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He  was like my best friend.
We teased each other constantly, and
there never seems to be a pause in
our conversations because we never
run out of things to talk about.
He talked about sports, I talk about
clothes, we were like brother and sister,
only without the fighting.
I was there when he broke up with
his first girlfriend and watched him pretend
not to care.
I always listened when we talk on AIM,
mostly about the girl he likes 
and I can't tell him how much it hurts,
because he's too nice.
That's right, I'm totally and completely

in love with him.

no credit...just edited some words
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He was like my best friend. We teased each other constantly,

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Ggirls7luvr · 1 decade ago
i love it [:
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little_flirt_burger · 1 decade ago
omgzz! I can totally relate!!!
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deejaydeex3 · 1 decade ago
i lovee this quotee. i can totalyy relate. haha well maybe thats just me but i like it anyway :]
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