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Poetry Quotes

  1. TheCovertComic TheCovertComic
    posted a quote
    November 22, 2019 5:44pm EST
    'Twas Thomas Edison did declare
    That waste is worse than loss
    Yet never thought it fit to pare
    His first name to Tomás

  2. TheCovertComic TheCovertComic
    posted a quote
    May 24, 2019 8:52pm EDT
    You Go Girl
    You go girl
    Expression of approval
    You're doing well
    Fellow possessor of ovaries
    You go girl
    Empirico-metaphysical observation
    You and your nails keep on moving
    Through space, time, and Goddess knows what
    You go girl
    Requested action
    Please take that attitude
    Somewhere else honey
    You go girl
    Poetic sentiment
    You decide to walk with mouth open
    Bright color on your lips

  3. seafoam* seafoam*
    posted a quote
    February 5, 2019 8:15pm EST
    Scratch my heart to find
    The roots of last year’s roses in my breast;

  4. wearestarstuff wearestarstuff
    posted a quote
    January 18, 2019 8:48am EST
    22 December 2018
    I imagined my mind knowing better felt
    my viscera quiver. the birds get startled
    into flight though always round-trip.
    it’s good to be home alone not that you would
    if I had anything to do about it but
    we make do. life sucks
    its thumb. you’re right where
    you’re meant to be. who’s to say blankets
    aren’t party dresses or that eyes
    can only wet in one way.
    gloveless in this eventide chill.
    luckily we aren’t parting thickets
    for interstices for clarity.
    I empathise with the trees that bend
    out of light’s way at least till rough
    limbs creep up gently
    against glass they refuse to crack.
    dirty bedroom window remains so. it treasures
    the head that rested on it oil and all pondering
    the ease with which we dance around naked intention.
    show me it’s possible to live and for quite a while
    without flowering a new wound.
    how lovely we are in our natural state.
    taste of raw tongue on my tongue waves
    fragile at our feet. we stay dipped long enough for
    our digits to grow old shrivel without
    fear. something once felt too cruel to endure.
    I would not have chosen to float
    if given the option. but now i’ll swim.

  5. *Yours Truly* *Yours Truly*
    posted a quote
    December 24, 2018 6:35am EST
    I don't look at the world the way I once did.
    I use to find words in silent places,
    like the space between two yearning hands,
    or the waiting room of a hospital.
    Lately I only see in black and white,
    lately, I don't find poetry between the lines.
    Lately I find myself becoming more and more unfeeling.

  6. *Yours Truly* *Yours Truly*
    posted a quote
    December 17, 2018 6:26am EST
    You can call something home, and still feel
    okay to leave for a while.
    That is why I always return here.

  7. *Yours Truly* *Yours Truly*
    posted a quote
    December 17, 2018 6:25am EST
    I don't want to be a flower, I want to be an evergreen
    Don't tell me I must die and come back only in Spring
    I want to breathe in the cold of winter and live in the tears of autumn
    I want to watch cities crumble, and people rebuild what's left
    There are meteors waiting to collide with us,
    this is just the beginning.
    I don't want to be a flower, I want to be an evergreen
    I'm tired of having wilted petals, and tender hands caressing me
    I am sturdy, I hold my own
    I want to constantly renew myself until the rest of the world
    doesn't stand a chance.

  8. seafoam* seafoam*
    posted a quote
    December 16, 2018 9:03pm EST
    i believe when angels are bored they watch the story of you two coming together on repeat. heaven knows, for her, there is no other place safer than your arms; for her, your leather-jacket breath is paradise enough.
    —SADE ANDRIA ZABALA, praying for william

  9. seafoam* seafoam*
    posted a quote
    December 16, 2018 8:09pm EST
    if there is a light then i am going to s w a l l o w i t.
    if there is a god then i’m going to m a k e h i m c r y.

  10. seafoam* seafoam*
    posted a quote
    November 29, 2018 7:44pm EST
    I didn’t know that the war was still inside you, that there was a war to begin with, that once it enters you it never leaves—but merely echoes
    – A Letter to My Mother that She Will Never Read

  11. seafoam* seafoam*
    posted a quote
    October 30, 2018 1:10am EDT
    of course I cried
    of course I tried to run
    of course I’d die for you
    if you asked me to
    none of this means it was love
    all of this means it was love

  12. seafoam* seafoam*
    posted a quote
    September 12, 2018 7:09pm EDT
    When I love, I love like torrential rain – heavy and intense.
    I am too softhearted and hardheaded.
    Don’t treat me like the sun, I am not. I am monsoon.

  13. seafoam* seafoam*
    posted a quote
    September 12, 2018 5:54pm EDT
    You told me that blank, white nothingness is what it feels like to be at the center of a star just as it is falling apart. I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you. I am there now, and I know you weren’t lying. The day you left, I realized you were a rogue planet. That you didn’t orbit around anyone, or anything. That you had no solar system, and you found your way into mine, into my orbit, to stay with me just for a little while.
    (Loss and Space Theories)

  14. seafoam* seafoam*
    posted a quote
    September 12, 2018 5:15pm EDT
    The image of you walking away from a home that was once ours helped me understand that there is no romance in the way a star collapses. It is ugly to watch a thing of beauty turn on itself.
    – Loss and Space Theories ♥

  15. seafoam* seafoam*
    posted a quote
    August 14, 2018 8:17pm EDT
    I tell too many stories at once. This, too, is a violence. But I want to tell you everything, I want you to love me for it, and I want you to forgive me after I say everything you asked me not to say.

  16. opalescent* opalescent*
    posted a quote
    July 25, 2018 5:25pm EDT
    you tried to talk about it
    once, afterwards.
    you named it
    and laid down until it was over.
    you named it
    and you watched people
    walk away from you.
    you named it
    and felt ashamed.
    you still said its name.
    — t.m.

  17. opalescent* opalescent*
    posted a quote
    July 25, 2018 12:43pm EDT
    Im sorry if you
    couldn’t find
    I have been
    in the
    I put myself
    there because
    I couldn’t be good.
    I have been
    running with
    foxes and
    hunting with
    and I have
    found myself
    a home
    where no body goes.

  18. seafoam* seafoam*
    posted a quote
    June 15, 2018 9:22pm EDT
    in a language that doesn’t have the word ‘love’ I say “I still have the receipt from the film we watched on our first date” I say “I bought four red sweaters after you told me it was your favorite color” I say “it’s been exactly two hundred and twelve days since our last kiss” I say “last week, in a hotel room, the complementary pantene shampoo was the type that you use” I say “I walked around smelling like you and nobody else cried over it” I say “yes, I’m still crying over it” I say “the other day somebody’s ringtone went off in class and it was the same noise you set for your alarm and it took me a minute to figure out where I knew it from” I say “I’m terrified of someday not knowing where I knew it from”...

  19. TheCovertComic TheCovertComic
    posted a quote
    March 24, 2018 4:03pm EDT
    When breathing in life and breathing out poetry, remember that 80% of halitosis comes from the tongue.

  20. Skimrande Skimrande
    posted a quote
    March 2, 2018 3:22pm EST
    Sometimes I wanna stitch my lips together to excuse myself from spoken debates since words slip off my finger tips so much more easily than they do my tongue and in an argument my upper hand is always swallowed by a faster mouth

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