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Wittyanniversary Quotes

  1. gab* gab*
    posted a quote
    September 9, 2020 5:25am UTC
    I've had an account on this website for a little over 9 years now.
    It's weird to think that the dominant culture of the Internet now were preschoolers and elementary school kids while I was spending hours coding, reading stories, chatting with friends, and expressing my teenage angst on this site.
    I don't even know if younger teens today would even be interested in a site like this.
    Either way, this site has deeply impacted me in ways I didn't even realize until recently. If I had never gotten into Witty, I'd probably never be interested in code and think it was too complicated (and it can be complicated -- but the products of coding can be very rewarding).
    I'm at a bit of a crossroads about my career path right now, and thinking about the time I spent on Witty and Tumblr coding has me thinking about getting back into it.
    And even more so, if I had never started using Witty, I would have never discovered how much I love writing and creating stories. I liked it even before I joined Witty, but reading some of the stories on here (that seem so cheesy and cliche now) sparked so much joy and imagination in me that I began creating worlds on paper so vibrant and vivid as if they were real. My biggest dream and goal in life is to become a fiction author and turn those books into films. I hope to make a living off of just that someday, but for now, I'm just trying to find a plan B.
    So much has changed over nine years, but so much is still the same. I guess I expected more to be different. I guess I expected life to make more sense and to get easier; it didn't. In many ways I'm proud of how far I come, and in some ways, I kind of expected myself to be further than I am. I don't know if 13-year-old me would be proud of me, but I think she'd be surprised that I was able to make it past 18. I think she'd be disappointed that I don't have a solution for who I am, but at least I have an answer.
    Going 22 years without knowing that I'm neurodivergent has taken a huge toll on me and robbed me of so much of my youth and so many opportunities. Logging on and reading old quotes unlocks emotions I didn't know I still felt and hurt I didn't know I still harbored.
    I don't know how many of you will, but I'll certainly remember this site in another 9 years. If this planet lasts that long, I'll certainly log back in and update you all on whether or not I managed to find a hack for my oddly-wired brain. I hope I can make bigger and more meaningful changes in my life during this next decade minus 1 year.

  2. gab* gab*
    posted a quote
    September 2, 2015 9:19pm UTC
    Today marks my fourth anniversary of joining witty. I really don't have anything to say that is any different from what I have said in previous years. I guess I'm just making this quote to acknowledge my veteranship and appreciation of this website because it's kind of hard to find a website that has captured your interest and has kept it for four years. So thank you Steve, thank you followers, thank you to all of the amazing, kindhearted people who have talked to me on this website (you know who you are). I hope we can continue to share this experience with each other.

  3. gab* gab*
    posted a quote
    September 2, 2014 5:10pm UTC
    thank you, witty.
    thank you for being there for me through all of this pain. from the bullies to the so called "friends"to the boy i've been crazy for for 2 years and can't stop making quotes about. there's been times where i just wanted to leave because i didn't think this was the right place for me. but i kept coming back, because this was the only place where i felt like i could say how i truly feel and the only place i felt like i could find real friends. on my witty anniversary of 3 years, with 800 followers, 940 quotes, and 75 layouts later, i can truly say that this website feels like home. by looking back at my old quotes i can say that i've grown from being a shy, anxious 8th grader to a slightly less anxious (lol), more confident, 11th grader. so this is a big thank you to steve for creating this site, and any other person who helped me keep going when all i wanted to do was to give up. you're all amazing♥

  4. kaitlinsaraa kaitlinsaraa
    posted a quote
    December 29, 2013 4:50pm UTC
    i'm coming up on my five year witty anniversary,
    and i want to thank every single one of you.
    because of all the witty girls throughout the years, i've
    found strength when i didn't think i was capable of it. i
    came on here when i needed advice and when i
    needed a laugh. » i joined when the top quotes were
    voted on, not faved. i remember every witty fad we
    had. through it all i discovered my college major.
    i love you all, thank you. ♥

  5. kristabff kristabff
    posted a quote
    December 19, 2013 4:01pm UTC
    It's my 1 Year Witty Anniversary.
    December 19th, 2012, I created this account. It was originally for my friend, but she posted one quote and got like 200 favorites and never used it and so I took it (I know totally not selfish haha). Anyway, I have made SO MANY wonderful friends from here! Some of you guys are SO CUTE and FUN and make me sooo happy?? And oh my gosh guys.. I can't even believe I have 727 followers and i've only written 334 quotes?? How is that even possible???? You guys make me feel so good, like I can't believe that many of you actually like my humor?? And now one of my quotes is on the SECOND PAGE OF TOP THIS YEAR??? No no no. You have NO IDEA how thankful I am for EVERYTHING- every little comment, favorite, follow- anything, it makes me so happy. This website has bettered my life in so many ways. I will never regret joining this website ever. You guys rock <3
    ..right well this quote is kinda lame but really I just want to let you know that without this website I don't even know what my life would be? Thank you so much for creating this website Steve (:
    -Love, Krista
    PS- If you're sad or happy or any mood you should watch this because it is the funniest music video ever omfg: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxAEXO1lxpA&list=PLeZeBhRUMydMg2NzgPnMpXTw0BbXZsf-E

  6. KeepFighting KeepFighting
    posted a quote
    September 30, 2013 5:53pm UTC

  7. chickittylover chickittylover
    posted a quote
    April 6, 2013 12:23am UTC



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