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Imisshim Quotes

  1. Dishonored* Dishonored*
    posted a quote
    September 9, 2015 12:16pm UTC
    ugh, I miss him.

  2. AshleyyMariee AshleyyMariee
    posted a quote
    July 30, 2015 7:47pm UTC
    He's so cute but he's such an a**hole.
    I miss him, wth is wrong with me?

  3. 1mrsseguin9 1mrsseguin9
    posted a quote
    June 21, 2015 10:53am UTC
    I thought I could force myself to move on
    If I pretended to have feelings for someone else
    But that backfired on me,
    And now I'm left missing you even more

  4. absent * absent *
    posted a quote
    May 13, 2015 5:13am UTC
    you said we'd be forever
    but where are you now?

  5. Dishonored* Dishonored*
    posted a quote
    November 23, 2014 8:31pm UTC
    I miss you. I don't miss the relationship,because I have one and it's not all that I thought it'd be. I miss you being the mostimportant person in my life. You were thatfor a long time, but now you're nothing,and I need someone; the important peoplein my life now doesn't cut it. I miss you, I miss two years ago; before s.hit got real.

  6. cottoncand3 cottoncand3 happy witty anniversary!
    posted a quote
    September 16, 2014 8:34pm UTC
    You only said you loved me because you thought it was the right thing to do. Not because you felt it.

  7. cottoncand3 cottoncand3 happy witty anniversary!
    posted a quote
    August 26, 2014 2:06pm UTC
    i miss you.

  8. AubreeMae AubreeMae
    posted a quote
    August 7, 2014 5:08pm UTC

    When my brother and I would fight as kids, my mom always would tell us that one day him and I would be best friends.
    That tears me into a million pieces now, 'cause I know she was right.

  9. 1mrsseguin9 1mrsseguin9
    posted a quote
    August 3, 2014 7:11pm UTC
    Missing someone so much and knowing you don't even cross their mind really hurts

  10. AubreeMae AubreeMae
    posted a quote
    July 14, 2014 10:46pm UTC
    This journal entry breaks my heart. I never realized how truly broken my dad was..
    My whole family just barely got by after losing Tegan. I'll never forget.

    I remember looking across the alter at my wife I held her hand and said "I do." We made a promise that we would love and support each other the best we knew how; in sickness and health, in death and everything in between. On that special day, it never entered our minds or hearts that we would have a child who would be a cause of so much joy and so much sorrow. I just held my sweet wife's hand at the alter and thought myself the luckiest guy on earth.
    Fast forward about 15 years and my sweet wife and I found ourselves almost in the same position, only this we had our dying son between us. We didn't see this coming the day we married. Few do.
    As I held my son's hand and looked at two souls I loved with all my heart, I was reminded of our wedding day and the promises I made. I knew I wouldn't be perfect, but I would be true. Together we would stumble and fall, but always, we would see each other through.
    Tegan wasn't aware we were desperately doing all we could to buy him another hour. If ever our son walked on thin ice, it was never as thin as this.
    Two weeks later I would once again hold my boys hand in much the same way as this day.. with my wife quitely weeping at his side as my best buddy was slipping into obvlion.
    I've spent a great deal of time contemplating the notion "time heals everything." I have had many tell me time does heal and just about as many say it does not. Which, then, is true? I say both - but both statements are answers to different questions.
    Healing and restoration are not the same. I believe those who eventually make peace with death come to know the difference. I wonder if part of the struggle of grief is confusing restoration with healing.
    Were I to talk to a war veteran who lost a limb 20 years ago, I am rather confident time will not have restored him. Surely there will be healing; the site of injury will seal up and scars may fade over time, but his limb will still be missing. It will always be missing.
    I have lsot a child who depended on me for protection and love; I would rather lost all my limbs, my sight and hearing than lose my son. For me, losing Tegan is infinitely worse - for a child is more than a limb, they are an extension of your heart and soul. Like a lost limb, he will always be missing from my life and I must learn to walk and live without him. At least in this life, I am coming to terms that I will not experience restoration, however much my broken heart desires it.
    Like an amputee, I will always be missing a part of me. Yet, thankfully I am healing. There has never been a day, or an hour, I don't think of Tegan.. that I don't reach for him. I have, at long last, finally reached a point with grief where there are days I do not cry. However, I seem to make up for those days when I do cry. But I don't cry all the time. Until recently, I used to. The passage of time will not restore my son anymore than an amputee can regrow a limb, but time will allow my wounds to close if I dress them properly.
    One day, in time and place different than this, I will see my boy again and I will fall to me knees and weep. Until such things are restored, I am thankful that time and patience has seen the bleeding stop. The site of my wound is tender as it's ever been; tears and heartache are just a memory away. But, with Heaven's help I am healing, however slowly, a little more each day.
    In moments of profound grief, when I fall to the earth and can't help but weep, I will remember the promises I made and promises I shall keep... on the day of our wedding when I held my wife's hand, and this very moment when I held my baby made of sand. Come whatever, come to may, I will stand beside you until my dying day.

  11. AubreeMae AubreeMae
    posted a quote
    July 14, 2014 10:15pm UTC
    My daddys journal entrys about coping the tragic death of my Brother Tegan.

    A few years ago Tegan come bashing into my office and said, "Dad, come quickly! You have to see most amazing rainbow." I quickly walked with him upstairs to our front door. Indeed there was a rainbow, and it was beautiful. A summer storm had just broken and the afternoon sun revealed a most amazing spectacle of light against the backdrop of deep storm clouds and mountain shadows.
    Tegan pointed to the array of colors and shadows and said, "Isn't it beautiful, Dad?" and I said, "Yes, son, it is amazing; but not as amazing as you. You and Aubree are more amazing than all the rainbows combined."
    I stumbled into a photo recently and was brought back to this sweet exchange with my son. As I looked at the photo I had a moment of clarity that is difficult to describe; clarity about love and loss, grief and coping, and life after the storm. I am new to all of this grief stuff and I am sorting it out a little every day.
    Recently I've been thinking about the notion "Your loved one wouldn't want you to be sad." I believe this is an abused and confused statement. Surely our loved ones want us to be happy, but they also understand our sorrows in ways we do not - and it isn't necessary to feel guilty or veiled shame for hurting. Hurting is hard enough.
    I believe Tegan knows, with great clarity, every tear I shed is a symbol of the deep love I have for him. They are also tender prayers to my Father that my weary heart might someday find rest. I believe our loved ones who have passed on, if they are permitted to see our sorrows, don't look upon us with pity or disappointment that we hurt, but rather deep understanding. For they know the depth of our grief is matched only by the depth of our love. Yes, they want for our happiness, but they also understand our hurt. I believe they reverence our grief more than we appreciate.
    At least for me, coping with grief isn't about faux bravery or denying my most tender feelings for my son. It isn't about somehow stepping out of shadows of sorrow - as though such shadows don't exist. Coping with grief is about learning to see the light despite the inescapable shadows of sorrow.
    I see the light.
    In my quest for peace and understanding I am learning that it's okay to hurt, so long as I don't hurt myself.

  12. AubreeMae AubreeMae
    posted a quote
    July 14, 2014 9:56pm UTC
    Going through a box of objects my mom would keep overtime of art work my brother or I would come home with from school, homemade cards, a bunch of things to look back on.. When my mom and I were going through it and I opened up a little journal that she said my dad kept for himself. I read it and my eyes filled with tears instantly. My dad was my hero, the strongest man I ever have known and loved. He wrote this in his journal long after the tragic death of my brother Tegan. I'll hold on to this journal forever. My dad was the strongest man that not only lost his one and only son, but also fought cancer for 8 years and finally was able to be escape and be free. My daddy, 12.23.75 - 7.25.13

    In my garage hang 4 shovels that were used, as a matter of ceremony, to bury my dear son. Every day I come home I see them. I can't NOT see them. These shovels are now symbols of what matters most and the price my family paid to be reminded of such. When I see them, suddenly material things are worthless to me; the persuit of fame and attention, ring hollow and lame; and all the tinsel and chatter of the world lose their luster and powers of persuasion.
    I just see 4 sacred symbols, still bearing dirt from the burial site, and am reminded of one missing boy I would do anything to see and hold again.
    I don't keep these symbols visible to agitate already tender wounds nor do I use them to fixate on the pain of loss; the kitchen table with an empty chair does that well enough. Instead, these shovels keep me focused and clear-minded. They remind me of the realities of life and also point to my most treasured relationships. Each day I leave my garage remembering Tegan and I make a promise to do better than the day before - to make whatever time I have on this earth matter. When I return home I am reminded to talk a little softer, to listen more intently, and to love my visibly... For everything, and I mean everything, is temporary.
    These symbols keep me sober and sane. They remind me to never dig a pit for my neighbor or intentionally cause harm to others, but rather to take compassion and help dig others out of trouble and help where I can. They remind me that I, too, will one day be laid to rest and I will be held accountable for my choices.. for the help or harm I caused others.
    I hope to never hurt another, but always help.. and if I'm lucky, to build a soul with Heaven's help.

  13. the1975* the1975*
    posted a quote
    June 27, 2014 1:15am UTC
    I'm waiting for a text that iknow won't come, and i know i should go to sleep,but i keep telling myself "onemore minute, and then i'llstop checking to see if youmiss me too..."-It's been an hour

  14. the1975* the1975*
    posted a quote
    June 27, 2014 1:07am UTC
    12:03 pmIt's always around this time iwant to tell you i miss you,but i don't because i remindmyself that you could havetexted me all day but youdidn't because you don't care

  15. AubreeMae AubreeMae
    posted a quote
    June 18, 2014 12:19am UTC
    In 9 hours, it's caleb's benefit.
    I have many different emotions I'm feeling right now.. I don't know what to even think of it.

  16. AubreeMae AubreeMae
    posted a quote
    June 9, 2014 7:27pm UTC
    People keep telling me that life goes on, but, to me, that's the saddest part.

  17. Crazy_Beautiful202 Crazy_Beautiful202
    posted a quote
    May 13, 2014 9:33am UTC
    We swore that we'd be together forever.. but no matter how hard we tried, we just couldn't make it work.
    I realized, no matter how much you love and care about somebody, Somethings just aren't meant to be.

  18. dumb_blonde1998 dumb_blonde1998
    posted a quote
    May 7, 2014 5:06pm UTC
    I miss him. I miss his presence. I miss him holding me.I miss his lips against mine. I miss his smile.I miss how he smelt. I miss being part of his life.I just miss him.

  19. 1mrsseguin9 1mrsseguin9
    posted a quote
    April 26, 2014 10:38am UTC
    Sometimes pictures and memories just aren't enough to keep me from missing you

  20. flyingbacon7 flyingbacon7
    posted a quote
    April 9, 2014 9:18pm UTC
    This Easter is extra special for me
    Because it's also my grandpa's birthday
    I am going to go to his grave
    And talk to him
    And be with him
    On his birthday
    Because I don't want my best friend
    to be celebrating alone


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