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the girl that has it all

the hot body, the quater back boyfriend, the money.
she's out at his game with all her friends.
having a good time,with not a care in the world.

in her room alone

the girl who never spoke a word.
the girl who's wanted that boy for far too long.
she's sitting there thinking about that boy,
and how it's time to move on.

that dreamy boy

the quater back, with the hot girlfriend, and the washboard abs.
he's playing the game of his life,
he looks in the stands and see's his girlfriend smiling and laughing.
the whole crowd is cheering his name,
but the only thing he can think of
is the girl who never spoke a word,
the girl he secretly loves, but knows he blew his chance, <'3

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&theresheis the girl that has it all the hot body, the quater

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