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Best Whatever Quotes This Year

  1. Spencer Grace✨* Spencer Grace✨*
    posted a quote
    February 27, 2013 7:42pm UTC
    If i'm not hot
    in like 5 years
    i'm so done with

  2. happiest* happiest*
    posted a quote
    August 27, 2013 2:52pm UTC
    she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts she’s cheer captain and I respect her right to wear whatever she wants and participate in traditionally ‘feminine’ activities because I understand that life is not about condemning another woman’s personal choices just because she doesn’t ‘deserve’ the boy i have a crush on

  3. happiest* happiest*
    posted a quote
    September 29, 2013 2:29pm UTC
    it’s weird how people talk bad about strippers but no one says anything about the people who go to see them

  4. chickittylover chickittylover
    posted a quote
    May 10, 2013 9:43pm UTC
    Format chickittylover
    I would post more quotes,
    ☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓ but i'd rather be lazy and do nothing. ☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓

  5. CookieMonster09* CookieMonster09*
    posted a quote
    July 12, 2013 1:46pm UTC
    the fastest land animal is the teenager who sees mom
    pulling in the driveway and realizes they forgot to do the

  6. Jordan.* Jordan.*
    posted a quote
    January 1, 2014 8:17pm UTC
    So that's my wish to you, and all of us, and my wish for
    myself. Make new mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes.
    Make mistakes nobody's made before. Don't freeze, don't
    stop, don't worry that it isn't good enough, or it isn't perfect,
    whatever it is; art, or love, or work or family or life. Whatever
    it is you're scared of doing, do it. Make your mistakes, next
    year and forever.

  7. SarahDGirl SarahDGirl
    posted a quote
    October 31, 2013 3:06pm UTC
    Boy: You're cute
    Me: That's not funny stop it

  8.  † * † *
    posted a quote
    July 6, 2013 5:46pm UTC


  9. JustAnotherWittyGuy18 JustAnotherWittyGuy18
    posted a quote
    April 27, 2013 2:24pm UTC
    I Don't Know the Face in the Mirror Anymore.

  10. kristabff kristabff
    posted a quote
    February 17, 2013 10:46am UTC
    Teachers call it the
    I call it the
    'I'm bored and i want to get out of this place'

  11. *crybaby* *crybaby*
    posted a quote
    January 1, 2014 2:23am UTC
    kids that mix their play-doh colours are the reason global warming exists

  12. Chris* Chris*
    posted a quote
    October 22, 2013 5:20pm UTC
    maybe one day i will like who i am. urhighuigh

  13. the1975* the1975*
    posted a quote
    May 27, 2014 12:16am UTC
    ohana means family and family means having your life choices questioned and your flaws pointed out to you

  14. *crybaby* *crybaby*
    posted a quote
    January 2, 2014 5:19am UTC
    Single and ready to get nervous around anyone I find attractive.

  15. Ethanol Ethanol
    posted a quote
    August 28, 2013 11:29am UTC
    You make mistakes and you get stronger from them,

  16. *•°¯`••songbird••´¯°•* *•°¯`••songbird••´¯°•*
    posted a quote
    March 8, 2014 1:34pm UTC
    This might make some people angry..But whatever. Here goes nothing:
    You know why Witty's almost dead??
    The top quote gets, like an average of about 75 faves a day.
    And maybe if its a guy or a popular Wittian,um 90 maybe.You
    know why?Because not a lot of people fave quotes
    All or most of the quotes here are about love or relationships or
    break-ups and blah blah..I mean, seriously, love is not your entire life,
    okay??Its not all boys and girls and butterflies and hearts and valentines
    or whatever, all the time.
    So many of the quotes here are from Tumblr or facebook.C'mon, Is it
    so hard to come up with your own?And many quotes are from Witty as well.
    The same quote gets posted every once in a few weeks.What pÏsses me off
    is that it'll still get faves.And the original quotes are almost neglected.
    I joined Witty beacause all of you here were so nice, because it was not unfair like
    the real world it was almost like an escape for me.I felt accepted, for once in my life.
    But over the past month, i've been feeling so "not home" here and its almost like
    a school with popular kids and all that shït.Maybe its a personal problem and
    nobody probably cares, but we need to stop all this and get Witty back up.
    Start faving more quotes
    Start making more quotes,your own quotes and stop stealing them from other sites just to be popular
    i'm done.
    thank you for reading this

  17. SuperNovaChic SuperNovaChic
    posted a quote
    May 8, 2014 5:41pm UTC
    ONLY 90S KIDS WILL GET THIS! -A birth certificate with 1990-1999.

  18. *•°¯`••songbird••´¯°•* *•°¯`••songbird••´¯°•*
    posted a quote
    January 31, 2014 12:10pm UTC
    started from the bottom
    i'm still here

  19. Hale_Storm18 Hale_Storm18
    posted a quote
    March 18, 2013 4:12pm UTC
    Friend: Yeah, did you see the bubbler?
    Me: No
    Friend: It looks like Old Faithful or something. It's flooding everything.
    Principal: *over loud speaker* If you're going to the Hawthorne wing or leaving it, you have to take the stairs connecting the Hawthorne wing and the Whittier wing.
    Me: Come to CHS, they said. It'll be great, they said.

  20. *crybaby* *crybaby*
    posted a quote
    December 29, 2013 3:15am UTC
    at least i know nobody's using me for my looks


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