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So I havent been on here in 5 years I like my profile said? Its wild, reading all the things I used to write that I can only barely remember. I think that was the point of me doing it back the, was to have something I could look back on and know my old self.. but the thing is that I thought I would be looking back as a better person and the truth is, I'm not. 
I thought that I would grow out of it but I didn't. Here I am, an adult reading things that everyone told me was just teenage angst and thinking to myself, how did I even get this far? Its no wonder Im strugling so hard now, I've been struggling with this my whole fckng life
I like this though, a whole other world I can escape to. I liked going back and reading old things from myself and I want to keep it.
So from here on out I'm coming back to this. This is my secret escape, my secret way of getting everything out. 
If t
heres anyone out there that feels anything similar to anything I ever wrote, reach out and we can figure it out together.
Much love
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So I havent been on here in 5 years I like my profile said? Its

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grownsimba · 1 year ago

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Corinne ☀️* · 1 year ago
I used to use this site too, had a few accounts over the period of time and made so many friends who I've since lost contact with. Haven't been on in so many years until today.
I used to be so depressed and this site was an outlet. I only had a few friends in real life and then had this alternative world which nobody knew about where I could relate to others who felt the same way. I'm now 20 and still quite unhappy in life but I'm now at university studying mental health nursing in the hopes to help others feel better.
Now that I've come back on here and seen my old friends profiles not being active since 2014 etc who I've since lost contact with it's made me feel so sad. Like I wonder if they ever think about me or if they ever come on and look at my profile and if they're doing okay now.

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Kaylarossi32 · 1 year ago
Me too. My secret escape
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