somethin'." He asks me before we make a move. "yes sure ask me whatever!" I reply. "Wanna go on a date with me??" He winks at me, putting a pressure on the word 'date'. I laugh and say "YAH!!". "give me your number because... you know... we can text sometimes!" and winks again. I give him my number and laugh. He's funny and adorable ok. and he's asking me on a date omg ok. We dance and dance and we were probably the most hyper pair to dance in the hall. I glance at Ariana, she was dancing with Liam. Yay! both of us livin the life~ this was the best day in my life, like ever!
    Hiya guise sorry for being late but here ya go. Chapter 3 after 31st or so [I'm sorry ok ok ok]
    very romantic
    eh ????!!!!

  2. Sariana Sariana
    posted a quote
    December 21, 2012 10:15am UTC
    Everything Has Changed
    A One Direction Fanfiction♥
    x- CHAPTER ONE-x
    So today was the party me and Sorcha was waiting for. I am so excited omg. I showered and wore the dress I bought for the party, a Black pleated dress [http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=66426335]. I put on the earrings and Sorcha came out of the shower. She wore her dress [http://www.polyvore.com/sorcha_jennet_brooks_party/set?id=66343392] and she looked rad pretty. I got a phone call from Niamh suddenly. "Hey are you girls ready?" she said. I said "Yeah we're about to come". So me and Sorcha got in the car and went to the address Niamh gave us. It was a big place and I saw many guards near the gate. The weather was so cold. We rushed to the gates and the guards wanted our invitation card. I handed them the card and they let us in and told us the direction of the room where the Party was being held. I entered and bumped into someone who was trying to exit. The person who I bumped into suddenly said, "oh i'm sorry but who're you?". I raise my head and see that its Harry Styles. -Don't shout, I know you wanna shout but One Direction doesnt like loud fans stay calm or you'll get kicked out stAY CALM-- I say to myself. Before I answered I see Niamh rushing towards me, "Hey Harry its Ariana, my best friend!" she says. "Oh heyyo Ariana can I call you Ari?" Harry asked me. He was so friendly, I thought. I said, "sure anything you want. Nice to meet you". "OF COURSE IT WAS NICE IT WAS F/CKING NICE." Sorcha screamed from behind. Harry peaked behind me to see Sorcha's face. "oh hey" she says. He giggles and says "hi". Niamh tells him that she's also her best friend. "Nice friends you got, Niamh" Harry laughs and exits the hall, and enters again. I whispered to Niamh, " I WANNA SEE LIAM LIAM LIAM LIAM LIAM". She giggles and takes me to the other side of the hall. I turned my head behind for a look for Sorcha. She was eating cake near the food tables. I giggle and follow Niamh. First,she introduces me to Louis. Louis was eating cake too. He mistakenly rubbed cake into his face and removed it when he saw me, I giggle and he says, "f/ck, hi!". "Hello Lou!" I say and shake hands with him. He asks me who my fave band member is in One Direction, "Liam" I say and smile. "Cursing you for not making me your fave" he says, I laugh really hard and tell him that Sorcha likes him. He asks who's Sorcha, and I run towards her and bring Sorcha to Louis. "oh my god hi" Sorcha says, "Heyyoo" Louis replied, interested in her. They were both chatting while I begged Niamh to show me Liam. "Okay Okay Okay here you go" Niamh says and she pushes me to someone. At first I couldn't understand what was going on, but then I saw that she pushed me to Liam. I couldn't get the words to greet him or anything. I was trying to find the words to say, but he already said "Hi". Oh god please let him be in love with me, I thought. "Hey" I said as I get away from his hands. Why did I get away, Why. Niamh just casually came and says, "Heyyo Liam, this is the girl who I'm talking about. She's madly in love with you".
    And I hear Liam say quietly, "I think I feel the same"
    Hiya guise chapter 1's up yey. We hope you like it :DD
    -Ariana & Sorcha

  3. Sariana Sariana
    posted a quote
    December 19, 2012 1:27pm UTC
    Everything Has Changed
    A One Direction Fanfiction♥
    x- PROLOGUE -x
    Hi I am Ariana Jane May. My best friend is called Sorcha Jenette Brooks. We are hardcore fans of One Direction. Sorcha really likes Louis and I really like Liam. Our personalities go with them a lot. We are just 19 year old busy Burberry models trying to meet them so badly. One day this new girl called Niamh Tomlinson joined our modeling group. Me and Sorcha became really good friends with her. She was really nice and had an amazing personality. I never noticed that her last name was “Tomlinson”. So me and Sorcha asked her if she was related to Louis from One Direction or not and she said she was his sister. Sorcha screamed, “OH MY GOD YOU ARE LOUIS’S SISTER AH I LOVE HIM SO MUCH CAN WE MEET HIM?” Niamh replied with, “Yes! Really soon , I was here to give you both an invitation card for a party! One Direction will also be there as its their party and you’ll get to meet all of them! Only a few people are going there and Louis said that I can invite a friend or two so I thought you both would be perfect!” Me and Sorcha were flying over rainbows when we heard this.
    We are going to meet One Direction.
    Hi guys! I hope you like our first fanfiction's prologue! & Yes we notify! Just comment on this quote or our profile and we will keep you on the list! Thanks for reading!
    - Sorcha & Ariana .


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