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Mommom Quotes

  1. jessx1223xgal jessx1223xgal
    posted a quote
    July 22, 2013 11:07pm UTC
    Dear fellow Wittians,
    I would like to ask if you could please vote for my mommom in an Alzheimer's caregiver contest. I believe my Mommom deserves to win because she is such a strong woman to take care of my poppop's brother, my great uncle, with Alzheimer's. During my uncle's fight with this horrible disease, he wondered off and has been missing since 11/30/11. In all of this craziness, she always managed to keep strong for my poppop and the rest of my family. We came to find out that my poppop has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Through it all my Mommom has kept a strong and willing heart. Please vote and thanks SO much! The link is down below!

  2. YoungForever_723* YoungForever_723*
    posted a quote
    January 27, 2013 1:06am UTC
    i miss their laughs
    i miss their smiles
    i miss their hugs
    i miss their voices
    i miss the way she'd play with my hair;
    just stroke it, casually, while she chatted
    i miss sitting with her on the back porch in the summer
    while she smoked her cigarette during her work break
    i miss the way her clothes smelled
    after she did her hair in the bathroom
    i miss the jokes he'd always make
    at family dinners, like Christmas
    i miss his tattoos and piercings that he had
    that i found, strangely, comforting about him
    i miss him going on YouTube to look up
    your helmet-cam videos to show us from your races
    i miss the summer days we'd spend at the house
    i miss the way they'd raise their voices at the table
    i miss eating junk food with them
    i miss the smell of her hairspray
    i miss fighting with him
    i miss everything
    i regret not going to races with him
    i regret taking them for granted
    i regret wishing she'd leave
    i regret ever being mad at them
    i regret not hugging them after the parade
    i regret not saying "i love you" enough
    i hate having these nights
    i hate driving by their house, knowing they're not there
    i hate seeing their faces on the news
    i hate asking mom about court
    i hate visiting them at a grave
    i hate spending the holidays alone now
    i hate looking at their pictures on my bedside table
    i hate never seeing them again
    i hate missing them
    i miss my Mommom and my Uncle Ryan so much..
    i just can't take this anymore..
    they weren't supposed to die..
    not now, not like that..


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