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Confusingboys Quotes

  1. im_just_me im_just_me
    posted a quote
    September 13, 2013 11:01pm UTC
    And any feelings you might have for him get rid of them .They'll do you no good .
    You know how he is , but you just wish you could be the one he changes for .
    He'll break your heart and shatter it into a million pieces right where you stood.
    But you know , no matter what he does , theres no way you could love him more
    Because even though sometimes he gets you so angry and can be so mean
    That boy can act so different when you two are alone
    Make you feel like you are the only two in the world but you should have forseen
    What would happen in the end.Girl you should have known
    They might have been lies , they might have been truth .
    But those words he said to you will soon just be a memory of your youth.
    And any feelings you may have for him get rid of them.They'll do you no good.
    Because you know how he is girl , or at least ...you should.
    ALL MINE , Made it up as i went .What do you guys think??


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