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We're all on the same game
just on different levels
dealing with the same hell.
just different devils

  1. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    July 14, 2013 3:10am UTC
    I honestly don't like this new format; I like the old better.
    I don't like the hashtags. I miss the categories.
    Continue Scrolling now.

  2. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    November 13, 2012 2:03am UTC
    My very own 50 day letter challenge
    Letter 2: Your crush.
    Dear Crushs (I have two that I am certain of and this just fits both of them),
    So here is not only a surprise but a shocker. I like you. My problem? I don't trust you. I also haven't moved on from a old crush which makes it pretty darn hard for me to want to date you. You are funny though, and you are emotional. You're stupid at times, yes but that doesn't matter. I enjoy talking to you but I don't think we have a future together. I just don't see it. I guess it isn't a crush. I don't know.

  3. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    November 11, 2012 11:31pm UTC
    My very own 50 day letter challenge
    Letter 1: Your bestfriend.
    Dear Charlotte,
    I know we might not talk much anymore but I still consider you my best friend and I am always highly aware of what made us that way in the begining. I miss you so much and I always simply hope that you will text me and when we do talk it always pleasent. You are a really nice girl and smart too.. I know I wasn't the best of friends but.. I still consider you my best friend. Love yah.
    Dear Josh,
    We met like a while agoish and I talk to you all the time. You are my guy bestie. It is always nice to talk to you and you are always so freaking nice. I love how you listen to me complain even when I probably get annoying at times. You may not know what to say always but that is honestly okay. you listen and you are beginning to trust me. I thank you for that too. I love you bestie!

  4. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    November 11, 2012 11:29pm UTC
    My very own 50 day letter challenge
    Letter 1: Your bestfriend.
    Letter 2: Your crush.
    Letter 3: Your parents
    Letter 4: Your siblings.
    Letter 5: Your dreams.
    Letter 6: A stranger.
    Letter 7: Your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend/love/crush.
    Letter 8: Your favorite internet friend.
    Letter 9: A person you wish to meet.
    Letter 10: Someone you don't talk to as much as you'd like to.
    Letter 11: A deceased person you wish you could talk to.
    Letter 12: Person you hate the most.
    Letter 13: Someone you wish you could forgive.
    Letter 14: Someone you drifted away from.
    Letter 15: The person you miss the most.
    Letter 16: Someone that is not in your state.
    Letter 17: Someone from your childhood.
    Letter 18: The person you wish you could be.
    Letter 19: Someone that pesters your mind (Good or bad)).
    Letter 20: The one that broke your heart the hardest.
    Letter 21: Someone you judged by their first impression.
    Letter 22: Someone you want to give a second chance to.
    Letter 23: The last person you kissed.
    Letter 24: The person that gave you your favorite memory.
    Letter 25: The person you know that is going through the worst of times.
    Letter 26: The last person you made a pinky promise to.
    Letter 27: The friendliest person you knew for only a day.
    Letter 28: Someone that changed your life.
    Letter 29: The person you want to tell everything to, but are afraid to.
    Letter 30: Your reflection in the mirror
    Letter 31: Your future husband
    Letter 32: Your childhood self
    Letter 33: Someone you are uncertain of your feelings for.
    Letter 34: An old friend
    Letter 35: Your future self
    Letter 36: Someone famous
    Letter 37: Your current pets, or past pets.
    Letter 38: Your first crush
    Letter 39: Your favorite author
    Letter 40: Your favorite teacher
    Letter 41: Your grandparent or grandparents
    Letter 42: A neighbor
    Letter 43: Steve
    Letter 44: The president
    Letter 45: Someone who isn't real (Cartoon, Book character, ect)
    Letter 46: Your idol
    Letter 47: The opposite gender
    Letter 48: The same gender
    Letter 49: Your fears
    Letter 50: Witty as a whole

  5. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    August 13, 2012 1:37am UTC
    &his name
    brings tears to my eyes.
    I miss him..
    &he seems to forget what we were.
    ..My heart hurts..
    (nmf and the quotes sucks I gues sbut how I feel..)

  6. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    August 4, 2012 6:01pm UTC
    For all the people who need someone:
    I care.
    I'm here...
    and I love you..
    Just comment.. [PLEASE]

  7. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    August 4, 2012 3:24pm UTC
    Wittians, can I speak to you for a second?
    I know that my account says I joined in 2012 but I've known about Witty for a long time and have been visiting it for a long while. I just never thought of making an account. I never saw the point in it really, until one day, I decided why not. I had watched Witty through its progression and can I just say I'm sick and disgusted of what we have turned into? We went from Witty Sisters and Brothers to hitting on/judging/claiming/accusing any guy on here, arguing over the simpiliest things, always asking for a fav, competing for top quote, tearing each other apart, ripping on members, and hating people because they don't have the same interests/tastes/stuff they like as us. We came here to escape that, am I right? So why are we leading ourselves back into it. How can we go from a site where we can meet people, become close, have people to talk to if we ever need it, and not be afraid of judgmentalism and all that to hating each other because we don't like the same thing, not being able to trust people on here and judging. I know I might be hypocritical here because one of my posts saying to stop the One Direction quotes but that is because again this site was here to post our feelings not facts about some band. You guys have no idea; Steve worked so hard for this site. He did his best to do this and make everyone happy. To improve the site and this is how we repay him? Do you know how much of a headache this must be for him as well? People are getting upset over this, and I'm sure the people who came here to stop the cutting and suicidalness are getting it again. Do you know how it feels to have to see such a change and all of the sadness that is now going on and how much hate we seem to have? I don't like what we have become and I feel bad for Steve. Because in a way he is the "Witty Father." He has to see his site, and all of the people in it turn into this. Something we promised to never turn into. So from now on, you guys need to think. You need to remember what Witty was and stop trying to judge everyone. We should be disgusted with ourselves and how this is turning out. We need to fix it. If not for us, for Steve.
    So how about it guys? Lets do it...
    For Steve!

  8. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    August 4, 2012 12:25pm UTC
    You lied,
    And I cried.
    You moved on,
    And I'm still here holding [on].

  9. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    August 3, 2012 9:54am UTC
    Should I continue my story or no?:
    "So This Is What Heartbreak Looks Like?"

  10. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    August 3, 2012 9:51am UTC
    You were wrong;
    You are just another Highschool player,
    Just another boy who messes with feelings.
    This isn't for the best.
    I deserve and need to know why you said goodbye.
    Yet you think otherwise.
    So let me say I love you one last time.

  11. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    May 23, 2012 4:51pm UTC
    So This Is What Heartbreak Looks Like?
    Chapter 9 (Part 3)
    I talked to them for a while before Eric came back, hiding something behind his back. He watched in silence as he cleared his throat. "She said drinks are waiting downstairs their not aloud upstairs." he said. He went silent as Skylar pushed past him, angrily. She wanted to go home. Kyle sighed and stood, "Come on guys." he said. "Skylars getting mad. I think I'm going to walk home though. So come on Sky." he said and she glared towards me. I shivered and they both left. Lucy stood, "I'll be waiting the car." and she pushed past and out the door. She paused looking back at me, with a questioningly look and then looking at her older cousin, Eric. She then shrugged and kept walking.
    I looked at Eric as it was just us and he stared out at his cousin as she walked away. Once she was out of view he closed the door and walked over. "Your mom seems nice." he said and took out some flowers and set them in a vase my mom had set earlier apparently. He set down a teddy bear and leaned down, kissing me deeply. I closed my eyes and kissed him back, leaning up gently and resting one arm around his neck. I ignored the pain in my neck as I held the kiss. He parted and sat by me, "I'll kill them. Whoever did it." he said. I went silent, and nodded. I looked at him, wanting to tell him the truth but didn't bother. He saw how nice my mother was, he wouldn't believe me. "She said you were here before. Does she know about us..?" I asked slowly. He shook his head, "God no, I'm not THAT stupid." he said. I looked down, "Okay." I whispered. "You had me worried, you know? Jesus Christ you get into one argument with your mom and go out and get yourself almost killed." he said, rather harshly. I winced and looked down. "I'm sorry." I mumbled. He sighed again and kissed her. "Look I can't keep her waiting. I'll talk to you later." he said. "I'll call you." he nodded and turned, leaving. I took a deep breath and leaned back, slowly drifting to sleep.

  12. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    May 23, 2012 4:50pm UTC
    So This Is What Heartbreak Looks Like?
    Chapter 9 (Part 2)
    Mother dropped Danielle off at her best friends and drove me home. The ride was long, painfully and silent. She would look back periodically in the review mirror her cold eyes on me. I thought I was going to die and that this was indeed going to be my last night let alone day breathing. Honestly? That terrified me more than you could believe it would. My legs got weak and I clung to the door. I wanted my Father again, I wanted to be clinging to him and not the door. Yet I couldn't be, it wasn't physically possible for me. I sighed as we pulled up to the house and she opened the door. She walked to my door and ripped it open, my grip being pulled away. She grabbed me by my hair as she dragged me out of the car and into the house. She tossed me down on the floor as I shrieked in pain and she slammed the door shut. She stormed off to the bathroom and a few minutes later came back as she dragged me to the bathroom. I had a horrible fear of freezing to death, and in the bathroom the temperature was turned down. The water was full and I could see ice cubes floating.
    Fear shot through my body as I stared at it breathing heavily. I was fine with cold water if the sun was beating down on me. I loved swimming in the winter if the pool was heated and indoors. She pulled off my clothes until I was in my underwear and grabbed me and pushed me into the tub. I fell back and my head hit the hard tub ground and I pushed up. She pushed my head down and turned, "If I come back and your out of that tub you'll regret it." she stormed out. As she was gone my whole body shivered, and I wanted to be dead at that moment. I would have given anything to not be in that tub.
    It felt like hours when she finally opened the door. She pulled me out and pushed me down to the ground and again I hit hard, and I could see the blood. I blinked once, and then again. My whole body shook and I closed my eyes tightly. I was trying hard not to cry and scream. Fighting always made her come up with a even wicked anger. She was on top and started to hit me, blow after blow and my whole body shook in pain. It got so bad where I couldn't even scream. I couldn't even cry as the whole world seemed to twirl. She got up and started to walk away. She turned and kicked me heard in the side a few times, causing me to cough up blood. Then everything went black.
    I have no clue how long I was out, or what day it was. I awoke and I was in my mothers pretty room. I shuffled in the sheets of white that was soft and comfortable. I pushed up out of the soft mattress and looked at the pillow that was nice and clean. It had been fluffed and everything felt strange. Had I been taken away or father come and save me. No, father wouldn't and I was in mothers room. Then I heard the door open and I braced myself. My mother walked in wearing a pretty flower dress and her hair was curled and pushed back. She smiled sweetly as she held a tray. I was confused and dazzled. I didn't know if I should speak or not.
    "Oh good, dear. Your awake." she said, in the same sweet voice she used for her patients. I realized then that this is what it was. I was another one of her patients, and that is why she was being so nice. "Your friends came to visit quiet a few times. So did some boy named Eric, he seemed rather concern and sweet." she nodded as she set the tray down. I bit my lip as I thought, Eric came here? He entered my home, and met her. I wanted to cry as I wondered what he said. I took a deep breath as I looked at her. "How long have I been out?" I asked. She fixed the tray. "I made your favorite. A turkey sand which with the crust cut off and French fries as well as a bottle water." she told me. I cleared my throat and spoke up again, "How long have I been out." She smiled as she looked at me. "About three days. I'll go tell your sister you woke up." she said. She paused, "You really shouldn't have stormed out. I found you on the street bleeding. I couldn't find out who beat you.." she said. "I will call your friends as well." she turned and left.
    Stormed off and got beat? I couldn't believe she was telling people that. I took a mirror and looked at myself. She had covered up the bruises on my face and had sewed me up and fixed what she could. I heard the door open again and looked up to see my sister running in. She stopped at the bed and wrapped her arms around my neck as tears flooded her eyes. I froze, my arms up and slowly hugged her back as I pat her back gently. "I'm.. fine." I lied, because I could still feel the pain that ran through my body. I could feel my ribs were broken but healing and I could feel the bandage tightly wrapped around. I knew that she probably got a doctor who didn't catch on or bother questioning to look at me. Someone she probably slept with or is friends with. My sister sobbed deeper into my shoulder as she kissed my cheek. I smiled at her as I watched my mother stood there. "Your friends should be coming over soon." she told me. I nodded slightly. Danielle stood, "I'm going to go okay? I'll see you tonight. Eat before they come." she told me and left.
    I did to, because I was starved. I ate the sand which quick and took my time on the fries. I finished and drank my water right as I saw Lucy, Eric, Skylar and Kyle walk in. I smiled at them all. I felt the surge of happiness as I went to get up and regretted it immediately. I winced and sat back down. Lucy and Kyle walked to me first and hugged me both. Lucy whispered in my ear that she wanted my side of the story. What really happened and I just nodded hazily. Kyle was gritting his teeth as we started to talk. Lucy turned, "Eric could you go get us a drink." Eric nodded and lazily pushed himself off the wall and strolled outside. Skylar paused, "Wheres the bathroom?" she asked. I glared at her, wondering what she was doing here. "Two rooms down on the left." I told her and she nodded leaving. I looked at them and took a deep breath. Kyle looked at me, "Go ahead." he said. So I did, I told them of everything and Kyle grit his teeth and clenched his fist. Lucy's eyes filled with tears.

  13. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    May 5, 2012 9:57pm UTC
    Dear Witty Girls,
    I feel like I have no one at the moment. I hate that feeling and I'm trying so hard not to cry so my parents and sister don't ask what's wrong. I'm falling apart. I'm losing some of the people who mean the most to me. During the days of the week our school allows us after with a late bus, I was trying to get my friend to stay after but she couldn't. I have no one to talk to and I really need someone. Please... I'm on the verge of tears here. I don't know who else to turn to. So as a fellow wittian, I am asking for help. Please. Just at least let me know someone still cares.....

  14. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    April 27, 2012 8:49am UTC
    So this is getting annoying.
    Choking on cinnamon has been around since before 2012.
    Okay? It's not all that now!
    So, this is me asking nicely...

  15. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    April 24, 2012 3:06pm UTC
    Dear Wittians,
    I don't mind talking to you. If you have a problem, comment. I'll get to it ASAP. If you really need someone to talk to? I have a cell with unlimited texting.

  16. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    April 18, 2012 3:04pm UTC
    I don't like One Direction but,
    I feel bad for Niall and honestly? He is cute and whom I surprisingly pictured Peeta as, or at least somewhere along those lines for the Hunger Games.

  17. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    April 6, 2012 11:33pm UTC
    Try adding your last name with her first name. If it makes you smile and fits?
    She's the one for you.

  18. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    April 5, 2012 9:10am UTC
    So This Is What Heartbreak Looks Like?
    Chapter 9 (Part 1)
    Not only after that did that become a regular but I stopped fighting back. I took each blow as if it didn't matter. As if I deserved it. Maybe I did and that would explain it because even the beatings from my mom got worse. A lot of people never could figure out what Eric and I had. We were just friends to the world and in our mind we were so much more. We were in love and that's all that was needed. Yet as August came around, close to my Birthday everything was starting to fall apart.
    It started with my Father. Danielle and I were spending another weekend together with our Father. Another 'girlscouts' camping trip. Which was a lie we used often to get the witch to let us go. There it was blissfull and peacefull. I felt safe like nothing and no one could ever lay a single hand on me. It was true aswell. Never once did my Father raise his hand to hit me; and then while we were by the lake and fishing. Having a good time as Summertime blared again. Catching absolutely nothing at all yet we didn't stop. It was the togetherness that counted, after all. Besides that though, I had gotten up and turned to go back to the cabin. I was going to get more drinks when I saw a car that was much to familiar for my comfort. It was a blue mini van; my mother's blue mini van.
    Backing up, I could feel my breath draw short as I stared at it. I couldn't speak or even scream. I just stared, reaching backwords as my mouth hung open. A root made me trip and fall backwards as I sat up squealing in pain. Both my dad and sister heard me as they turned getting up to walk over. Danielle saw it first; the van sitting there and the door opening. Gasping she felt her whole body shake as she pulled me up. Dad was about to look at my knee but I was pulled up to fast, and he looked over at her in confusion. Following both mine and her's direction he saw it. Looking at me, he mumbled to go inside. Eyes watering I looked up at him and hugged his arm, calling out no. I didn't want him to disappear again yet I felt Danielle tug and she pulled me inside but we were to late. As we stepped onto the doorstep my mother was already trudging to us; past my father. Fumbling with the door she screamed at us to stop and my heart dropped. I was dead.
    Without a second my father took off and quickly stepped between my mother's path to us. If only he knew the truth of what was going to happen once we got into that minivan and Danielle was shooed out of the house. He was oblivious to how many blows or what punishment I would end up getting, what I would be enduring. At that moment I wanted to cry and scream it all out. Tell him everything right infront of her and Danielle. Let the world know, even the neighbooring cabins but I didn't. I stood there like a coward as my mother got into her ex-husband's face.
    "Vincent." she hissed his name and I felt myself cringe. Hate had filled her eyes as they rested on him. So much hate for one person was surprising. "Don't try to protect me from my children." she said to him as she got in his face. "Your children?" my father challanged, "Last time I checked they were mine as well." The Witch threw her head back and laughed. "They were until you walked out that door." she scolded. Dad shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair, "What happened to you? To us?" he said coldly. She opened her mouth to protest but my father cut in. "All we did was fight, and now your putting OUR children throuh hell?! Your going to forbid me from seeing them!" he shouted. The Witch shot him a glare, "MY children, you mean. You left. They have a new father, Vinny. Stay away from them and my home or I will call the cops. ADRIANA. DANIELLE. Come here, now." she hissed finalizing it.
    She always won the arguments. Every single one and my father stared at her defeated. Slowly, I sulked over. He grabbed my shoulder as if to stop me, and I looked up at him. For a second I pictured it; going with him. Staying with him and trying to fight. Either way she would get me though. In the end she always did, and Danielle gently pushed me forward. She mouthed sorry and we trailed to the car. We climbed into it and watched through the back window the fading vision of my father, whom looked upset. Looked torn and broken and that destroied me.

  19. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    April 2, 2012 12:05pm UTC
    What is all of this "One Direction Facts, ect." about? This is WITTY PROFILES. Not One Direction Profiles.
    I joined witty last year. I joined for inspiration, for hope that one day, ill find my way back to love again.
    I am QUITE mad that Witty has turned to this. I miss all of the top Witters. Mostly because they were inspiration. Witty turned upside down.
    I logged in everyday, and saw a 12 on my notifications. Now, i see n o n e. Us, witters, that want to give inspiration are being ignored.
    I miss you witty. I MISS the way you gave inspirational messages, the way you made girls feel better, and not insecure. I want to stop this. Please help me get witty back.
    I want to make a change. Im a directioner, im not gonna deny that, but its gone too far. Make a new website or something, or lower the "facts" and PLEASE let us give hope to girls who need it.
    I know this quote wont be SO popular, but sign below if you are willing to make a change to witty, and let it be the way it was again: inspirational, hopeful, and the witty that had those BEAUTIFUL messages.
    I know I want to make a change. Do you?
    PoetessEmily (Not a 'directioner')

  20. PoetessEmily PoetessEmily
    posted a quote
    March 28, 2012 3:15pm UTC
    Story Idea:
    A boy from the U.K meets a girl from the U.S via X-Box. They fall in love, the girl is dying he finds out one day and he goes on a impossible mission to save her.


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