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Caramel Quotes

  1. mtndewhm* mtndewhm*
    posted a quote
    February 4, 2014 3:37pm UTC
    "Where did the party go?"
    i ask myself as I sit on my bed in my Cookie Monster pjs, doing government homework and drinking a caramel cappuccino in a desperate attempt to stay awake.

  2. MaryPenguin MaryPenguin
    posted a quote
    November 2, 2013 12:03pm UTC
    Don't let a fool kiss you,
    and don't let a kiss fool you.

  3. fefe123 fefe123
    posted a quote
    October 6, 2013 7:54pm UTC
    Sittin Out here on the hood of this truck looking up
    At a caramel colored sunset sky
    Checkin my watch doin the math in my head
    Counting back words to when you said goodbye
    Well those runway lights are gettin brighter
    Im just sittin' out here watching airplanes
    Take off and fly
    Tryin to figure out which one you might be on
    And why you dont love me anymore
    Right now im sittin' out here watching airplanes

  4. AllieSmith7 AllieSmith7
    posted a quote
    September 16, 2013 3:26pm UTC
    Enjoying my last day of eating candies with caramel or squishy stuff or hard candies. Braces tomorrow.. :(

  5. Dishonored* Dishonored*
    posted a quote
    June 7, 2013 1:42am UTC
    So earlier there was this
    top quote about different
    pronouciations to certain
    words and it reminded me
    of these cool maps that
    my sister sent me based
    on pronounciations based on
    where you live (if you're in the US.)
    I thought it was pretty cool,
    and actually completely relevent
    to that quote.
    (they're accurate too,
    well they matched me anyway.
    except the one map with "y'all",
    I say y'all all the time and I'm
    from PA.. Also say "yuns" but
    that wasn't a choice I guess..)


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