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"Hows It Going ?"
well ,
my boyfriend ignores me for my bestfriend.they share secrets that i cant know.
my bestfriend is falling for the guy i've liked for 9 months , and i think he's
falling for her. my parents don't trust me and i feel alone. i'm failing school
because i can't pay attention. i'm pmsng , which means im gunna have to shove a
tampon up my .. [private area] next week (what a joy,!:)) i have one sport every
night , sometimes three. i'm still getting pushed to do more. all my friends
have stabbed me in the back.

[ but instead of wasting your time , i say ]
" Good, you ? "
 [ and move on the with  conversation, (: ]

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"Hows It Going ?" well , my boyfriend ignores me for

9 faves · 3 comments · May 26, 2009 8:30am






ktsimone · 1 decade ago
lmfao , good quote :)
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CarpeDiemx33 · 1 decade ago
wow, sometimes i do that too.
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Jonas · 1 decade ago
i knewwwwwwwwww it . (:

and good for you,

and i could like him btw,
it was nothing
like ew
i couldnt, no it felt to wrong
god no
im sorry.
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