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    it's only been
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    October 8, 2014 6:22pm UTC
    Sticks and Stones
    May break my bones.
    But your words will always hurt more.
    They slit my wrists,
    They tear at my insides,
    They bruise my heart and soul.
    Damaging me forever.
    Words change my thought process,
    My view upon myself.
    Your words make me hate myself,
    Everyday more than the last.
    When you drop a glass, it will never go back to the way it was before.
    I’m not a puzzel;
    I can’t be in a hundred pieces and put back together the way I once was.
    Sticks and Stones will always be better than the words
    I throw at myself.

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    July 30, 2014 3:07pm UTC
    • requested by Kenlee •
    Format by jannette aka _Jannette.
    You're absolutely beautiful inside and out. You have a way of making everyone feel lovely about themselves. You have a way with words and that's beautiful. You're incredibly sweet and your name is uniquely gorgeous. Your quotes are hella funny and cute. ❤

  15. Alexim!ca* Alexim!ca*
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    July 28, 2014 12:54am UTC
    “Artists use lies to tell the truth. Yes, I created a lie. But because you believed it, you found something true about yourself.”

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    July 1, 2014 1:03am UTC
    Until I met you.
    Chapter Four:
    I woke up confused to see light pink walls, and me covered in a floral blanket, and instantly remembering that I slept at Melanies house last night. Before you get ahead of yourselves, let me explain.
    So We've been hanging out for like 2 weeks everyday now, and it was always the same thing, going to the beach, walking down a path we found by accident, and I remember the day perfectly.
    We were walking and we saw some people trying to 'get it on' in the sand, so we decided to cut through the boulders. We came to a cave, It wasn't dark and scary likke you'd think it was actually illuminating, luring us in. Our faces must have just about fallen off. our jaws almost hitting the ground.
    Walking in farther, I kept Melanie close, not wanting her to get hurt by any possible danger, which seemed to me impossible in this place. "Wow, look." She pointed at the water reflecting off the speckling walls of the cave. I walked closer, Melanie not too far behind. "Mel, be careful." I felt her there but her mind was somewhere else.
    The sounds of trickeling water was the only thing you could hear in that cave. It was absolutely soothing. "Issac..." I snapped my head back to look at her, and saw that she had gotten farther than I had. "You're going to pee yourself when you see this." I slowly made my way to her.
    The view was mirraculous. Shimmering water, the small amount of water streaming dow the side of the cave and into, what I could only assume was a swimming hole. The sun was shining in, and some waves coming in from the ocean just outside the other end of the cave.
    "This is the single most amazing place I have literally ever seen." I looked over at her glimmering eyes as her face hit up. The lighting was extremely flattering to her, every lighting was.
    We've been coming here ever since. After going to our swcret place, we would go to the diner down the road, and eat dinner. And then we would go back to one of our houses to watch a movie before we said our goodbyes for the night.
    Yesterday was different. Yesterday was amazing, frightening, and confusing all together. It started off as just a regular day, until she didn't show up after leaving to grab her swim suit from her house. It was the first day we would swim in our special swimming hole.
    My phone rang. "Mel?" She was sobbing, I couldn't make out a thing she was saying. "Issac....Please come." I instantly jumpred from my seat running to her house. I ran, watching as I pass every house, which is a complete blu until I freeze up in front of Melanie's house.
    Sirens, The flashing lights, the stretchers going into the house. "No." I ran through the crowd and passed the cops, detectives and straight into the house. Instant flash back. "Issac, I need you to remember what happened for me buddy, okay? I know it's hard, but we need to keep you safe." I remember Nina calming me as the detectives continued asking me questions.
    "Issac?!" I snapped out of it, instantly running onto the stairs, holding Melanie as close to me as I could, I could feel te shoulder of my shirt getting cold and wet, and I rubbed her back, and holding her head.
    'Issac, I know you miss them." I hugged Nina, she was holding me closely, petting my hair. I couldn't help but scream at night, I still do from time to time.
    "Issac....they're dead." I pulled away looking her in he blood-shot eyes. "Who?" She chocked back the ongoing sobbing she would have for the rest of her life. "My parents." I held her close, knowing exactly what she was feeling right now. This would never leave her.
    "Melanie...I cannot begin to explain how sorry I am..." She hugged me. "I saw him you know....He came in my room first." I shook my head, not believing what I was hearing. It was impossible that it was the same guy, right? Maybe I am just over thinking this.
    "I hid under my bed, he kept yelling that he was sorry for what he was going to do. He got caught, he's in the car." I looked over, sighing that it wasn't the same man. "They say that he was an ex employyee of my Dad's company."
    I just held her close. "Melanie Cowwell. We're going to need you to come down to the station and give your witness report. She held onto me tightly. "Issac, please don;t leave my side." I held her close, "I wont let you be alone, ever again."
    "You did an amazing job giving the details Issac, how about we go and get you some icecream?" I smiled at Nina, she seemed to be a really nice lady. "I don't want to be left alone forever." She held onto my hand, walking to her car. "I won't let you be alone, ever again."
    After going to the station, and listening to Melanie sob and stutter for an hour as these detectives tried their best to be nice, while asking questions. "And who is this with you?" I spoke up, knowing that Melanie didn't want to talk anymore. "Uh, Issac. Issac Frans." The detective on the right sipped from his coffee. "Where you from?" I told him and he held his hand out and onto my shoulder. "I was there." I furrowed my eyebrows, confused.
    Oh? Oh....OH, was he? I suppose he looked like he was old enough to have been there, he did have greying hair after all. "I looked down at Melanie, and back up to him as he spoke. "It must be hard to be around all of this." Melanie looked up at me, her eyes swollen and red, tears on her cheeks. "What does he mean?" Oh boy. Now I had to explain it to her, and while she's going through all of this. I simply nodded at the man, and put my arm around melanie, and walking out of the door with her.
    She looked up at me, still waiting for an answer. "Lets discuss this over ice-cream, deal?" She nodded. We ate ice-cream, and I explained everything, her face as less puffy and red, the ice-cream and my story had helped. She was understnding in why I hadn't just told her in the first place. She told me how she felt a little better, knowing she had someone to understand what she was going through.
    And then I walked her home.
    "Issac, I'm scared." I scratched the back of my neck, sighing. I was nervous for what i was about to say. "I could, uh you know. stay the night. Only if you wouldn't mind, to uh, be there for you and stuff." Asmile grew across her face for the first time since I had seen her leave for her bathingsuit this morning. "I would love that."
    Long story short, she had a nightmare, so I I went to check up on her. "Melanie, are you okay?" I peek my head into the door. I could see her face in the little luminant glow coming on from the street lights. She looked like she had seen a ghost. "Issac, I don't want to sound creepy but.." She scooted toward the wall on her bed opening the covers. "Could you?" I nodded.
    I could barely fall asleep, I thought about my birth parents. "Sweetie, we love you so much, you don't have to be afraid." I held my stuffed dinosaur close. "But mommy, I'm scared." I walked up to the pre-school doors, other kids walking in willingly. She bent down hugging me. "Issac, you're so brave, you'll get through it." Then I thought back to the night they would be gone forever, remembering how much I tried myself I could get through anything, but I was too young, I couldn't do this, no matter how strong I was. Eventually, I had fallen asleep.
    And that's how we got here, I woke to the smell of bacon. Mmmmm bacon. I walked into the kitchen, my nose filling with multiple fragrances. "You looked so peacefull, didn't want to wake you." She held up a plate for me. "Thanks." I groggily walked over into the seat she set the plate in front of, in my blue pajama pants, and white tanktop, my hair looking a mess. "Oh and Issac? Please call me Mel."
    I have said before, that I also have this story on Wattpad, if you have that and want to follow me/ read it on there. My user: izoraascelin .
    Also, if you liked this, favorite, follow, and comment. I will update when I can! If you would like to get notified, comment, and I will notify you. I hope you like this story! I hope to have people read this, because I would love feedback, and readers! <3

  19. amaris_echo amaris_echo
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    July 1, 2014 1:01am UTC
    Until I met you.
    Chapter Three:
    "Strawberry smoothie for my friend here, he's had a rough day." John was at the counter trying to set me up. I wasn't fully against it. We were all sitting around at this point, around a pile of sticks in the middle of a circle of rocks in the sand, waiting for the fire to start. The moon looked so gorgeous glimmering it's reflection of the low tide of the ocean. "I'll bring it over when I'm done here okay?" My palms started to get warm, and sweaty. My leg starting shaking. "John I don't know about this." He sat next to me, putting his arm around me. "You'll be fine, you got game bro." I laughed. "Game? What is this? Middle school?" He nodded. "It might as well be, you're the new kid, and you're sitting at the cool table, it's a new start." I shook my head at his nonsense. It's not a cool kid table, it's a beach. I went with it though. I looked down at my hands, fiddling with my fingers. I hadn't felt this nervous since my first date ever. "Get ahold of yourself." I said to myself, not a second after this, a smoothie cup was in my face. "Talking to yourself eh? Are you some sort of crazy maniac on the loose?" I smiled, looking over at her smooth face, gorgeous green eyes, and light brown hair, with green tips. Wow.
    "Well, are you a maniac?" I shook my head. No, but you could make me go crazy any day I thought. "Issac." I extended my hand. "Melanie." We shook hands and I felt a jolt of excitement through my fingertips. "Melanie, would you like to take him on a walk?" I looked over at John, smug look on his face. "I'm not a dog." She stood up, pointing to the shore line. "I don't mind at all." I stood up, looking at her body. As we continued, I looked every inch of her over. She had one side of her lip pierced with a stud, a nose ring, and her ears had tunnels in them. She was wearing a Bring me the horizon t shirt, and blue skinny jeans. She was gorgeous. "So Issac. What brings you to California?" I waved back at John, who I could hear laughing at me. "John's getting married, and I decided I wanted to live out here." Things were quiet for a moment, before we stopped, and she pulled me dowen onto the sand. "Woah Uhm.." She giggled. "Look at the stars you pervert." I couldn't help but smile.
    We instantly connected, and our pasts were pouring out of us like soup. "Wow, I can't believe you had to walk through the store with a thong on your head." She rolled around laughing. "It was such a rebel moment." I looked at her, sitting up. "So what about your mom and dad?" I didn't want to ask at first, because I know how I would feel about talking about it. "Well, Normal family I guess. Rich parents, not much time for me when I was growing up. They didn't approve of my friends, or my clothes, or my music. I started to get fat and they laughed in my face, telling me I had it coming." My hand made it to her shoulder. "Oh my god, Melanie. I'm sorry." I hesitated at her silence for a moment, "Well if it makes any difference, I think you're beautiful the way you are, and they are nuts to laugh at you." I could see a sparkle in her eye, as her face lit up, and she hugged me. "Thank you so much." She cried into my shoulder, pulling away, wiping her tear. "So what's your horrror story of a childhood?" I gulped at the way she said it. "Horror story". "Well.." I didn't want to feel like it was a competition of who's life was worse, so I skipped the 'horror' part. "Well I was adopted into a loving family, they were nice, they loved me like I was theirs, and I guess I couldn't have asked for a better child hood." But I did, every single day I wish my parents were still alive, no matter how much I loved Nina and her family..I wish I could had grown with mine. "
    Melanie smiled. "So you had the perfect childhood?" I nodded. "Mostly." The sky started to turn orange. "Wow it's beautiful, isn't it?" I looked up and shot up. "It's seriously been that long?" She nodded. "I guess time flies." I helped her up, and started to walk toward the now crimpson glow of the fire pit. "You want me to take you home?" She nodded, grabbing her jacket from one of the logs, and putting it on, and we walked tp her front door, only a block away from where I was now living.
    "I'll see you around." I started down the drive way, and on the whole walk home all I could think of was Melanie, which was starting to weird me out a bit. I never really had a girlfriend, and I wasn't sure how these things went. I didn't know how to tell if a girl liked you, how long to wait to ask a girl out, or anythinng like that. I just hoped It would lead to that some day. She may have been weird and unacceptable to most people, but I thought she was gorgeous. The most beautiful person I had ever seen. I kicked a rock into the street knowing I would have to explain myself to John and Grace. I walked up to the door, opening it to see Grace and John looking at me, holding a plate of waffles. "Welcome home." I blushed, kicking off my shoes. "Hey guys, I just went for a walk." They saw right through my lie. "Dude, don't you think I know what happened?" John raised his eyebrows. "What happened exactly?" Grace asked. I scratched the back of my neck. "Well, we talked, and the sun started to come up, so I walked her home." John Kissed Grace and looked back at me. "None of that?" I shook my head. "I was a comlete gentleman." Grace patted me on the head. "Good boy." We all laughed.
    I hadn't seen Melanie for a week after that night, but I'm getting ahead of myself. We were sitting on the porch. "Hey there downy boy." I rolled my eyes as I saw Bev walking up to me. "Hi." She put a fake frown on her face. "Not happy to see me?" I shrugged. "I'm tired." She sat on the chair next to mine and touched my leg. "So I heard you were with Jelly Mellie." I raised an eyebrow. "Who?" She giggled, "Melanie, the fat smoothie girl." I stood up, pushing the chair in at the table. "Don't call her that." She laughed. "Why not? It's true." I rolled my eyes again. "You ever think that being nice to people will make you a better person? Like all I ever hear you do is complain and gossip ana insult people." She studied her fingernails. "Nice doesn't pay the rent." I scoffed. "Neither does being a bit**." She smiled, "Well I have a place to live, don't I?" I smiled back deviously. "Daddy pays your bills Bev. It doesn't count." I walked away feeling much better. At this point I hadn't seen Melanie in three days. I had walked down to the Smoothie Shack a few times, noone had seen her.
    "John... What is wrong with me?" He gently held his hand on my shoulder. "I don't know dude, I'd say love but you barely know the girl." I sighed, getting up and going into my now decorated room. I had bought myself a plain light gray bedspread. My pillows were those big soft fluffy ones, slept like a damn baby. My window had a gorgeous view of the beach, and also had a day bed infront of it. There was a desk, where I kept my writing, drawings, and books at. There was a walk in closet with a mirror on the side of it. There was also quite a bit of space to move around. I could hear John yelling to me, but I pretended to be asleep. "Dude you got a visitor." I shot up, instantly trying to act as if that did not just happen. "Oh, uhm. You wont believe the nightmare I just had." He looked at me unamusement on his face. "Pretend all you want. Just come downstairs." I nervously messed my hair, looking in the mirror.
    I casually, extremely casually might I add, fall down the stairs. "Sh*t" I mutter under my breath as I feel blood running down my toes. "Smooth." I look up and blush, seeing Melanie looking down on me. "Oh, you're bleeding.. " I stood up, not letting my bloody foot touch Grace's floor. "It's fine." She hurried next to me, insisting I lean on her until we get to the first aide kit in the bathroom. "You need to sit on the toilet." I sat down, lifting my foot up and proping it up onto the sink. "I watched her as she rummaged through the first aide kit, getting frustrated at how small of the bandaids were. I very much wanted to ask her where she was, but if she had made sure that noone had known where she was, she wanted to keep it that way. "Ah! Perfect!" I smiled as she cleaned my foot with warm soapy water, putting on the bandaid and returning the smile I had given her. "Issac, I'm sorry I haven't been around the past few days." My eyes popped open in shock, could she read my mind? "I had a few....minorities." I stood up, looking down into her eyes and then her looking away blushing. "I was just worried about you, kinda thought my sexyness scared you off." Her face got redder. "You're so cocky." I winked at her. What was coming over me? This girl was bringint the confidence out in me more and more each day, and from that day on, we were together every moment. And I liked the way she made me feel.
    I have said before, that I also have this story on Wattpad, if you have that and want to follow me/ read it on there. My user: izoraascelin .
    Also, if you liked this, favorite, follow, and comment. I will update when I can! If you would like to get notified, comment, and I will notify you. I hope you like this story! I hope to have people read this, because I would love feedback, and readers! <3

  20. amaris_echo amaris_echo
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    July 1, 2014 12:58am UTC
    Until I met you.
    Chapter Two:
    "Issac, you ready?" I jumped out of bed, groggy and drool half way down my chin. I stood up rubbing my eyes. "Ready for what?" I slumped my way into the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror, and at my wild-like hair. I grabbed my toothbrush, and brushed my teeth as John explained more. "Well, you party pooper, you bailed on us last night to sleep, so today we're taking you down on the beach to meet some of our friends." I spat the minty foam into the sink, taking a sip of water into my mouth, and swishing until I spat that out as well, wiping my chin and smilinf at myself in the mirror. "Well I guess I look okay enough to be seen in public." John threw a pair of socks at me, and I went to get dressed. I grabbed a pair of jeans looking at them, not wanting to wear shorts, and yelled to John. "Will you judge me if I wear jeans?" I heard his feet running closer to me and into my room. "You better not wear jeans." I shrugged. "I could always go in a dress." He sighed. "Wear jeans if you absolutely need to, but at least wear a tanktop." I giggled, pulling a pair of gray swim shorts out of my bag. "I came prepared John." His gray eyes sparkled. "How adorable. But seriously hurry up."
    I ran downstairs after checking my dark brown hair to make sure it wasn't a mess. I ran by the kitchen and out the door, grabbing anapple. "You guys ready to go yet or not?" I smiled as I ran and put on my green, worn out converse still walking to the car. Soon Grace and John came out. "Buddy, why you by the car? The beach is like 5 minutes away." I facepalmed myself and grunted. "Forgot!" Which, believe it or not I actually did. I took a bite out of my apple and paused for a moment. I looked back at John and Grace, who just stared at me. "What? Did you forget something?" Grace started laughing, and John just started, confused. I spat out the apple. "PWAH! Dude. Toothpaste+fruit= NO!" We all laughed. Walking down to the beach was fun, until I tripped over someone's leg. "Oh my god, I am so sorry!"I hear in a deep subtle voice. I get up and wipe the sand off of myself. "No, it's fine, is your leg okay?" I meet eyes with this really tall guy as he stands. "My leg is fine, Barely felt a thing." I awkwardly laughed, looking up at him. "Well, I'm sorry, be careful next time alright?" I nodded, and finished walking and looked around, there were barely any people. "Guys, if you tell me your friends are dolphins, I am going to lose it." They smiled and sat down by the shore. "They'll be coming any minute."
    After laying in the sun for about an hour, I heard people approaching, and Grace getting up and squeeling. "Bev! Nolan!" I sit up and slowly turn my head to these two people whom Grace was running to. Bev, was a girl, a "tanned skin babe" is what John had whispered to me. She was tall, probably about as tall as me. Her eyes were a golden brown, she had freckles, and her hair was as blonde as can be. She was wearing one of those skirts that look like overgrown scarfs around her waist, And a two piece bathingsuit. Nolan was her twin brother, but he had short brown hait, and obviously he didn't have boobs. "Who's this?" Bev asked, in her low pitched, excited voice. I started to stand, extending out my hand. "Issac." She giggled, and introduced her brother. He seemed to be the "too good for you" douche bag type. "You need to work on your tan, hun." Bev said to me, grabbing at my arm. "But your muscles are perfection." I scratched the back of my neck, letting out a soft laugh. "Well thank you." I looked down at John, who was smiling, and winkking at me. I just felt extremely uncomfortable, to be honest. "You got a girlfriend?" I looked at Bev and smiled. "I don't." She giggled again, and nudged me. "You want to go for a swim?" I nodded, taking off my shirt and walking down into the water, it couldn't hurt. "Don't splash me!" I didn't plan on it, why would I do that? It's rude. The water was so cold and refreshing. I could feel the hairs on my legs standing up, and the goosebumps covering my arms and back, a wave nearly knocked me down, covering my body in the cold, salty water. Bev walked up to me smiling and looked at the water dripping down my face. "You sure know how to make a good impression of yourself." She grabbed my arms again, looking at the huge scar on my forearm. "Rad, what happened there?" I hesitated, not knowing how to explain it. "Well, my friends dared me to jump off the school..." I felt like an idiot, who just jumps off of a school? "Thats awesome." I messed my hair up a bit, "Not really, the scar is from landing on my principals coffee mug." She laughed, and touched it. "Gotta be careful around coffee mugs." I smiled, showing my white, slightly over bitten teeth. "Yeah." Another wave came by, just pushing me forward a little. "I beat that waves a**" Bev laughed, asking me to save her. "What do you mean?" She winked, going farther into the water. "I don't think you should do that." She went under a bit giggling. "Help me Issac, I'm drowning." I laughed a bit as well, "Drowning people don't have time for full sentences." She went under again, grabbing my upper leg, which instantly made me flinch, making me go under. I kept my eyes closed, as much as possible, not being one for keeping his eyes closed for too long, and as I try to kick my feet off of the sand, there wasn't any and I instantly saw siren lights, and my mother's face as she took her last breath. And next thing I know, I see the sky, and Bev in the back, laughing at me. "I'm sorry, I can't help but laugh guys. The doofis can't swim!" I got up, pushing the girl that was over me lightly and out of the way, moving past everyone. "Bro, you okay?" I stuck my hand out, and he backed down, I walked into John's house, and into my room, tearing off my clothes, and getting into dry ones.
    I opened the book my Mom had given me again, looking at all the pictures that were inside, and the letters my birthparents had written me, just in case anything had happened to them. I flipped through, page by page, almost in tears. A picture of me and my birth mother, at a school play, I was a frog. My dad, fishing, and me reading a book, not interested in fishing at all. Why did she give me this book? Didn't she know it would hurt? I went to the final page and couldn't help but smile, reading the inscription. "We're not blood, this is your blood. Thank god for these people, without them I wouldn't have you. It's unfortunate how I got you, but everything happens for a reason. You were so happy then, and I've tried every day since to make you that happy. We may not be geneticly connected to you, but we are your family." And underneath is a picture of me, Nina, her husband, and our three dogs. I smiled.
    I almost wished I could get back home, but I really want this. I want to be here. I put my shoes back on and walked back down to the beach, and up to John and Grace. A few more people were around by now. "Hey stunna, you back now?" I winked at John. "Only for you baby." He laughed at me. "Oh!, forgive me. This is Dana, Kobe, and Joel. Guys, this is Issac." They all shook my hand and looked over at Bev, who was standing at quite a distance. "Don't worry about her, she's a b*tch." Kobe said to me. I shrugged. "Oh hey, who was that girl standing above me." John sat up and looked at me, half smile, eyes squinted, and motioning his head back. "She's the smoothie girl."
    I have said before, that I also have this story on Wattpad, if you have that and want to follow me/ read it on there. My user: izoraascelin .
    Also, if you liked this, favorite, follow, and comment. I will update when I can! If you would like to get notified, comment, and I will notify you. I hope you like this story! I hope to have people read this, because I would love feedback, and readers! <3


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