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Victim Quotes

  1. macdaddy118 macdaddy118
    posted a quote
    August 24, 2016 4:16pm UTC
    only two positions:
    victimizer or victim
    both end up in
    destruction for
    trusting this
    crooked system

  2. closingtimes closingtimes
    posted a quote
    August 12, 2015 3:25pm UTC
    breathing ain't that easy
    and shots fall way too fast
    it never was over
    the stuff ain't in the past
    the struggle is real
    you can't deny it
    open your eyes
    and look around
    all the places
    all the people
    all the souls
    on the ground
    "why" you ask
    We need to answer
    and I say " yes"
    It's in the past
    We had a dream
    and I still have
    that things can change
    and everyone can breathe
    That people can follow
    and don't have to question
    don't have to wonder
    why they can still breathe
    cause this is a world
    about to go down
    feels like suffocating
    as soon as a shot lays you down
    drowning to the ground
    and you will scream
    " I can't breathe"
    the river of blood
    it strangulates your faith
    it goes too fast
    and they will reply
    " and I can't hear"
    and all you do
    you want to now
    "why did you shot me?"
    "why'd you let me go?"
    - M.R

  3. Hi, Sierra* Hi, Sierra*
    posted a quote
    November 10, 2014 3:52pm UTC
    Me: *Walks forward to talk to teacher* *Walks in front of Josh*
    Me: Oh, sorry. I didn't see you there.
    Josh: *totally serious* Just walk right in front of me, how brilliant.
    Me: Wow wish I was rude.
    It's people like this who make people feel bad for being good. People like this who create victims.
    They make people feel bad even though they did nothing wrong and mentally train them to cowardice.
    Just saying.

  4. BluRoseHeart* BluRoseHeart*
    posted a quote
    September 7, 2014 7:04pm UTC
    "When you complain, you make yourself a victim. Leave the situation, change the situation, or accept it.
    All else is madness."
    ~Eckhart Tolle

  5. Morgan* Morgan*
    posted a quote
    July 6, 2014 11:51pm UTC
    A villain is a victim without their story told.

  6. Carla Crahan.* Carla Crahan.*
    posted a quote
    March 15, 2014 2:10pm UTC
    You're a victim of your own mind.

  7. MyWittyProfile MyWittyProfile
    posted a quote
    January 1, 2014 8:57pm UTC
    Maybe it's better
    having your heart taken, because that way your quotes are more relatable
    to the thousands of girls online who are victims of Cupid♥

  8. xxnevershoutnever xxnevershoutnever
    posted a quote
    December 18, 2013 5:13pm UTC
    -never be bullied into silence-
    never allow youself to be made a victim.
    ///// accept no one's definition of your life.\\\\\
    define yourself.

  9. XxThatFuckerYouHatexX* XxThatFuckerYouHatexX*
    posted a quote
    November 8, 2013 5:23pm UTC
    I hate when someone plays the Victim,
    When they're the ones who destroyed You.

  10. Ethanol Ethanol
    posted a quote
    July 30, 2013 6:04am UTC
    you just have to think about it
    And hope your victim doesn't

  11. Chris* Chris*
    posted a quote
    July 27, 2013 5:22pm UTC
    you're a victim of your own mind.

  12. BrokenTwilight BrokenTwilight
    posted a quote
    July 22, 2013 7:31pm UTC
    I'm a victim of my own symptom,
    I am my worst enemy.
    You're a victim of your symptom,
    You are your worst enemy
    Restless heart Syndrome- Green day
    Format by Julietechoecho

  13. Loopy23 Loopy23
    posted a quote
    July 3, 2013 5:00pm UTC
    She wasn't playing the victim.
    She really was the victim.
    Of herself.
    Of her own demons.

  14. MayMyEyesBleedForTheSorrowsYouveCausedMe MayMyEyesBleedForTheSorrowsYouveCausedMe
    posted a quote
    June 24, 2013 10:48pm UTC
    If it's never our fault,we can't take responsibility
    for it. If we can't take responsibility for it,
    we'll always be it's victim.

  15. MayMyEyesBleedForTheSorrowsYouveCausedMe MayMyEyesBleedForTheSorrowsYouveCausedMe
    posted a quote
    June 21, 2013 4:29am UTC
    I am both the victim and the abuser.

  16. Dishonored* Dishonored*
    posted a quote
    June 10, 2013 1:30am UTC
    I think it's funny how everyone
    associates r.ape with female
    victims only. Just because it's
    more common for a female to
    come forward doesn't mean
    men don't get r.aped.

  17. Sweden* Sweden*
    posted a quote
    June 7, 2013 7:20pm UTC
    Bully: Go to hell
    Victim: I'm already in hell

  18. Repair Boy 🔥* Repair Boy 🔥*
    posted a quote
    June 4, 2013 8:33pm UTC
    You're a victim
    Of your own mind

  19. mariahbieber mariahbieber
    posted a quote
    June 4, 2013 5:01pm UTC
    i love being bullied and having nobody to talk to. *worst feeling EVER.*

  20. teddybearhugz teddybearhugz
    posted a quote
    June 3, 2013 8:09am UTC
    Empathy has lost its true meaning.
    ------ Many people say that they're EMPATHETIC ------
    But empathising with the VICTIM is human nature.
    It takes a tTRUELYempathetic person, <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>> to empathise with the offender.


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