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I don't know how you do this. It's been nine whole months, and you still have the best of me. I've moved on, I really have, but there's just something about you that keeps me coming back, having second thoughts. What if we really were meant to be, and you just didn't see that. What if we're throwing away the most beautiful thing ever.I get it, you have her, and yeah I am dating someone new, for three months now. But you boy, ohh you, you really know how to get to the girls heart.You really know how to get right deep into the girl, tear her apart, and break every dream she has. Break every last nerve, and make sure she never trusts again. You like that too ? You like the fact that someone cares enough about you to cry over you ,and obsess over you. You love the fact that you can break me down, shatter my little heart, and in one second you say something nice and i'm right back to loving you. I used to love those stupid little jokes we had, and those late night phone calls.I miss the way you used to tell me everything, and we were like best friends.It's sad to say that i still remember the day we all hung out, and you couldn't stop staring at me.The smile you had whenever we would catch eyes, it could kill.The way our lips came soo close to touching, but never really happend. I can honestly say that you taught me boy, you taught me you don't always get what you want in life.If you want something, work for it.If it doens't work out, let it go.,If it comes back it was meant to be, If it doesn't leave it be.But don't you ever say something was not worth it, because whatever you did put you where you are now.Don't ever regret something that once made you smile, because at that moment you didn't care about a thing in the world, you didn't care about the wars in other country's, you didn't care about the starving children, you didn't care about the fact that you have a huge exam the next day. All you cared about was that you and him connected for that one moment, that you were bothing thinking about eachother and it made you feel happy.That smile was a memory that will never fade, even if, i don't mean a thing anymore.
But the best thing you taught me, was never say goodbye. Becuase goodbye means going away ,and going away means forgetting, and forgetting you would be the biggest mistake of my life.So promise me , weather you hate my guts, or end up marrying me, never,ever,say
good-bye <'3.
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07/13/09 I don't know how you do this. It's been nine whole months,

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