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Keepfighting Quotes

  1. Cigarettesandcoldair* Cigarettesandcoldair*
    posted a quote
    November 15, 2014 3:40pm UTC
    "Damn boy you done good, did every little thing that you could."-DevilDriver

  2. Cigarettesandcoldair* Cigarettesandcoldair*
    posted a quote
    November 15, 2014 3:28pm UTC
    "The hardest part isn't finding what we need to be, it's being content with who we are."-The Ataris

  3. Fayedaway Fayedaway
    posted a quote
    March 25, 2014 1:30pm UTC
    In the darkest times,
    You find out what you're made of.

  4. HakunaaMatata HakunaaMatata
    posted a quote
    January 19, 2014 7:47pm UTC
    » » but part of me is gone.

  5. staystronglovelies staystronglovelies
    posted a quote
    January 5, 2014 1:26am UTC

  6. PrimarilyParamore* PrimarilyParamore*
    posted a quote
    December 26, 2013 9:40pm UTC
    No it's
    not a
    dream anymore
    It's worth
    fighting for

    - Paramore
    "Looking Up"|Brand New Eyes
    Format by Breeze

  7. sk1nny--feels* sk1nny--feels*
    posted a quote
    December 11, 2013 7:19pm UTC
    sharpeners with the screws
    taken out only means one thing...
    If you know what this means, stay strong.
    Keep fighting.
    I know how it feels.
    I love you.

  8. zer0* zer0*
    posted a quote
    September 28, 2013 7:48am UTC
    You are not here just to fill space or to be a background character
    in someone else's movie.
    Consider this: [nothing would be the same if you did not exist.]
    Every place you have ever been and everyone you have ever spoken
    to would be different without you.
    We are all connected, and we are all affected by the decisions, and
    even the existence of those around us.

  9. capsized* capsized*
    posted a quote
    September 8, 2013 2:25am UTC
    I don't think suicidal people get enough credit for not acting on their suicidal thoughts. This post is for all of you who have survived the urge to end your life, either coming out the other side or still fighting to stay alive. I noticed how when someone has a physical illness such as cancer, and they come out the other side or even remission, they are able to celebrate surviving. I think all of the survivors of being suicidal should too. Congratulations, and keep on fighting.

  10. ShaniaL ShaniaL
    posted a quote
    August 29, 2013 7:05am UTC
    There is always a light at the end of the tunnel....
    some people drive to it....
    some walk...
    and some are fightin all the way to the end....
    but for what ever reason...
    You will make it there.

  11. Honnabee Honnabee
    posted a quote
    August 26, 2013 2:05am UTC
    Hey everybody! (:
    It's been so long since I've been here. I remember when I first made a Witty! How awesomesauce! :D
    Since I've been gone, I've broken up with that monster of a boyfriend.
    If he's going to control you, tell you what to do, say, act, think, wear, and so on, HE ISN'T WORTH IT. Trust me. Anywho, I've gotten into a much healthier, more relaxing relationship with a much better man.
    Since I've been gone, I've won a battle VS. Anorexia, Depression, and a very low self esteem. But what happened?
    That's right. I made it through, just like the rest of you can. I know you've all got the fight in you.
    All in all, thank you for your ongoing support, and your forever lasting love.
    Remember, you're worth it.
    Love you all always.

  12. ImmaBeWitty ImmaBeWitty
    posted a quote
    August 23, 2013 9:43am UTC
    The thing is; you have to fight the whole time. You can't stop. Otherwise, you just end up
    bobbing in the middle of a life you never wanted.
    — Alexander Maksik, You Deserve Nothing

  13. kindnesscounts kindnesscounts
    posted a quote
    July 22, 2013 11:48am UTC
    Taylar is a beautiful girl. Anyone can see that just by looking at her stunning profile picture. She has a lovely smile, beautiful, flawless skin, and adorable curls. Her username is both empowering and encouraging, literally telling people to keep fighting. I want her to follow that same advice herself. I know she can do it. Keep going, Taylar. You're amazing.

  14. Misunderstood1997 Misunderstood1997
    posted a quote
    July 15, 2013 9:30am UTC
    All I want to do for my birthday is ride a camel drunk thanks to ( Keep Fighting )

  15. KeepFighting KeepFighting
    posted a quote
    July 8, 2013 3:42pm UTC
    And if you can't see anything beautiful about yourself
    get a better mirror and look a little closer and stare a little longer
    because there's something inside you that made you
    keep trying despite everyone who told you to quit.

  16. doublesidedice doublesidedice
    posted a quote
    June 25, 2013 4:23pm UTC
    That girl over there. The one smiling and laughing louder than the rest. Yeah, that one. Do you see her? She seems perfectly fine, maybe even a bit obnoxious. You would never guess her secret. Yeah, she wears short sleaves. Do you see the pants though? All the bracelets? Now are you starting to guess her secret? Why? She seems so happy and perfectly fine. Her laugh is louder than the rest. She must be perfectly content. She's not. I bet you she hates herself. I bet you she doesn't want anyone to know how she breaks at night. It's ok though. The people surrounding her are good friends. She'll make it through this. There's no suicide for her even if she may think about it. There'd be too many people she'd miss. All she wants? Happiness for herself and others. Yeah. That girl is just like me.

  17. someoneinhiding someoneinhiding
    posted a quote
    June 17, 2013 11:54am UTC
    And the sad thing is...
    you can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved.

  18. HakunaaMatata HakunaaMatata
    posted a quote
    May 19, 2013 1:31pm UTC
    f i g h t i n g f o r [x] [x] [x]
    Is HaPpineSS.

  19. TheeRunawaay TheeRunawaay
    posted a quote
    April 22, 2013 11:09pm UTC
    Here is to the boys and girls who:
    feel worthless
    who cut
    who are abused
    who are neglected
    who hide there true feelings behind a smile
    who hate waking up and realizing they're still alive
    who hate looking in the mirror
    who starve themselves
    who cause pain to their bodies
    who stay up late nights looking for a perfect quote
    who their only friend is music
    who are lost
    who don't know where they're going
    here's to the broken ones
    I hope one day your sadness will be replaced with something filled with beauty.

  20. SparksFly34 SparksFly34
    posted a quote
    April 15, 2013 10:06pm UTC
    This is a semi-colon.
    It keeps a sentence from ending.
    But tomorrow, it represents living.
    It represents surviving.
    Tomorrow, April 16th, please draw a semi-colon on your wrist to show your support for the people around who are depressed, suicidal, or self harm.
    Draw a semi-colon to show you are not done fighting against these demons.
    Tomorrow is our day to be strong.
    We will not end our sentences.
    Tomorrow I will bear my semi-colon with pride because I am surviving.
    I am not done writing.
    My sentence will not end now.


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