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  1. paigexoxo paigexoxo
    posted a quote
    December 7, 2013 1:43pm UTC
    Got A Problem? Solve it
    Got A Question? Ask it
    Need An Answer? Search for it
    But Dont Complain about them if you dont try to figure things out

  2. StephanieCollado StephanieCollado
    posted a quote
    October 21, 2013 8:20pm UTC
    Rearrange these words:
    You read spine, lither, ginger, and subtext right?
    Lol. Don't lie

  3. CharliesTheName CharliesTheName
    posted a quote
    July 30, 2013 4:21pm UTC
    Confuse your parents

  4. TheRedDress TheRedDress
    posted a quote
    June 22, 2013 11:53am UTC
    Enjoy life
    and take some risks.

  5. mtndewhm* mtndewhm*
    posted a quote
    April 24, 2013 5:43pm UTC
    So some of you guys know that I was anorexic/bulimic a while ago and went to therapy.
    One thing that we did at therapy to help us was draw on a wall or human sized paper hat we thought we looked like. Then after that overtop of that drawing have someone trace your body. Then write what you think of you're actual limbs.
    This helped me out a LOT, for those of you who are struggling with anorexia/bulimia, try this.

  6. codababy37 codababy37
    posted a quote
    March 29, 2013 12:19pm UTC
    I am a strong and confident girl,
    And I can conquor the world.
    I won't let people get me down,
    'Cause I'm going to win the crown.
    I say this to myself when I'm feeling off. It helps. Try it. :)

  7. StarCrossedLover StarCrossedLover
    posted a quote
    February 18, 2013 11:07pm UTC
    If you or a friend is trying to lose weight use this website
    If you are in between the ages of 13-18. It really helps you lose or gain the weight you need. It's all free and it really really helps. I gained 10 lbs in two weeks after I joined this website now i'm almost normal weight. It's really great! try it


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