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Loveyoulou Quotes

  1. 鲁汉 ♡* 鲁汉 ♡*
    posted a quote
    January 7, 2014 7:27am UTC
    I dont care what you say
    or who your favourite is; Louis Tomlinson is the glue
    that holds One Direction together. He is the unofficial
    leader - the one who rallies the boys for both focus
    and mischief making, who distracts them when their
    nervous, who cheers them up when their sad. He's the
    one who takes the reins at awards shows and organizes
    acoustic renditions of songs onstage and deals with
    management on behalf of the boys so they don't have to.
    He wrote 2/3 of their newest album - which sold
    546,000 copies in its first week - and he's carried
    harmonies on their songs from the very beginning.
    He's the link that holds One Direction together.
    Even if he isnt your favorite, he's your favorite's favorite,
    and if you can't see that, and if you don't understand
    that, then you don't understand the boys. #SupportLouis
    format credit to LouisTomlinsonFacts


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