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  1. shescrazy19 shescrazy19
    posted a quote
    January 25, 2017 7:25pm UTC
    I am at work and Im literally on the bathroom floor crying. I was taking xrays on an 85 year old woman; she was scared to be at the dentist office. I talked her through her xrays and as I walked her to her exam room, she grabbed my hand and she called to the waiting room, crying, "Victor, hunny, I'm not so scared anymore!" I instantly got teary eyed. He eventually came into the exam room and he kissed her on the forehead and sat by her. That was gunna be us.

  2. shxxo shxxo
    posted a quote
    February 27, 2016 4:58am UTC
    Spanish: Tengo los ojos irritados de tanto extrañarte.
    English: I have my eyes irritable from missing you alot.

  3. littledirectionerchristian* littledirectionerchristian*
    posted a quote
    June 7, 2015 7:40pm UTC
    Let me
    Love you
    For one

  4. mhamilton mhamilton
    posted a quote
    May 12, 2015 9:12am UTC
    Every love story
    is beautiful
    but Ours is

  5. *compassionate soul* *compassionate soul*
    posted a quote
    November 21, 2014 2:00pm UTC
    Don't compare your love story to those you watch in movies. They're written by scriptwriters, yours is written by God.

  6. amaris_echo amaris_echo
    posted a quote
    July 28, 2014 6:30pm UTC
    Until I met you.
    Chapter Ten:
    "Issac, is that a good idea?" Izzy asked me, smiling. I ran up and down the beach, my legs not hurting at all. "I'm fine." I said, jumping around. It felt nice to be able to run around, feeling no pain at all. "Issac, you're crazy." Se exclaimed, laughing.
    "Issac." She looked into my eyes, and it suddenly became dark, and there were flashing lights, and it became hard to breathe. "Izzy?" She pointed toward the house, and whispered. "Go.." I looked at the house, then back at her, but she was gone. I ran to the house, and it becam eeven harder to breathe.
    As I came closer to the house, the scene became different, but all too familiar. I saw Nina, my parents being dragged out stretchers, and a yyoung version of me, crying on the porch. "How could you?" The younger version of me looked into my eyes. "You should have saved them!" I looked around, and grabbed my chest. "S-she asked me to stay hidden.." he walked toward me and yelled at the top of his lungs, and I fell to the ground, tears filling my eyes. "Stop it!" I kicked my legs and closed my eyes as much as I could, before opening them again.
    Smoke everywhere. "Hello?" I ran into the kitchen, noticing a funny smell, and hearing Melanie laughing with Damen. "You guys... you're burning down the kitchen!" I ran in and turned off the oven, opening it. Melanie came in, her eyes red. "Aw crap...my cookies." I threw the pan onto the floor. "Your cookies? What about the fu**ing house?" She flinched a bit. "I'm sorry Issac, I was just really hungry."
    Damen came in the kitchen, and laughed. "Dude, calm down. It's not on fire." I rolled my eyes, and John came down. "What is going on......Who is smoking weed in my house?" He screamed. I looked at Melanie, and started picking up the burned cookies off the floor. "You are so unbelieveable." I said to her. "What? You never had fun in your life?"
    I couldn't believe this. Fun? Burning down the house, this was fun to her? "If you need to trick yor mind into having fun, then it's not very fun, is it?" I said, throwing the last bit of burned cookies into the trash can. "Issac, I didn't mean to..." I put up m hand. "Save it." John looked at her. "You need to go Damen." I nodded. "That would be best."
    Melanie crossed her arms, looking angry at me. "So what, we smoked a little. The cookies burned, big freaking deal." I laughed. "I'm glad I never asked you to be my stupid girlfriend." I spat at her, opening the window to air out the kitchen, and walked back up to my room.
    As soon as I hit my head on the pillow I thought of my dream. Could I have saved my family? I probably could have, probably messe that up just like everythihng else.
    The next few days went by slowly, as I just sat in my room and only left to use the bathroom. Grace brought me food, and John came to talk to me a few times. Melanie knocked on my door, trying to get me to talk to her, but I couldn't. I wasn't mad at her for amoking, I've done it too. I was mad at her ignorance about cooking. Not thinking about the house burning down.
    On the fourth day, I felt the worst. I had been in the room, watching out the window, ignoring everyone. "Issac..." I heard John say, cracking the door a bit. "Issac, you feeling any better?" I pulled the blanket over my head, and groaned. "Issac, look at yourself, you're depressed. I let out a bitter laugh. "Depressed." I mocked his tone.
    He opened my closet, and the mirror on the door faced me, and I looked at myself. My eyes were cloudy. Bags and ark circles under them. My hair was a mess and I had a bit of stubble coming in and I looked horrible. Maybe I am depressed. "We're worried." I shook my head. "I'm fine." I protested.
    "Melanie is worried too." I scoffed. " I don't care." He sighed, standing up and going through my closet, throwing clothes at me. "Get dressed, shave your face, we're going out." I wanted to protest, but then I thought of Nina, how dissapointed she would be, and I didn't want to mess yet another thing up, so I walked into the bathroom, turning on the hot water, and began to shave my face.
    After I was finished, you could barely tell I was locked in my room for almost a whole week, other than the fact that my face was pale, and it looks like I haven't slept, which honestly, I haven't. I walked into the living room where Grace hugged me. "You look better." She said, and I forced a weak smile on my face, and locked eyes with Melanie from behind my back, I was not going to let the past bother me anymore. "Hey." She said softly, and I nodded at her, making her frown.
    "You're lucky you get anything." John said, grabbing my arm and we walked out, Grace sitting next to Melanie on the couch. "Let's have fun." I simply said, getting into the car.
    I have said before, that I also have this story on Wattpad, if you have that and want to follow me/ read it on there. My user: izoraascelin .
    Also, if you liked this, favorite, follow, and comment. I will update when I can! If you would like to get notified, comment, and I will notify you. I hope you like this story! I hope to have people read this, because I would love feedback, and readers! <3
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  7. amaris_echo amaris_echo
    posted a quote
    July 28, 2014 6:28pm UTC
    Until I met you.
    Chapter Nine:
    It must not have hung up because I heard her talking to Damen.
    "No, I was just calling Issac, oh come on he isn't that bad, dont give me that face." What face? I could punch him right across his. "He's sweet." I her=ard her say, and heard Damen's voice speak up. "He's a fool." She laughed, and it felt like my heart was going to explode, I looked over at Izzy who was staring at the art on the wall, and I listened to about another minute before hanging up.
    I checked the texts, John, Mel, and oh wait, more from Mel.
    Mostly, they had just asked where I was, what I was doing and to call them, atleast the ones from Mel, did. John had explained something that happened to then in a cab. I set down my phone, looking a Isobelle, and smiled as she looked back. "So, you live here with a girlfriend?" I shook my head.
    "My friend, his wife, and....well, his wifes friend." I didn't lie, I certainly didn't want to be her friend after listening to her and Damen's voices, laughing at me on a stupid voice mail. She just nodded, and looked at me. "Well, I like it." I st next to her on the couch she was on, turning on the tv, and looking down at my plain white cast.
    "Don't you have work?" I asked her, as she yawned, but she shook her head. "Well, why not?" She sighed, and sat to face me.
    "My grandfather wants me to live my life, told me to find an easier job, soemthing that young adults do, I'm only 18 there isn't much anywhere else I could work besides a low class, diner or a grocery store or.." I stopped her.
    "Or you could do something you love still." She cocked her head to the side, as if asking me how. "Well, you could do a lot, you like saving lives right? You could always apply to teach kids how to swim, or be a lifeguard, or work down at the nurse station on the beach for injuries." She nodded, smiling a bit.
    "Thank you for trying to make me feel better..." I smiled, and watched her face begin to tighten as she smiled back. I wanted to lean in and kiss her, I didn't know her for very long, bt people feel like kissing other people all of the time.
    And just as I thought I would do it, the door opened and Mel walked in, wirh Damen by her side.
    "I know, he was so stupid looking when he fell down the-" She stopped talking as she stared into my eyes, turning pink. "Issac...you're home." I nodded, looking down at Isobelle, who started to look more uncomfortale. "Wait, what happened?" She yelled.
    Damen just laughed as she ran up to me. "Issac!" I shrugged.
    "An accident." She just looked at me, her eyes softening, and I could feel the sorrow, the pity through her gaze.
    "When did this happen?" I sighed, standing up, limping toward Izzy. "And who is this?" I shook my head, smiling at Izzy.
    "A friend." I said, taking her wrist lightly, and heading toward the porch. "And it happened the night of the wedding, but I guess I'm just a fool." I mocked Damen's voice from the voice mail. "My bad."
    I explained who Melanie was to Izzy, and she litened, not pretended to listen, she actually listened the whole entire time. "She is stupid to take him over you." I shrugged, maybe she wasn't.
    "My grandfather should have been here by now." Izzy said, leaning against the front door. I shrugged. "I could call you a cab?" She smiled at me. "That's sweet, but I have no money." I heard John's voice inside, instantly calling out my name. "I can get you a ride."
    John came up to me, patting me on my good shoulder and laughing lightly. "I leave you alone for what, a day and you get hurt, what are we going to do with him?" He turned toward Grace, who had smiled back.
    "We could always get him leash, tie him up to the porch." I smiled as they joked, still not noticing Izzy behind me, until she let out a small sneeze. "Aweh, John. He brought home a friend." She said, giggling.
    "Grace, now now, he is growing up, but we musn't humiliate him. He is cute though, isn't he?" He pinched my cheeks, and I could hear Izzy laugh behind me, and I could also feel my cheeks getting red.
    "Can we bring her home?" I looked at John with pleading eyes, and he sighed. "Have the car back by 10." I looked down at my arm and back at him. "I can't drive, John." He groaned. "FIIIIINEEEEEE." He smiled, poking me with his elbow.
    We got into the car, and it was extremely silent, Grace sat in passenger, and Izzy and I back seat, and she watched out the window. I watched her eyes as they grazed the sky, looking at the moon as it started to rise, she smiled. I couldn't like her this quickly, there is no way.
    She unbuckled her seat, as we pulled up in front of an apartment building. "I'll walk you to your door." I said, getting up, and wincing as my feet touched the ground, my legs still hurting. "It's my pleasure." I reassured her, as she looked at the car, and then my legs.
    "Well, thank you." She said, as we stood in front of a big wooden door. I looked down at her, she only came up to about my chin. "I uhm...here." She slid a piece of paper into my pocket, and then stared into my eyes. "Issac?" I nodded, and looked back into hers.
    She bit her lip and smiled, turning toward the door. "I'll uh, see you around." She disappeared into the big wooden door, and I turned toward the car, confused. What was that?
    Later that night, Melanie had been with Damen on the couch, laying her head on his chest, as it raised, and fell at a slow rate as he slept, she looked at me, pity still filling her eyes. I shrugged it off, walking to my room, and checked my pocket, remembering Izzy slid something inside it.
    It was her number. When did she even have time to write that down? Weird. I groaned as I lay back in bed, my legs aching, and my chest and throat sore. I rubbed my temples, and sighed loudy. How could any of this happen? Melanie being in the living room with Damen, guy whom she had left the reception for, while she was on a date with me.
    And Izzy, the doctor I had only met the night of that happpening. I looked out at the stars through my window. Maybe I just needed to sleep on it. I closed my eyes, not too long after, falling asleep.
    I have said before, that I also have this story on Wattpad, if you have that and want to follow me/ read it on there. My user: izoraascelin .
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  8. amaris_echo amaris_echo
    posted a quote
    July 11, 2014 9:13pm UTC
    Until I met you.
    Chapter Eight:
    Dr. Izzy, is what I had started to call her. I changed my doctor, to a male doctor, mainly because I wasn't comfortable with her having to help me to the bathroom, and all of that doctor stuff. Also? I wanted to get to know her, and I know that doctors and their patients cannot have relationships, not even really friendships.
    She still checked up on me though, every hour she came to my room, asking how I was doing. She also ate lunch the same time I did, came to my room, and we would talk. "Wow, that is pretty facinating." I said to her, after listening to her explain why she had become a doctor. "So you're like extremely smart then?"
    She shrugged. "I guess in society terms, I am." She smiled. "My father is a farmer, and my mom is a librarian. I wanted to make them proud of me, because my eldest brother left home to go to Africa to be a doctor there, and I looked up to him for that."
    I looked at the side of her face, and smiled. "Izzy, you're 19, you're a doctor, and you graduated Highschool at 16!" I saw her face turn slightly pink. "As far as I am concerned, you're the smartest person on earth." I wasn't lying, I had never met someone so young, and sucessful.
    "Issac, it's nothing really, and I a barely a doctor. I'm still in practice, but since my grandfather works here, I get to practice on real patients, obviously not serious cases, like I can't operate or prescribe anything, I might as well be a nurse." She stood up, looking over at the clock. "I have to go, dinner is over, I'll visit in a while." She walkd out.
    "Moooom." I groaned as she combed my hair to the side. "Mom it's not that big a deal." She said to me, sitting me up. "I just have to show George." She smiled, taking my picture, making me smile. I shook my head. "Can I ask you something?" I asked her.
    She laughed saying the same thing I said to her every time she asked that question, "You already have, but you may ask another." I smiled.
    "Why didn't he come with you?" I said, biting the inside of my lip a bit, and she sighed.
    "Issac, you know how he is, doesn't like to get out much. Don't take it to heart, hunny." She said, smoothing out my hair. "He does love you, you know that right? He also misses you." I didn't believe her.
    "He didn't even say goodbye to me, he nodded, as I walked toward the door." I could feel y heart speed up, and the monitor started to pick it up. I let out a sigh, trying to calm myself down. "I'm going home tomorrow, you can go back home."
    "Issac!" She shook her head. "I am not leaving you here." I smiled, softly. "George probably misses you, and you know how he gets." She nodded, agreeing.
    "I'll go." She said, smiling. "On one condition." I scratched the back of my neck. "I call John and Grace, and tell them about what happened."
    "Fine." I groaned, agreeing after three minutes. She left the room to call, and the doctor came in, doctor Warner. "How is everything?" He asked, and I just nodded.
    "Everythign is yes? Come on Issac, use words, I have some good news." I smiled, looking at him, expecting him to say something, but then he gave me the same stare.
    "I'm great!" I said, still smiling, "I can walk, I can drink on my own, my voice is still hoarse, but It's getting better, The pain medicine is working great." I said, still kind of waiting for an answer.
    "Well, the news is, that you can come home," He trailed off, looking at the papers he held in his hand. "But the bad news is that it has to be tonight." I looked up at him.
    "Uhm, what's bad about that?" he chuckled silently. "I mean, I would love to go home right about now, I love on the beach, the fresh air, the sound of waves." He nodded, as if agreeing it was good for me.
    "I suppose that isn't bad news." He walked out, saying "I'll get your paperwork ready, and we will find a nurse to come and check up on you every once in a while."
    My mom walked in and smiled. "Grace is insisting that John and her come home." I bring my right hand to ny head, to hold it up. "They aren't haveing very much fun anyways, John said." Of course they weren't, they were not the type of people to be without friends.
    Izzy came to see me before I left, and wheeled me out to the car, my mother couldn't take me home, so they are having a doctor do it, that doctor happened to be Isobelle, and her grandfather, the man who ran the hispital.
    "Thank you sir, you know for bringing me home." He nodded at me, looking into the rear view, studying my face a second before looking back on the road. "And, you Isobelle, thanks for coming for the ride."
    The old man driving, laughed a bit, "She insisted on coming." I saw her lightly smack his neg, and he smiled wide. "You're handsome, so I suppose I can see why she would insist." I bit my lip, and saw the side of her cheek getting red.
    We pulled up to the house, and Izzy helped me out. "I can walk." I said, stepping out of the wheel chair, and starting toward the door. "Let me help you.." She grabbed my arm, and helped me up to the door, and we heard an engine, and then, her grandfather was gone. "AGAIN?!" She yelled into the sky.
    Again? What? "He does this..." I looked at her confused. "Abandons you?" She shook her head. "He left me at a store once."
    "Grandpa....you need help! Come back here and get me..." She was silent, rolling her eyes as she listened, and then her eyess widened, as she hung up. "So...He's coming to get me tonight..." I looked at her confused. "He wants us to be...friends." She said, an embarrassed look on her face.
    "Well, I would love to be friends.." I said, opening my door, and walking in. "Come on in." I insisted, making sure she followed me. "It's nice." She said, awkwardly looking around.
    My phone was smashed, but still turned on. I had seven missed calls, 12 texts, and three voice mail messages. I decided to check on the voice mails first, tleling Izzy to sit.
    "Issac, it's Mel, I came home and you were gone...I waited up, where are you?" I sighed, deleting it, and listening to the next one, also Melanie. "Hey, it's Mel again. Will you call me? I have to talk to you.." I deleted it, before listening to the rest. "Issac.." Mel's voice sounded out of breath, and I instantly felt worried. "Issac, I am staying at Damen's. If you come by today, give me a text. I miss you." I coud hear it go on, but she wasn't close to the phone anymore.
    I have said before, that I also have this story on Wattpad, if you have that and want to follow me/ read it on there. My user: izoraascelin .
    Also, if you liked this, favorite, follow, and comment. I will update when I can! If you would like to get notified, comment, and I will notify you. I hope you like this story! I hope to have people read this, because I would love feedback, and readers! <3
    If you would like to see an update, on this story, [CHAPTER EIGHT] Favorite, and comment? <3

  9. tapangam tapangam
    posted a quote
    July 10, 2014 10:27pm UTC
    He's perfect
    Everything about him
    His smile, laugh, walk, voice, hair, everything
    I am so lucky to be the girfriend,
    of such an amazing guy for almost a year and a half
    Because of him: I smile
    Because of him: I'm happy
    I love you so much baby

  10. amaris_echo amaris_echo
    posted a quote
    July 7, 2014 11:13pm UTC
    Until I met you.
    Chapter Seven:
    "Have a safe trip." I smile as I close the limo door, and watch as John and Grace drive away. I look at the rice covered pavement and sigh, walking to my car. "Wait up!" I heard Melanie yell, and look back at her, walking up to me. "What?" She looked confused. "Are you okay Issac?" I shrugged. "Just tired." I turned toward the car again, and heard her let out an aggrivated sigh. "Issac." I turn back, looking at her.
    "Is it because I didn't dance with you?" I open the car door and sit in the seat. "Mel, just please go and have a fun night okay?" She smiled, hugging me. "Thank you!" She ran off, and went up to Damen.
    The drive home, was so silent, and boring. Why would Melanie go home with Damen the first night of meeting him? It really didn't seem like her, at all. Maybe she is that type of girl, and she just doesn't think of me the way I think of her. I have no idea.
    The light in front of me turned green, and I went forward, but I guess that the guy in the other lane didn't care that hir turned red, because he slammed into the front of my car.
    The loud crash created an annoying, ringing sound in my ears, and I could feel pressure on my arm, but I couldn't open my eyes, I'm not sure I wanted to. I heard someone screaming, and could just barely make out what they were saying "Sir! Are you okay?! I'm calling the ambulance, please, just hang on!"
    I soon heard sirens, and saw flashing lights, and started to cry. I couldn't die, I just couldn't. I thought back to the night I was young, but not about the bad things that happeed, I thought about Nina, my mother. The woman who took me in and made sure I grew up to be a promising young man, I wasn't her biological son, but she treated me just as well as one.
    I kept nodding in and out of consciousness. I went from the car, and opened my eyes, as I was being rolled on a hospital bed, and into the ambulance, I couldn't move, nor could I keep my eyyes open long enough, and they shut.
    I woke a few more timmes, getting out of the ambulance, and into a room, and then being hooked to machines. "Sir?" I heard a woman say, So I looked around, to find a young, blonde doctor looking at me, and I nod. "Sir, do you know where you are?" I open my mouth, "Hospital." But it was low and hoarse. "Do you know why?" I nod. "Accident." She scribbled something down on the papers on the clip board in her hands.
    "Issac, is it? Issac what?" I sighed, trying to sit up, but failing. "Johnson." She wrote that down on the paper, I assume. "Okay, issac, is there anyone you'd like us to call?" I thought for a minute. John and Grace were on their Honeymoon, Melanie was with Damen, and my mother was two whole states away.
    "No, I guess not." She sighed, standing up from the chair, taking down my insurace information, and walking out of the room. I looked around, noticing my clothes in a bag on a chair, bloody clothes. What happened to me? And why can't I sit up? I closed my eyes, and fell asleep.
    I heard my names a few times, but I didn't want to talk to anyone, so I kept my eyes closed, until I heard the doctor say my name again, sighing. "Issac, I know you're awake. There is someone here for you." I open one eye, and look at the doctor. "Who?" I so badly hoped it was Melanie.
    "Issac!" I heard my mom crying. I glared at the doctor, and then looked at my mom. my voice cracking as I spoke. "You didn't have to come." She placed her hand on my shoulder. "Don't be crazy, you're lucky I don't yell at you for not having them call me in the first place!"
    She wasn't happy, but she sat beside me. "Were you drinking?" I shake my head, my throat hurting too much from talking, even those few words. "The doctor called, saying that You were in an accident, and that you didn't want to contact anyone, but it was urgent." I sigh. "Mom.." She held up her hand.
    "Issac, look at yourself." I shook my head, I really didn't want to see myself. "I can't" Is all I could manage to get out, I hurt all over, and I knew I looked horrendous. I didn't want to see. "Want me to call John?" I shook my head. He was on his honeymoon, I didn't want to bother him.
    I fell back asleep, and for the first time in a long time, I dreamt of my birthparents, from befoore they were killed.
    "Issac, you know you can't do that." My father said laughing, and shaking his head as I hold a piece of bologna over my mom's face and drop it onto her cheek. "She just won't wake up Daddy!" I Jump around as he rips off the sliced meat stuck to her face. "Issac, son." I look over at him, and smile.
    "What Daddy?" He drops it back onto her face, and laughs, but she quickly jolts up and looks at him, his face stunned, jaw wide, not susre what to do. "Daddy! How dare you!" I grin, and keep plaing with my toy airplane. "He started it." My mom laughed, throwing the slice of bologna at him, and it sticks to his face.
    I wake up to my doctor changing my gauze on my head. "Goodmorning." She looks down at me, frowning a bit. "Yourn mother, went to get some food." I nod, and point to my glass of water, and she hands holds it up to my lips, and I sip from the straw. I let out a low, barely noticable "That's good."
    I notice that I can't move my body still, and look at the doctor, my voice cracking. "Why can 't I move?" She lets out a long sigh, and lookss around the room, I could tell she barely wanted to say anything about it to me just yet, but since she is a doctor, she knows she has to.
    "Well, Issac. I think I should wait to tell you until your mom is here." I sigh and roll my eyes, feeling like I am a child. She obviously already knew what was wrong with me, so why did I have to wait?
    She probably noticed at how annoyed I was, because she closed the door and sat next to me. "I'll tell you." I look at her, and stare into her eyes as she talks. "The other driver hit your car, you are extremelyy lucky to be alove, you know. Your left arm was impailed, it's broken, and in a cast. You can't move because your chest and legs are numb, because they are badly cut and we gave you numbing medication." She took a deep breath.
    "Also, your face is bruised, a few cuts, and you have quite a few stitches on your arm, legs, and side. " I nod, tears in my eyes. "But there is good news." I shake my head, sure there wasn't anything good about all of this. "You get to go home tomorrow." I furrow my eyebrows, and she laughs lightly. "We'll be giving you pain meds, and a nurse will visit you. Would you like to try and walk?" I shake my hed. If I could walk, I would feel much better.
    "I'll have to hold onto you, until your legs aren't numb." I nod, not caring, I just want to get up and walk. "I got you." She grabbed my arm, and held me up, and as I tried to take a step, I could feel my toes, and I smiled, speaking even though it hurt to talk. "I thought I was paralyzed." She shook her head. "Like I said, you are extremely lucky."
    It's funny to think that me, getting in a car accident would end up with me being lucky. But my doctor defintely made me feel lucky. She was short, kinda like Melanie. But she was so different. She had short curly blonde hair, big blue eyes, and I could tell she had a nose ring, but the must take it out for work. She had freckles on her nose, and cheeks, dimples, and she had, what i would call, perfect lips.
    When I first saw Melanie, I thought to myself, she was gorgeous, different, and interesting, and then when we became best friends, I was still nervous, but then when the same thing that happened to me, happened to her, I felt close to her, and I coforted her. Now, thinking of her, I am kind of glad I didn't ask her to be my girlfriend. I am starting to feel like a brother to her, and I think I may be okay with that.
    "Issac, you're doing it! You're walking!" I smiled as I looked down at my feet, wincing a bit because I could feel the pain in my legs. I looked a my doctor's nama tag, and smiled, looking at her, speaking. "Thank you Isobelle." She blushed a bit, and laughed. "It's doctor Palm." I shook m head. "I like Isobelle better." She let go of me, and stood next to me. "Fine, call me Izzy."
    I have said before, that I also have this story on Wattpad, if you have that and want to follow me/ read it on there. My user: izoraascelin .
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  11. amaris_echo amaris_echo
    posted a quote
    July 7, 2014 6:38pm UTC
    Until I met you.
    Chapter Six:
    Grace came down the isle, slowly I could see the tears on her cheeks, as she looked on John's huge smile, tear filled eyes and shaking hands. I place my hand on his shoulder and look over at Melanie, as she stares at Grace, with a huge smile on her face. I could tell she was happy for her, and I could aso tell that she was a bit nervous. Why was she nervous? She rubed her hands up and dow her arms, and stood with her legs close together.
    They said "I do." Kissed, and now we're driving our way to the reception at a bar, at the beach, they would leave for their honeymoon in Hawaii tonight, and would be gone for a week. I followed the limo, that John and Grace were in, with Melanie in the passenger seat, and John's two cousins, Sarah, and Clark in the back.
    The ride was pretty quiet, besides Sarah, and Clark talking softly to eachother, about how happy they are for John, and Melanie watched the road as we drove. I could tapped m fingers on the steering wheel as I wait for the light to turn green.
    At the reception, where Grace's mom had set the entire place up, Grace and John had theiir own table in the front of the room, facing all of the other tables. I was at the table a little off to the side of them, with Melanie, Grace's sister Joan, John's brother Wyatt, and Sarah and Clark. I may or may not have asked Grace's mother to switch her seat to be next to mine.
    I smiled as children danced on the dance floor, and ran around, failing their arms. "Do you want a drink?" Melanie asked me, takiong me out of the awkward silence at the table. I smiled, and stood up, "I'll get us some drinks, remember, you're my date and I don't want you to be getting me anything." Her face turned pink, and I walked to the bar.
    I wasn't old enough to get any alcohol, so got us some Soda. I brought it back to the table, but dropped one of the drinks on the floor. Another one of John's friends, that used to go to school with us, Damen, was in my seat, talking with Melanie. She was laughing, and twirling her hair in her fingers. Did she like this guy? She never twirled her hair around me.
    I hand her her drink, "I'm gonna go check up with the bride and groom, you okay?" I look from her, to Damen. "Yes, thank you!" She said, smiling."
    I knew John could tell I was irritated, just fro the way he shook his head and laughed as I approached his table. "Can I stral the groom for a minute?" Grace smiled, kissing him on the cheek. "I guess this will be the last time for a week for you two to really talk so, of course!" John walked next to me, to the front doors, and onto the sand outside.
    "I am not sure I like this situation." John said, smiling. I nodded. "I know right." We looked in at them, and I turned my head as I saw her kiss his cheek, as they began to dance. "Must be a slow song..." John muttered, looking from me to the Table where Grace sat. "Go ahead, man. It's your reception. Go have your first dance." He patted my shoulder, and walked through the doors. "Should I trip Damen?" I laugh lightly, and think about it for a second, until I notice how much fun Melanie is having. "No."
    I watched John walk up to Grace, and hold out his hand and her take it. I smiled as they walked to the middle of the dance floor, and started to slowly dance, I took a picture of them as they smiled into eachothers eyes, and sent it to John's phone, and also to my Mom. Nina's phone. "Stop being so cute." I wrote.
    I didn't go back in, until I saw John waving me in, to gather around with all of the single men, to catch that thing that the bride wears around her thigh, and to be honest I didn't even want to know what It was called. "ONE....TWO...THREE!" I shook my head as all of the guys reached up high for it, jumping, I raised my hand to pretend that I wanted to catch it.
    I was too busy thinking about Damen and Melanie to notice why everyone was staring at me. "What?" I asked confused, and then felt somehting silky in my hand. I caught it, well, I'll be damned. "Go Issac!" Yelled John, I forced a laugh, because I knew what happened when I cought this, I would have to pull this thing onto another girl's thigh.
    Grace threw her boquet into the air, with a big smile on her face, and giggling. Melanie jumped up, smiling, and reaching her hand up, and caught it, which made me blush. "Can the two who caught the items go to the center of the floor, and everyone else, give them some room.
    By the time I got to the center, Melanie was sitting in the chair, and pressing her lips together nervously. "Hey." She said, looking up at me, I only nodded. The lights got low, and I knelt down on my knees, as a spotlight was put on us, she lifted her leg, and I started to hear people cheering.
    Melanie looked extremely uncomfortable, so I wanted to get it over with quickly. I slid off her shoe, and up her calf slowly, and then I could hear the guys in the room yelling loudly. "Woooo!!!!" I pushed it past her knee, and up a little higher, up to her thigh.
    The lights turned on, and she stood, smiling, and bowed. I smiled down at her, but she didn't notice, she was looking into the crowd. This was not a good sign, I can't ask her now, it's a bad idea, and as much as I want to, It's not the time nor the place. I would wait until we drove home.
    Everyone gathered to get cake, and I was the third person, so I sat down at the table, and Mel, soon came to the table too, sighing. "You okay?" She nodded. "Just tired, I suppose." I smile slightly, watching her pick her fork at her piece of cake. "Well, would you like to go home?" She looked over at me, her eyes sparkling, and her curls b oucing as she turned her head, and I could feel the question popping out of my mouth, and then she spoke.
    "Damen invited me to his house."
    I honestly don;t think any words have hurrt so bad, ever.
    I have said before, that I also have this story on Wattpad, if you have that and want to follow me/ read it on there. My user: izoraascelin .
    Also, if you liked this, favorite, follow, and comment. I will update when I can! If you would like to get notified, comment, and I will notify you. I hope you like this story! I hope to have people read this, because I would love feedback, and readers! <3
    If you would like to see an update, on this story, [CHAPTER SEVEN] Favorite, and comment? <3

  12. littledirectionerchristian* littledirectionerchristian*
    posted a quote
    June 30, 2014 4:52am UTC
    I'm gonna pick up the pieces
    And build a Lego house
    If things go wrong
    We can knock it down

  13. littledirectionerchristian* littledirectionerchristian*
    posted a quote
    June 30, 2014 4:49am UTC
    No matter what happens
    I will always be there for you
    Rain or Shine
    Day or night
    Whenever you need me
    I'll be there
    Because I will always love you
    Forever Always

  14. Bye Summer* Bye Summer*
    posted a quote
    June 28, 2014 9:59am UTC
    We were both young when I first saw you
    I close my eyes and the flashback starts:
    I'm standing on a balcony in summer air

  15. chickenwing chickenwing
    posted a quote
    April 19, 2014 9:37pm UTC
    State of Grace: The Sequel
    Chapter 8
    Outside, Teddy was star struck. Austin knew everybody- or so it seemed. She hadn’t let go of his hand as she pulled him along, Jonah and Hank following in their wake. All of sudden, she let go of his hand.
    “Whose that?” she asked the group. She was pointing at a tall guy in jeans and a t-shirt with a baseball cap in the center of a large group of high school kids.
    “Bo,” mumbled Jonah. Bo was his older brother, a junior in high school. There was nothing wrong with Bo, really. He was star quarterback, good in school and generally nice to everybody. He harped on Jonah and his buddies only a little bit. He was also extremely good looking.
    “Excuse me,” said Austin, “I’ll be right back.” Then the three amazed freshmen watched as Austin walked up to the crowd and tapped a girl on the shoulder. The girl listened, giggled and whispered back. Austin smiled and strode back to the boys.
    “Bo is no good, Austin, I know he’s my brother,” said Jonah. He looked concerned.
    “He’s your brother? No wonder you’re so cute!” she smiled. After that Jonah put forth no more warnings about Bo. Bo noticed his brother then and started walking towards them. Austin smiled again.
    However, Teddy watched his Uncle Luke intercept Bo’s path. They watched as Bo shook his hand and engage in conversation. After a while, Luke left Bo and made his way back into the dark. He staggered slightly.
    Bo came up to his brother and punched him lightly on the shoulder. Jonah still flinched.
    “Guess what? I got a job here! For Mr. Taylor, helping him out, isn’t that awesome?” said Bo. Then he blushed as he noticed Austin. “Oh, hi. I didn’t notice you there.”
    “Hi,” said Austin, suddenly shy. Teddy’s heart dropped in his chest.
    “I’m Bo, Bo Jackson. You new here?” he asked her. It was like Teddy, Hank and Jonah didn’t exist anymore.
    “Austin Ray Moore, nice to meet you. I just moved here from Georgia,” she said.
    “Georgia? Wow, tell me what it was like there?” And the two were off walking into the darkness just like Teddy’s Uncle Luke had, taking along Teddy’s source of happiness.

  16. amazinq amazinq
    posted a quote
    April 6, 2014 7:59pm UTC
    Al l My Scars are Open
    Chapter 1
    "Bye honey! We love you!" Mom and dad gave me a quick peck on both cheeks and drove off, seemingly as fast as they could. I turned around slowly to look at the bright yellow building, labeled: The Dandelion Summer Camp . I really don't understand why it's called a summer camp if people are staying for a year. Once I stepped in, my face was blasted mercilessly by the powerful AC that was on. My face stung a little, so I wiped it and kept walking. Right when I opened my eyes, I slammed into this bulky dude, who uttered an "Oomph".
    "Sorry," we said simultaneously. "No, I am," we said at the exact same moment. We looked at each other and laughed. I wasn't used to this sudden contact and communication from people, especially guys. When I finished laughing, he kept on staring right at me. I noticed this, but looked away. Damn my ugly face and inability to socialize. "Colton!!" an extremely high pitched voice sounded from across the room got louder each second. "Hi babe!" the deafening voice screamed. I rubbed my ear and looked up at the guy I bumped into. Surprisingly, he was being smothered by a mysterious blonde chick's magenta lips. He had an embarassed expression. Because of this animal, I could only see parts of his face. Brown, kinda long but straightish hair, chocolate eyes, full lips. After like, three years, the animal stepped back. I quickly analyzed his face. God, it was attractive. His soft eyes drew me in. He gave me a sheepish smile.
    "AHEM." I was harshly snapped back into reality. This girl. The first thing I noticed was her bust, her freaking double D's. They were nearly spilling out of her tight sparkly pink tube top. Her face was equally nasty-looking. Her mouth was pumped up to the point where she literally looked like a duck with swollen lips. She had about 87 layers of fake eyelashes and a gallon of eyeliner was put on all around her eyes. She looked high. The animal's bleached mane was teased so it resembled a mountain. Fabulous. Her butt was quite like she shoved two bowling balls into her pants. Beautiful. The leather pants she's wearing can barely cover that stuff. Her stilettos looked like glittery pink 6-inch daggers. One word for this female dog: FAKE.
    "Hi!" I said brightly. She made a big deal of looking me up and down. "Who the hell is this?" she asked the poor guy in her shrill tone.
    "I actually have no idea." At this point in their conversation, I was about to die laughing. She resembled a deformed giraffe with a mule's body. And that's an understatement. "Why the hell are you with her?"
    "Well, we accidentally bumped into each other, and we were in the middle of a little chat." I gave him a grateful smile, but that almost let my laughter out.
    "What the hell?" She drew in a quick breath, but it sounded out to be a snort. Oh. My. God. That was it. I choked out a little giggle. They both looked at me. Her cow eyes were glaring at me. I caved in. In about three seconds, I was rolling on the floor, chortling like a pig. The other people looked at me like I just shoved a cactus up their booty. Whatever. "What the hell are you laughing at?" I got up, dusted myself, walked straight up to Colton's tall figure, shook his hand, and said, "I'm Kaylyn. Nice to meet you. See you later." And walked away, with a sense of triumph in me. I mean, that was the most socializing I've done in about, oh, I don't know, 3 years.

  17. chickenwing chickenwing
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    March 25, 2014 9:01pm UTC
    State of Grace: The Sequel
    Chapter 5
    Grace was exhausted. Nick refused to leave his father’s side all day and wouldn’t get a bath before the bonfire. Sarah threw a tantrum that she had to leave the party early to go to bed. Grace had cooked and cleaned all day. At four, she took Sarah to find the timber and logs for the fire. At five, she bathed an unwilling Nick and a grumpy Sarah. At six, she showered and got dressed.
    Luke found her at quarter after asleep on their bed. He hadn’t noticed her when he walked in to get a shower. In fact, he was about to leave their room when he heard her snore. He was half tempted to join her. These days, they didn’t get enough sleep. It was harvest season and he was running behind. He had been meaning to hire a helper for a few years until the kids were old enough.
    “Gracie,” he whispered gently nudging her awake. She bolted upward and looked around widely. Luke laughed and she swatted him with her hand.
    “I’m sorry but your hair is like a…and the way you sat up,” choked out Luke between his laughter.
    Grace rolled her eyes but giggled when she saw herself in the mirror. “Fair enough,” she agreed, “Let’s go start this party.”
    “Wait, wait, we have time. Cuddle with me,” he pleaded. He missed her; they hadn’t had a date night in ages. With the kids, and the chores and the work, they were just exhausted. She nestled into him and closed her eyes. They were relaxed only for a moment when she spoke again.
    “Are we lame?” she asked.
    “Not at all! We got us a party soon.”
    “Oh yeah since bonfires always go our way…” and they both laughed.
    “I’d still beat him to a pulp if he so much as looked at you,” said Luke. If you didn’t know him, Grace thought, you might think he was only joking. However, Luke was dead serious. He wasn’t possessive but he was protective of her and his children. His whole family knew that, especially his little sister Ella. Grace hesitated before she spoke again.
    “The Moore family moved back here again, actually just this week.” She could feel his grip around her tighten but after a moment it loosened up. He stroked her inflated belly and let out a long, slow breath.
    “It was a long time ago. Relax, Gracie, I won’t hurt a fly tonight. Let’s go find those kids and get this party started.”
    But they didn’t have to look very far. Their bedroom door flew open and Nick and Sarah raced in. Their faces were alight with the kind of joy they got around holidays. Their bad moods of the day had vanished. They jumped on the bed and Nick pounced on his dad. Sarah snuggled up next to Grace and felt the bump of her stomach.
    “When’s the baby gonna come?” she asked.
    “Going to, Sarah,” corrected Luke, “and its coming real soon.” Grace rolled her eyes. They had told her the exact date but she wasn’t good with time yet. She kept thinking it was the next day or the next week. Nick jumped off the bed as quickly as he jumped in it.
    “Let’s go!” His bright blue eyes shone with excitement. A lot of the families coming had kindergartners as well. Grace grabbed a blanket and a flashlight for the kids and their family of four headed out to light the night.

  18. chickenwing chickenwing
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    March 24, 2014 9:18pm UTC
    State of Grace: The Sequel
    Chapter 4
    The next day found Teddy pacing his bedroom room early in the morning. His dad didn’t need him until about nine out in the fields. Teddy was in a dilemma. Who to invite to this bonfire? It was a small town and Teddy had a handful of good friends. Except, they were outsiders like him. His best friend, Hank, lived in the rich section of town and couldn’t drive a tractor if he tried. His other best friend, Jonah, was one of eight and had no desire to live on a farm anymore. Teddy hung out with some of the farm kids near him; he could fit in if he tried. He understood everything they discussed; he just didn’t enjoy it. He dreamed of wearing a suit to work, taking the subway everywhere, and living in an apartment. He could work in an office, even a cubicle…. he didn’t care. He needed to be free of the open fields and wide, blue sky.
    He had texted Jonah and Hank yesterday and gave him the Taylor’s address. Wow, he thought, two whole friends. A knock on his door interrupted his thoughts. Teddy’s mom entered the room.
    Annie Parker was gorgeous. She was a petite dark haired beauty who could do work boots or high heels, a ratty old t-shirt or a designer gown.
    “Aunt Grace called me this morning,” she said softly, sitting on his neatly made bed. “She wanted me to let you know that word got out about the bonfire and the whole town is coming, or so it seems.”
    “The whole town?” asked Teddy, his palms sweating.
    “Essentially. She said you don’t have to come but she’d really like it if you did. It’s the first of the season and you know how fun they can be.”
    “I guess I’ll go…are you and Dad coming?”
    “We were planning on it but if you don’t want us to come, we won’t,” said his mom.
    “No! Of course you guys can go, I was just wondering,” he said quickly.
    “Good,” and she kissed him on the cheek, “Now, about your birthday.”
    Teddy would be turning 15 in November, two months away, but his mother was an early planner. Last year, he got his first gun. It was useful when the kids at school invited him to go to the range but he couldn’t stomach the thought of hunting. His dad, uncle, and grandpa went all the time and they stopped asking him after his second trip, and his third time throwing up.
    “Mom, I don’t want a party I’m going to be 15,” he sighed.
    “I wasn’t offering you a party! I wanted to know if you wanted to go somewhere special with us and maybe a friend or two? How about the city? Or a different state?” she asked. She seemed nervous.
    “You mean like a road trip?”
    “Well, your Dad said that’s a lame term but I think it’s a perfect way to describe it.”
    “Hey, what does Dad know about cool anyway?” Teddy smiled as his mom laughed. Maybe his family wasn’t so bad. He grabbed his boots and headed outside to join his dad in the yard. Yeah, he thought, it wasn’t so bad.

  19. BluRoseHeart* BluRoseHeart*
    posted a quote
    March 21, 2014 12:26pm UTC
    Love Story
    is beautiful,
    but ours is my favorite.

  20. jordanloveangel jordanloveangel
    posted a quote
    March 17, 2014 10:04pm UTC
    There’s this girl named Jessie and she lived with her gram mother her dad and mom died in a car accident and she was alone and when she went to school everyone will say mean things to her and she hated school and there was this boy she liked his name was Alex and every time people bully her he goes and protects he but he had a girlfriend her name was Jessica and she would ways get mad when he ask Jessie if she okay so one day she was walking home and she saw Alex and Jessica fighting she went up to Alex and pulled his shirt and she was in tears and she said to him "why do you protect me! Why do you save me from my problems why why why"! he looked at her with a smile and wipe her tears and give her a hug and said to her ear its cuz i love you and she smiled and Jessica got mad and pulled him and pulled Jessie with him and he said let go of her he said Why & yeah i have something to tell you she said What is it and he replied we're over and hold Jessie’s hand and left her and she told Jessie stop crying okay and do u want to go to school together she looked at him said YEAH!! And she started to blush and he kissed her and left her and said see you later
    The next Day
    she woke up and she went to and opened her window and saw Alex outside and she ran down stairs and she called his name ALEX! he looked and waved she said hey do you want to come in or stay outside he said LOL i will come in she smiled and she said welcome then I will be right back i will get my bag and we can go to school he said okay take your time few minutes later she said lets go now and she said okay and they were walking together and he said her can I hold your hand she said why we're not even boyfriends or girlfriends he said okay then he stopped and said Jessie can I ask you something she said yeah what’s up he said will u be my girlfriend she started to blush and said umm o-o-o-okay and then he gave her a very big hug and said see u later at lunch she was getting bully and he went and started yelling at the bully (Bully name is jack) and pushed him and Jessie said Alex stop please and she pulled his arms Alex said to jack if she did not pull my arm i would of beaten you up and Jessie was crying she said please stop crying and he kissed her and she said okay After school Jessie was waiting for Alex and Jessica saw her and pushed Jessie in the mud Jessica said that’s what you get for stealing my boyfriend and Alex heard Jessica saying thoughts words he got so mad and he told her stay away from her and he took Jessie to his house and told her to take a shower and he will give her some clothes of his until she goes home then she changed and everything he said he will be right back he came back and she was doing his homework and he come and sat really close to her and told her do you love she looked at him and said what do you thing he was like umm no she started to laugh and said i do love you and he started to look at her, she look at him and said what? he said it’s my first time hearing u laugh she started to blush and he said it’s cute I like it she said thanks and few minutes later he saw her sleeping so he put her on his bed and lied next to her
    The next day
    she woke up and saw him lying next to her and he was holding her very close to him and she kissed him and said he really does love me
    THE END !!!!!!!!


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