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I never get attached.
I really don't.  saying goodbye is never hard for me. 
& then i met you. in the summer time. you we're just a boy. 
a boy that caught me eye. i talked to you everyday, at first it was
nothing. but we got closer. & weird its cause we never really started. 
but we both cared for eachother & i messed up. i did stupid things & 
pushed you away. everytime i hear your name i feel like crying. 
i remember every time you made me feel like i was the on top of the
world. & if someone asked me why i care for you, i can come up with
1 million times you made me smile. but now i never see your face, & youll
never remeber all the things i'll never forget. i don't know whats wrong with 
me, cause i've never felt this way. i don't  care about stupid boys,
& i dont understand why you're so different. no matter what happens.
in the back of my head, i'll never forget you. <|3
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I never get attached. I really don't. saying goodbye is never

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break up

xXxLaurenSomersx · 1 decade ago
i know how you feel. and im sorry that you have to go thru that.
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x_MassiveFader · 1 decade ago
need any fades? i take requests :P
commmennt myy proofille
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