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Final Quotes

  1. grlsmmy* grlsmmy*
    posted a quote
    January 14, 2015 10:05pm UTC

  2. thgcfmj123 thgcfmj123
    posted a quote
    July 23, 2014 5:58pm UTC
    Waiting for the final homestuck update is..... Sorry please wait for an update on the qoute to continue reading.

  3. Witty-Throwbacks* Witty-Throwbacks*
    posted a quote
    May 30, 2014 9:42pm UTC
    me: okay brain,
    let's focus on the math final exam, 45 minutes to go

  4. mynameisnotknown mynameisnotknown
    posted a quote
    December 30, 2013 9:09am UTC
    The universe doesn't give what you ask for with your thoughts; it gives you what you demand with your actions.

  5. Brood Brood
    posted a quote
    November 18, 2013 1:10pm UTC
    Today Can Be A New Day, A New Day Can Show You Your Kismet

  6. berzerk berzerk
    posted a quote
    September 18, 2013 9:09pm UTC
    someones gunna get hurt
    & its not gunna be me

  7. blakeboy blakeboy
    posted a quote
    August 12, 2013 10:10am UTC
    You think you know death, but you don't, not until you've seen it, really seen it, and it gets under your skin and lives inside ya... you also think you know life... stand on the edge of things and watching go by but you're not living it, no really... just a tourist, a ghost... and then you see it, really see it, and gets under your skin and lives inside ya, and there's no escape, it's nothing to be done and you know what?... it's good, it's a good thing... and that's all I've to say about it.
    - Cook

  8. hopetrustbelieve01 hopetrustbelieve01
    posted a quote
    June 30, 2013 9:57pm UTC
    Eventually, you're going to delete all the sass accounts, delete the saved accounts, delete all the spam for follows, because it's eventually going to end. You're going to pack all your posters, albums, your merch from that first concert, your merch from that last concert, all into a box labeled "MEMORIES" and put it into your closet. You're going to be finishing school or starting college. You might even be married. You're going to go back to your normal life, because it's over. They sung their last concert. They're going back to their normal lives too. Little Harry is going to be all grown up with the love of his love. Funny Niall is now mature. Prankster Louis is now married and a real dad. Mysterious Zayn is smiling again. Happier than ever. And our Liam is still the same caring boy we all love. You're going to carry those memories for the rest of your life. You can't forget it. You spent over half of your teenage years just on those 5 boys. You're going to replay that last memory of them, on the same stairs, in the same clothes. Louis is going to be 'Superman' one last time. Liam is going to tell you his fear of spoons one last time. Zayn is going to say 'Vas Happenin' one last time. Harry is going to do the hair flip one last time. Niall is going to laugh the same laugh one last time. Before they look at the camera with tears in their eyes and proudly smile before saying, "Hi! We're One Direction and this is our goodbye." Niall's smile drops. Harry no longer has a smirk. Zayn and Louis struggle to smile through heavy tears. Liam is crying his eyes out. They re-enact the video diaries. Play one more spin the Harry. Do one more megamind. Louis puts on his famous stripes and suspenders. Harry puts on his well known white t shirt and blazer. Zayn puts on his varsity jacket. Liam puts on his precious plaid. Niall puts on his favorite polo. They sing both albums with tears throughout the whole thing before it has to end. Niall looks into the camera and says, "I'm Niall, the funny one." his voice cracking. Harry gives a wink, "I'm Harry, the flirt. Tears falling with every word. Zayn gives a small chuckle. "I'm Zayn and vain." Liam is almost dying as he says, "I'm Liam, the smart one." And little superman Louis smiles with tears pouring out like rain. He stands up and tries his best to shout, "SUPERMAN IS HERE' but it comes out barely a whisper. Louis looks at Harry as he says, "and Louis is the leader." "And this is our last video diary...forever." Liam sobs. They wave their final goodbyes to the camera before shutting it off. They post the video to Twitter. Harry makes his last Vine and Instagram post. And just like that, One Direction was over.

  9. Miluiel* Miluiel*
    posted a quote
    June 22, 2013 3:47pm UTC
    I've lost my way,
    but I will go on until the end.
    The final fight I'll win.

  10. LostGirls* LostGirls*
    posted a quote
    June 15, 2013 5:20am UTC
    That FML moment when you're walking around the house with socks on and you step on a random wet spot.

  11. Leondoor Leondoor
    posted a quote
    June 13, 2013 1:28pm UTC
    Very few words can
    describe my feelings
    Even fewer can
    see what I'm seeing
    Fade like an abyss
    Closing all my dreams
    Where you hear the hiss
    Of the cerpents schemes.

  12. Arcade1012 Arcade1012
    posted a quote
    May 4, 2013 10:09am UTC
    Paint this final night; The moon illuminates us.

  13. xocali4evalovexo xocali4evalovexo
    posted a quote
    April 27, 2013 6:18pm UTC
    The Truth Is...
    Chapter 39
    “Well, after everything happened with us, I spiraled out of control. I got really depressed, and life at home got worse. I started to wonder if there was a way out, and one day I found it. It started with just bruises, you know, hitting myself “accidentally” or running into stuff. Soon, that wasn’t enough. When I was shaving, I’d purposefully cut myself. That made me feel better, but after awhile, that didn’t help anymore. So, I took the razor out of it, and one say I slit my wrists.” I gasped. I never would’ve guessed. “I’m sorry, go on,” I breathed. “I know, this is a shock to you, but ok. So, I was in the bathtub, because I figured that way my mom wouldn’t have to clean up the blood, she could just kind of wash it away, you know?” he asked, giving my hand a squeeze. Slowly, I nodded. “Well, Joey misheard my mom when she said I was taking a shower, and he thought she wanted him to go take a bath.” “No,” I breathed. Joey is Bryen’s younger brother. I think he’s 5 now, but I’m not sure. “Yeah. I guess he screamed and got my mom. I got admitted, and when I got out, I couldn’t go back home. I can’t even look at Joey now,” he sighed, his eyes starting to water. “I know, Lizzy doesn’t understand what happened with me, but it’s hard for me to look at her still. Hey, can I ask you something?” “Of course.” “Do you truly love me?” “Yes.” “Then you’d do anything for me?” I asked, eyeing the ledge. He followed my gaze. “Well, the truth is-” The rest of his sentence was broken off as he kissed me and we fell, tumbling off the cliff, in our final embrace. And in that spilt second before we hit the ground, I finally knew I was loved.
    The End!!!
    Thanks so much for reading!
    Please, feel free to let me know how you felt about it,
    feedback would be great! :)

  14. Seaglass Seaglass
    posted a quote
    April 12, 2013 8:54pm UTC
    To my dearest lumberjack,
    The worst part of this coming to an end isn't the fact that I can't call you mine anymore. It's the things like no more "hey pretty girl" texts or not being able to listen to Kip Moore without tearing up. I won't be able to laugh at sloth jokes anymore because that was "our thing". It'll be hard for me to figure out the rest of my life without you in it, cheesey as it sounds, but we had it all planned out. I'll miss those honey eyes of yours and the way your kiss gave me a thousand butterflies everytime. So i guess before it all ends I should take advantage of every moment I have.
    One kiss closer to the next but always one closer to the last...

  15. SuperBass223 SuperBass223
    posted a quote
    March 29, 2013 5:39pm UTC
    The song "The Final Countdown" is now playing in your head.

  16. fallenangel* fallenangel*
    posted a quote
    March 8, 2013 10:42am UTC
    I'm a good enough person to forgive you but not stupid enough to trust you again

  17. flyingbacon7 flyingbacon7
    posted a quote
    February 17, 2013 8:50pm UTC
    I always hate saying goodbye
    Because I never know
    When we'll talk again
    Or if we will ever talk again

  18. ReneeLisaaa ReneeLisaaa
    posted a quote
    February 4, 2013 5:07am UTC
    Back to school
    My final year!
    Dude, my first day back was so awesome. We coloured and meditated - aka most of us slept. We should have reflection days more often.


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