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Let me tell you what it’s like to love too much. You wake up each morning hoping that you won’t build a home in the wrong person this time, hoping that you won’t give your heart with ease to people who should learn to serve it. You hurt more than others, but you’ve become used to it by now, because you know that feeling this is much better than not feeling at all. You hand fragments of your soul to everyone you care for, in hope that they will cherish it, in hope that they will care in return. And when they don’t, you crave for layers of yourself that will never return - leaving your soul half-empty, leaving you feeling alone. But still, your heart is too big and is unaffected by those who never loved you. And each day, you continue to spill love into the cracks of other people’s hearts. Because you know just what it’s like not to be loved in return, because you’ve been in the same place as them before.
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Let me tell you what it’s like to love too much. You wake up

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