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Sad Quotes

  1. Finding_happiness⛵* Finding_happiness⛵*
    posted a quote
    November 10, 2017 6:02pm EST
    do u know how hard I am trying to become what you want me to be.

  2. Finding_happiness⛵* Finding_happiness⛵*
    posted a quote
    November 10, 2017 5:43pm EST
    when your mind and your body are so distant

  3. Finding_happiness⛵* Finding_happiness⛵*
    posted a quote
    November 9, 2017 4:30pm EST
    Depression take away the aim of your life you don't know what to do.
    you tried for so long to fix this and fit in but this world is full of sin.

  4. musicure musicure
    posted a quote
    November 3, 2017 4:58pm EDT
    all my flowers grew back as thorns

  5. mariah_love1369 mariah_love1369
    posted a quote
    November 1, 2017 3:50pm EDT
    In 12 days I will be 20 years old.
    In 2011 I was 12.
    The year i first joined witty profiles.
    wittyprofiles was the first social media i really ever have experienced, my mom breifly let me have a facebook but it proceeded to get taken away because of whatever bad thing i was doing that was not approriate for a 12 year old girl on the internet. I was shown witty by my bestfriend and that would become my hobby. I would spend all my free time writing poetry or qoutes or look for song lyrics that i thought would get likes. I would spend so much of my free time learning how to make the quotes that people wanted to see and read, thousands of people used to grace this site with their words, creativity and bulls**. All of us going through simialr situations. wetaher it be figruing out what love is and heartbreak or learning about social norms we just can't wrap our heads around, sometimes we bonded over our mental illneses some of us not even realizing the feelings we were describing matched those of a mental illness. There were no censors on us back then, you could unleash hell in your quote and post it for the world to see. Witty seemed endless. Now here I am in college, sitting at my work study job browsing the hallow sections of witty and I can't help but feel a mixture of things. Happiness because some of these quotes I created are scattered with such pain I never believed I would survive, Sadness because I wish witty was still as explosive and beautiful as it used to be, emptiness because I wonder where everyone who grew up on here with me is at today and most of all fear. Fear of time escaping me so quickly, when my eyes first became fixated on wittyprofiles I thought 20 was light years away and now its approaching my doorstep. I'm still scared of what the future holds for me but not as much as when I was 12, things are not perfect but things are better than they once were. The old witty is legendary and could never be replicated but I do hope, one day , some how a group of pre teen kids find this place and blow it up with color and creativity just like we once did.
    Thank you witty for helping be get through my teen years

  6. crimson24 crimson24
    posted a quote
    October 24, 2017 9:18pm EDT
    i cant erase that horrified look he gave me when he asked "is this me!?"...it's imprinted in my brain and all i could think to respond was "i'll do whatever the f i want!"...but i know it hurt him just as much as me...id never seen him cry before...

  7. debauchery* debauchery*
    posted a quote
    October 22, 2017 8:32pm EDT
    Yesterday, I woke up from a nap to a world without you in it. I thought it was a joke, but there was very little setup... I’m never going to get the punchline, but I keep trying to.

  8. clinquant* clinquant*
    posted a quote
    October 22, 2017 5:17pm EDT

  9. debauchery* debauchery*
    posted a quote
    October 21, 2017 7:00pm EDT
    I often wonder how good of a granddaughter I was. It bothers me to the point of tears sometimes. I don't know if I could have been better but I think it's a possibility. Did I ever seem moody when all you were doing was being kind? Were there times I failed to smile at you, hug you as tightly as you hugged me, appreciate any of the gifts you gave me on holidays? Did you ever think I didn't want to be with you all those times I turned down going to the bay house on weekends? Did I ever come off as reluctant and unwelcoming when you spent the night and I had to share my room? Did I ever sound disinterested or eager to hand off the phone to Mom when you called and rambled good naturedly? Did I ever comment with even a hint of criticism on something you worked hard on or something that was an innate part of you? Did I ever ruin your day, deeply upset you when I did something mildly inconsiderate or childish? I remember the last argument we ever had, when I had said in a melancholy tone that I felt I had a boring life and no friends, and you got frustrated and yelled and ranted that I was failing to see the good things I have and that I wasn't going out of my way to bring change, and I know this fiery indignation was because you loved me and wanted me to be happy and hated that I felt so down. All you ever did was help me and think about me and look after me. Did I return the favor? Did my efforts match yours? Did you always know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were an amazing and irreplaceable part of my life, just as I knew I was to yours? I keep telling myself if you did have any doubts they must've surely been erased when you saw how I couldn't hold back my tears when I looked at you in the hospital bed that first time, or when I talked to you on the phone and said I miss you through a sudden outburst of tears because I was already thinking ahead to this time, when I would be without you forever, or how I took off work without hesitation so I could have more opportunities to visit you. But I don't know if I'm just kidding myself. I wish I could find out for sure. I wish I could get a sign right now that you know, that you always knew. I hope I never failed you, and if I did I hope you forgive me because I'm not good at forgiving myself.
    I'm so sorry Maw Maw.

  10. SuicidalHeart SuicidalHeart
    posted a quote
    October 20, 2017 3:09pm EDT
    "I love you" She says.
    "Prove it." He replied.
    "I don't know how..." She forced out.
    "Then you don't really love me." He walked away.
    Her heart was shattered.
    She cried and prayed.
    For her to replay that day.

  11. crimson24 crimson24
    posted a quote
    October 17, 2017 9:07am EDT
    the blood works stops the water works;the leg is beer and the wrist is vodka

  12. Cupcake22* Cupcake22*
    posted a quote
    October 17, 2017 7:55am EDT
    I'll do whatever I like 2 do!!!!
    not those things...which you want me 2 do!!!

  13. gab* gab*
    posted a quote
    October 10, 2017 2:38pm EDT
    fake happiness is still the worst kind of sadness

  14. GhostTown GhostTown
    posted a quote
    October 10, 2017 11:55am EDT
    Well, this website is depressing now...

  15. Slim Shadys Baby* Slim Shadys Baby*
    posted a quote
    October 8, 2017 7:19pm EDT
    I want to have nice hair
    I want to have pretty eyes
    I want to have fuller lips
    I want to have clear skin
    I want to have longer legs
    I want perfectly white and straight teeth
    I want to have a smaller nose
    I want to have an hourglass figure
    I want to be taller
    I want to be funnier
    I want to be smarter
    I want to be pretty
    I want to be sexy
    I just want to be
    b e a u t I f u l
    so that you will love me like I love you

  16. *Yours Truly* *Yours Truly*
    posted a quote
    October 1, 2017 4:40am EDT
    You ask my why all of my writing sounds
    sad, but you don't understand the way it
    manifests. The way my words are strung
    fairy lights, in an empty house at
    midnight, trying to make all of the dark
    edges beautiful again.

  17. The Quiet* The Quiet*
    posted a quote
    September 26, 2017 2:15am EDT
    I don't wanna be in-love.
    I don't appreciate you enough.

  18. xYoungNRecklessx xYoungNRecklessx
    posted a quote
    September 25, 2017 2:13pm EDT
    I cry at nothing, and cry most of the time.
    -Charlotte Gilman, the Yellow Wall-paper

  19. xYoungNRecklessx xYoungNRecklessx
    posted a quote
    September 25, 2017 2:10pm EDT
    We wear the mask that grins and lies,
    It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes,— This debt we pay to human guile;
    With torn and bleeding hearts we smile,
    And mouth with myriad subtleties.
    Why should the world be over-wise,
    In counting all our tears and sighs?
    Nay, let them only see us, while
    We wear the mask.
    We smile, but, O great Christ, our cries
    To thee from tortured souls arise.
    We sing, but oh the clay is vile
    Beneath our feet, and long the mile;
    But let the world dream otherwise,
    We wear the mask!

  20. xYoungNRecklessx xYoungNRecklessx
    posted a quote
    September 25, 2017 10:14am EDT
    Fly low ye carrion crow
    Seize my body for the debt I owe
    Drop me high into the depths below
    For the things I've seen, no one else should know
    It's just you and me and my rib-caged brain
    We polished the [smile] and we dust the [pain]
    And we lay down fallow like slaveless chains
    And they call us sick as though they're all so sane
    So, fly low ye carrion crow
    And seize my body for to free my soul
    And drop me high into the depths below
    For the things I've seen, no one else should know
    And what speak you of a love so bold?
    No song could sing, no word could hold
    But I warn you now of an end foretold
    And a lifelong waiting for a death's parole
    So, fly low ye carrion crow
    Seize my body for it lives no more
    Drop me high into the depths below
    For the things I've seen, no one else should know
    For the things I've seen, no one else should know
    For the things I've seen, no one else should know

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