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        A boy not more than 6 years old went to the cashier ,The cashier said  you   dont have enough money to buy this doll. The little boy turned to the woman standing next to him asking "Granny" sre you sure i dont have enough mone? Granny replied You know that you dont have enough money to buy that doll. Then she asked him to stay there for 5mins while she went to look around.
                            The little boy was still holding that doll in his hands.
                             Finally a lady walked toward him and asked him whom you want to give this doll? He replied " Its the doll my sister loved and wanted for christmas.She was sure Santa would gift that to her.
                                        That lady replied Santa will bring her that doll on christmas and don't worry.But,he replied sadly " No Santa cant bring it to her where she is now"."I have to give doll to my mom so that she can give it to my sister when she goes there."
 He was very sad while saying this...My sister is with God . Daddy says Mommy is going to God soon too,so i thought she take the doll to give to my sister.

                        That ladies heart nearly stopped..
He looked at that lady and said i told Daddy to tell Mommy not to go yet. I want her to wait untill i come back from the mall.
 Then he showed that lady a very nice Picture of hm where he was laughing.He then told i want mommy to take this picture so she never forgets me.I love my mommy and don't want her to leave me but daddy says that she has to go with my little sister.
Then he again looked at the doll with sad eyes.
 That lady reached for her wallet  and told little boy to check again if he have enough money for the doll? "Ok he said i think i have enough  that lady added her money and they started to count.There was enough money for doll and some left too.He said Thnks God for giving me enough money .I also wanted to have enough money to buy my Mommy white roses she loves them.Few mins later his granny return and the lady left.She could'nt remove that boy from her mind.Then she remembered a local newpaper artical 2 days ago which mentioned a drunk man hit woman and little girl.The little girl died right away,and the mother was left in critical state.
         Was this the family of the little boy?
2days later i read in news that young women passed away.That lady couldnt stop herself and bough white roses and went to the funeral home.She was there in her coffin holding beautiful white rose,picture of little boy and doll placed over her chest.The lady left the place with tears in her eyes.The love that little boy had for her mother and sister is still,hard to imagine.
              And in fraction of second, a drunk driver took all away from that little boy..

Changed up a bit,credit for edit..

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A boy not more than 6 years old went to the cashier ,The cashier

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