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Suicidal Quotes

  1. fallenangel* fallenangel*
    posted a quote
    July 3, 2019 5:24pm UTC
    The demon within me urges me on
    Thoughts of suicide
    wanting to die
    The urge to pick up the razor
    To make the pain more bearable
    Why is there so much pain?

  2. crimson24 crimson24
    posted a quote
    July 7, 2018 12:29am UTC
    court mandated sobriety for a year? ive already lost 3 more pounds and cut twice. it has been 4 days. eff everything.

  3. Whysitgottabeme Whysitgottabeme
    posted a quote
    May 10, 2018 11:39pm UTC
    ~I've convinced myself once again...I'm not loved, and I never truly will be...~

  4. Whysitgottabeme Whysitgottabeme
    posted a quote
    March 5, 2018 4:43pm UTC
    ~..For some reason, like with T, I'm overlooking it and i cant stop. i have tried so hard..i really did...and i was done with his shizz, i was sick of it...but i wanted HIM. i didnt care if i have to hear his shizz, yeah it hurts but it..it was an honest mistake, right? And the people that love me, i love too...But...the pain..the inner pain i feel, it hurts more than what R could ever do to me. I just want it to stop. please end it...i always feel that, for it to end, i have to end me. *i'm* the problem. no one else. *i* am. and it'll forever be the way..I can't win anymore..~
    ~~~~_^_^ACTUAL TEXT SENT^_^_~~~~
    ~~~~vvv Did not send vvv~~~~
    I'm sorry i'm such a fvck up.

  5. Whysitgottabeme Whysitgottabeme
    posted a quote
    March 3, 2018 11:32pm UTC
    ~~~~~~~~~ACTUAL TEXTS~~~~~~~~~Yesterday 4:45 PMAlright Boyyo, long story short you're an awesome friend that says he doesnt give a shizz unless it involves ones that he cares about or loves, then peoples balls or ahhes or gonna get kicked and faces are gonna get punched. You deserve a crap ton of awesome shizz and the crap of shizz thats not awesome thats happening to you right now, as sucky as it sounds, is life doing it's thing. You're gonna have fights with some people, lose friends, gain some, it's happens. You learn from the past (lmao i should too) and i think leasrning from it is the best thing you could do, along with helping others when you're feeling like total shizz. Chin up, Bud. It DOES get better. Takes a long as time to, but in the end, usually, it's worth it. You've come way too far to give up now. BOYYO YOU'RE GONNA BE 17 IN A FEW DAYS. You've survived 17 years of hell-ish and heaven-ish stuff. (meaning shizz and goodness) That's pretty awesome. Pathetically, to me it is. Yeah you are gonna deal with complete idiots in life, but ayyyyyyye in a way, you're at least smarter than someone. (i shouldnt even be talking lmao) You mean a lot to everyone. More than you think you do. You may have a little circle..if i can remember correctly...your day 1 peeps. lmao. Little circle but everyone's got an enormous, roomy spot for you intheir hearts. we care about you, we adore you, and we love you. If you're ever feeling down, you have enough people, even if it's just 1 person, that care for you and will attempt their best to lift you up. You kinda do the same, but also hit us with the "facts" or "observants" you've made about someone and make the people who feels like shizz, even shizzier, but also look at the situation through your perspective. 😕 Anywho, Chin up. You're awesome. You've made it 17 years far, there's no room for giving up. Life is short but we gotta live it while we can and days go by slow but years go by faster. Last time i checked, we were in 20-freaking-16. A whole year flew by me (i feel like that was wasted 😕) But i can almost guarantee you the years that are coming by while we're alive is going to come by slower but pass us reallyyyyyyyyy quick. LIVE YA LIFE AND LOVE WHO YOU CAN LOVE AND uhhh RAISE A MIDDLE FINGER TO THE SKY AND SAY F*CK IT ALL but also consider the shizz you do :))Yesterday 4:45 PMlol ok have fun reading thatYesterday 9:06 PMOh and Someone wise once told me and everybody else to "stay positive". Might as well remind youDummy 9:42 PMThat was really nice of you to actually take the time to do that, I appreciate it. And yeah yeah I know, practice what I preach and all that Jazz10:45 PMI really dont mind retyping that and you better follow your own advice. (hard for me to do, but i'm learning and you should do it too, since you already know it)Dummy 10:47 PMI should, you're right10:48 PMTHATS a plot twist, *i'm* right! But in all seriousness, you deserve more, yeah sometimes we should let things play out, but if we don't take control either, things will spiral out of control, more than they are now.10:49 PMI hope you feel better and everything thats great news to you happens10:50 PMThings may go to shizz, but it's up to you if you wanna make it *awesome*10:52 PMAnd try to rest while you can, okay?~~~~~~~~~~~~`DISCLAIMER`~~~~~~~~~~~~The reason why i post this is because i would like to remember these in case they get deleted off my phone...and this person means a lot to me, and i dont want to lose them. These past few texts are actual texts from conversations i've had with my friends...We're all going through something and this specific one is to uplift us..This friend is going through nearly the worst thing and Doing this makes me feel like any is capable of doing (positively)....I hope this does help some others as well.

  6. Whysitgottabeme Whysitgottabeme
    posted a quote
    February 28, 2018 7:49pm UTC
    -~-~-ACTUAL TEXTS-~-~-7:21 PM OK, honestly, f*ck good grades. i f*cking give up. clearly that 96 on my history test means nothing if my mom is going to complain about the others. "All you do is party and play on the phone talking shizz" FIRST OFF, IM ALWAYS IN MY ROOM and SECOND OFF i wouldnt be talking shizz if i wasnt given reason to. 7:23 PM "what is she doing" "why does she have low grades" "girls your age are studying to be a NURSE" HWUFOEISADJFVNDHAI FIRST OFF, SHE KNOWS I DONT WANT TO DO THAT. I HAVE TOLD HER EVERYTHING I HAVE WANTED TO DO, AND SHE'S GOING TO JUST F*CKING DO THAT???!!????!!! 7:23 PM how about some words of f*cking encouragement. 7:24 PM I know what i'm doing now, i know what i'm going to do -school related, not life LMAO still stuck on that part- just let me do it and dont say anything unless it's gonna help me and not make me feel shizzyy Emily 7:25 PM well bb i'm here and even if i'm not your real mama if you need encouragement i'm here7:25 PM being a freaking straight A is harder than she thinks. FIRST OFF, we got dumb f*cking students that waste our damn time in class. SECOND OFF, i suck a** at tests. passing that test was the happiest moment in my life, seriously. Especially history. i always got D's and F's since i took history classes (ever). 7:26 PM I know, but it's not the same. i'm stuck with this woman 24/7 and forever. Emily 7:26 PM BOY RIGHT THAT P*SS*S ME OFF AND ME TOO WITH TESTS AND HISTORY7:27 PM I'm doing my homework in the living room, my brother has comany and im crying. Emily 7:27 PM i'm sorry7:28 PM :') Like you, i gotta suck it up, right? 7:28 PM How're you feeling btw? Emily 7:29 PMit's not always best to suck it up tbh but i'm alright, how are you7:35 PM I love her too and for the past couple of months i have tried with her and told her i want us to be close like the girls i hear at my school say "i tell my mom everything" i told her that i never feel welcome and all of that stuff and nothing changes. 7:35 PM i love her and my dad too, but in the end, someone gets hurt either way right? There's no win-win situation. those have always been just words. someone either shows it or is on the inside unhappy with the way things worked out-~-~-Mom, i'm sorry, I can't win with you. I've tried, but you won't give in. Not even for the most important reason. One day...and soon...You're going to lose me.. i'm sorry, i tried but you didn't do anything. i screamed so loud, you became deaf, i wasn't heard.-~-~-

  7. Whysitgottabeme Whysitgottabeme
    posted a quote
    February 26, 2018 8:18pm UTC
    ~it'll be another official year. in a week for me to say i have lived this long after everything I've been through. I'm Proud, but for the love of God and the sake of everyone around me, please dont let me suffer on the day that means most to me by having to spend 2 hours with you around. i see you enough, why the frick does it have to be on the most important day that i'm stuck with you? Hasn't the universe already gotten much proof that im trying to get away from what i hated most? From the people that hurt me most? . . . From the objects that hurt me most? At least those 3 have taught me a lesson. You just gave me a demo of what hell would be like.~

  8. Whysitgottabeme Whysitgottabeme
    posted a quote
    February 26, 2018 8:00pm UTC
    ~You were my sky. ~I looked forward to every morning and night because of you. ~For no reason...~You didnt keep me calm...~You didn't love me like you said you did..~You didnt do anything.~You loved me but you didn't know how to show it...~I guess your way of loving me was by hurting me.~Those things you said and did...~I used to be so happy because im at peace when i look up at the literal sky~Now when i look up, all i want to do is cry. ~No lie, sometimes i want to die because i let myself give in~You were my sky...~But now i kind of want you to burn in hell, but i know I'll see you there when im gone.

  9. musicure musicure
    posted a quote
    January 6, 2018 9:21am UTC
    i'm crying underwater
    so you don't hear the sound

  10. DepressedAndBipolar DepressedAndBipolar
    posted a quote
    August 10, 2016 7:12pm UTC
    Wednesday 8/10/16
    Current Status: Still feeling suicidal and very depressed. Made an emergency appointment with my counselor for tomorrow, and we have our first couples counseling appointment on Friday.
    A lot has happened since my last (and first) post. The negativity between my fiance and I has gotten even worse. A random girl texted him and he won't tell her to stop. She texts him late at night and he does nothing about it but laugh in my face because it bothers me.
    He seems to think that he is going to be allowed to tear me apart in couples counseling, but I think he's in for a surprise.
    Main point is, I still want to kill myself.
    ****If you are confused by this post, please refer to my first post. You will understand the purpose behind this.

  11. musicure musicure
    posted a quote
    April 30, 2016 11:40am UTC
    You think the water can hold your weight
    Oh, you slip and you drown
    Guilt drags you down beneath the waves

  12. musicure musicure
    posted a quote
    April 15, 2016 3:24pm UTC
    I'm a goner
    Somebody catch my breath

  13. Deep breaths, my love* Deep breaths, my love*
    posted a quote
    March 21, 2016 4:19am UTC
    I suffer from anorexia, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, chronically low self esteem, night terrors, and PTSD. I've got a lot going on in my head, mostly things that went wrong. And I need you to know that It gets better. I've reached the lows, I've been there, it really sucks, really sucks, but it'll be okay. I know its hard to believe, I remember what its like to be there and I remember what it feels like. I know you feel like its untrue and like I dont know what I'm talking about but I've been there and I promise it gets better. One day you'll look back and be happy you made it. Im still recovering, It's got its ups and downs, but it's better, its worth it. I can eat again, I can sleep, I can look in the mirror. and you will be able to too. You can make it. I believe in you. and I'm here anytime if you need someone. Be safe, Please, and don't give up.

  14. macdaddy118 macdaddy118
    posted a quote
    February 28, 2016 5:49pm UTC
    I am here, I just don't want to be.

  15. musicure musicure
    posted a quote
    February 23, 2016 6:18pm UTC
    when it's all over

  16. Loner_in_Lalaland Loner_in_Lalaland
    posted a quote
    October 22, 2015 3:33pm UTC
    I want to die but I don't want to suicide. I have the guts to suicide but its not about that. I don't want anyone to feel guilty. I don't want my bestfriends to think they weren't there for me enough. I don't want my parents to feel that way either although they are one of the reasons I don't want to live. But there are many more reasons I want my Life to end ;__;

  17. Loner_in_Lalaland Loner_in_Lalaland
    posted a quote
    October 7, 2015 1:35am UTC
    What Doesn't Kills You Leaves A Scar That Always Reminds You, You Should Try Again, Try To Die Again.

  18. Loner_in_Lalaland Loner_in_Lalaland
    posted a quote
    October 6, 2015 3:33am UTC
    He Leart To Move On. He Changed Himself For The Better. But At Night When He Stares At The Moon And Looks At His Scars, Those Scars That Never Seems To Fade Away. Reminds Him Of His Struggles And The Pain He Had To Go Through In His Past. ~boys suffers too~

  19. Loner_in_Lalaland Loner_in_Lalaland
    posted a quote
    October 5, 2015 7:16am UTC

  20. Loner_in_Lalaland Loner_in_Lalaland
    posted a quote
    September 13, 2015 10:58am UTC
    Dear Readers, I kill about 13 million kids a year. ~~Bullying


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