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re You Trying To MakMe Think::

that you don't care about me
*__(( a n y m o r e ? ))__*

Cause I Sure Keep Getting That Message!

I'M SORRY IT sucks(: i'm super tired,
nd i just wnated to make it before i
forget (like i could) -venting! but whatever.
if you take; please give credit.
nd btw; the 'that you don't carea about me anymore'
and this whole little text information thing
is yellow; well so it is in the preview,
it won't let me change to a diff color! gr. >:|
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Are You Trying To Make Me Think:: that you don't care about me

3 faves · 1 comments · Jun 26, 2009 12:34am






PeopleThatHasOneAndDoesSomethingWithItHasNoLife · 1 decade ago
its not bad, its good. relates to everything im going through; thanks:) now i known someone other than me is going through this.
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