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You broke me , then fixed me. Now the pieces of me hold together, forever, in your hands.
had always felt a void in my heart and soul after that day, even years afterward. It was heart-wrenching. Now I know why; I was right. You were the one. We were soulmates when I didn't even believe in fate; you came back to me years after we should have forgotten each other. It was hard to trust each other at first, but we have come a long way; I've always wanted to marry my best friend. It's been two and a half years now since we came back together. I now know I will ever have to endure the pain of losing you again. I have never been happier in my life. I love you so much, Daniel.
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You broke me , then fixed me. Now the pieces of me hold together,

5 faves · 1 comments · Sep 26, 2018 10:57am

*Tori Leigh*


*Tori Leigh*


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Vincent Edgar Crow* · 1 year ago
after almost two years i was just left by the one i truly thought was my soulmate she broke me.. im glad to see things worked out for you and have just 1 question how did you survive without him for so long? some advice would be helpful. signed Aaron Crow AKA someone who is currently where you have been.
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